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Shud your name not be Kieth? Barton infants were taught 'i' before 'e' accept after 'c'. And that's why I failed my English Language - 1/2 a mark deducted for every spelling mistake.


I startidd my eggtensive heducayshun  at the villuj infants.  Thatt skule mayd me wot I am twodae

Aye,keefy,aa startid theor as weel,in 1949,but it had been modanised...oot went thi slate an' chaak,an' in cyem proppa pelcins..!

Missus Oliver waas me heedmistress,a luvly aad lady,and Missus Smith waas me teacha,luvly an' aal.

Life waas simpil in them days,wi larn't ti coont wi bonny-colaad roond carbord coonta's like big widdly-tinks..!

Missus Smith used ti tek wi doon ti thi scyuul plaa-in field where thon vicar's hoose is,doon chorch-lane,and aa spent menny a happy oor cowpin me creels an plaain rowly-powly doon thi slowpy-bit ahint the graveyard waal.....

Utha happy times waas plaa-in in thi aad wartime air-raid sheltaas in thi corna uv thi scyuul-yard!![waasint alloo'd mind,but wi wur just bairns!]

Nivva did me nae harm,aa still groo up ti be an illtenigelt yung bugga,who knew nowt aboot futbaal,aa sporrt,but knew hoo ti calculate the resistance[R]

of a theoretical circuit,given the potential [E] and the current ,using Ohm's Law,and understood the theory and practical applications of Magnetism,and Electronics,using Thermionic Valves,[before Transistors and Micro-chips were born!!]

Winding coils of wire and building electric motors was aad hat  n kids stuff when a waas 12 yeors aad!

Aye,thi aad scyuul shudda been presarved,eevin if sum bugga had med a hoose oot o it,like yon chorch doon aside the Forresstaas pub doon Sleekborn......

Noo,if aa had been brainy,ind gud it sums,a might a been a brain sorjin,and bowt it mesel....but a went doon thi black hole.......!!


Eggy,that's the stupidity of the "English" language,I does gaa before E,except in Keith,Leith , etc

Noo in PROPPA langwidge,like Bedlt'ntonian,it meks nae diffrence,cos ivry bugga knaas wat ya taakin aboot ennyhoo,cos they aal taak thi syem......er......a mean,they USED TI TAAK AAL THI SYEM,afore aal thi posh fowks came in wi tha funny way o taakin......and noo we are aal dyin oot....!

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HPW said: Eggy,that's the stupidity of the "English" language,I does gaa before E,except in Keith,Leith , etc




Wey, we wor aalwaays telt "I before E, except efta C" (and aa went ti t'Ashington Gramma Skyul, wi' th' posh twats!).. Noo, where's th' sCIEnce in that?



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English Spelling is often related to the sound system of the language. The i Before e rule rule only applies when the sound represented by the letter combination 'ie' is pronounced as 'ee',  as is the case with  words like ceiling and receipt. The word 'science', on the other hand, doesn't have any 'ee' sound so the rule doesn't apply. There are a number of exceptions to the rule.

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It's just a rule of thumb but it works in most cases. Teaching these rules to Children ensures that they get it right most of the time. If they learn and apply the rule then they'll only make mistakes with the  exceptions. As they get older they' will hopefully have learned what the exceptions are.

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In the version I learned as a child the ee sound was mentioned:


I Before E except after C

but only when the sound is EE


Of course there are a few exceptions  to this as well.


Here in Sweden they use another rhyme when teaching English to students:


I Before E except after C

Or when sounded as A as in neighbour or weigh.


This one is somewhat better, in my opinion, but it also has a few exceptions. However, you'll more often than not  get it right by using the rule.

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For all the fact that I was nearly top for English all the way through school from starting,and used to write ten-or-twelve page essays,[won a book prize for an essay when I was aboot 11yrs old],my sticky point was ,and still is,"Thiers",and "Teusday"!....and even writing it noo,aam wondering if they are right or wrong......even though I can spell Antidisestablishmentarianism....off the cuff,verbally at any given moment,and other long words similar to that......

......such as the one Mr Davidson,my teacher at the Whitley School,learnt us....[don't ask me why!!]......


Five stars for the person who gives me the ONE-WORD answer!![HAS to be the word that Mr Davidson learnt us..he was our social studies teacher,as well

as English,and art and crafts.....and......! [yep,they had to be multi-talented in those days!]

Vic,ask the Boss if she can mind o' this one!

How do I remember this trivial information?,from the age of aboot 11yrs old?....even beats me sumtimes,seeing as a canna mind what the weather was like yistidi,or what a did!

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