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Women In World War 2

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Tonight has been a concert to raise funds for a 'Women of Steel' statue'.

During the last War women worked in all sorts of roles

There must be stories, in our town, that people could share of the contribution women made in WW2.

Land Army, fire watch etc

I had one relative who went to Birmingham from the NE to work in an armament factory.

The Foreign Office and Bletchley Park saw other relatives into employment unfortunately the official secrets act got in the way of any interesting tales

I wonder if anyone else has memories of what contribution women made in WW2.

A friend learnt Morse Code as a child, she was evacuated at the start of the war and by the end was seconded to the SAS and signals.

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You may enjoy this article - http://www.donmouth....h_spartans.html - about the girls who, working in the munitions factories during the First World War in the North East, formed football teams as a morale booster as all the men were away fighting. I can recommend very strongly Patrick Brennan's excellent book 'The Munitionettes', which is often to be found on Amazon. Bella Reay, Blyth's prolific young striker, was my Great Aunt.

** I forgot to add, after a charity match in August 1917 the players were, and I quote from various online sources, "presented with a souvenir brooch from Herrons, a local jeweler."

I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has seen one of these; the location of Bella's is lost in the midst of time, sadly.

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My mother was in the ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) during the war. She was stationed at Nottingham and I believe there was a POW camp nearby and a munitions dump. She also said the Poles were stationed there, If i remember rightly. Here are some photos I'd like to share.


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Excellent photos Keith.

Your Mother looks very young and very pretty.

Females playing football is celebrated in one of Evans Bedlington Books. (Front Cover.)

The lady there was Lillian Graham, she was holding a cup.

Her mother was in the picture and looked like the Mrs Graham I remember.

One of our favourite films is Gregory's Girl.

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