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Old Council House Wash-House Demolition

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Hi guys.  

I am in the process of buying my house from bernicia and the first thing I plan on doing is having the old outhouse flattened. My house is the middle one of a terrace of 3, so my outhouse isnt attatched to the house in any way but stands alone in the middle of my garden. It has cold running water and electricity in it but just a basic feed from the main house.

Would any of you know a local company that would safely demolish it for me and remove the rubbish and the approximate cost of this? 

Thanks  :ball:

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Looks like a problem nobody has encountered before. 

Before purchase completed I wonder what advice Bernicia would give you on disconnecting water & electricity from main building? 

Can't find anything on their site that suggests they provide assistance in these matters but could be worth a try, that's if you haven't already done so.

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thanks everyone,


Eggy- I would rather learn to do it myself via you tube videos, than trust any advice from Bernicia. The amount of problems I had after they 'improved' my house was laughable! 

Reedy- my other half knows Eddie well, so I might get him to have a word, even if it is just for advice. 

Maggie- I would keep it if it was on the side of the house but it takes up half my garden, and is in such bad condition it is bordering on dangerous. So its the first thing to go when I get the chance. Even if I got someone to disconnect the leccy and water supply and take the roof off I would probably be able to pull the rest down myself. The wheelie bin once fell over in the high winds and knocked some of the bricks out of it, so that tells you how safe it is! 

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