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The Vicarage

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We know quite a lot about St Cuthberts Church but what about the vicarage? Its one of, or is the largest house in Bedlington, does anyone know when it was built, who it was built for? Those walls must have a lot of stories to tell, does anyone have any old photographs?

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The origin Vicarage - was what is now known as The East Wing - goes way way back to the origins of the St Cuthberts, though it has been completely rebuilt the odd time or two. The main Vicarage (nearest the church) is relatively modern, and dates from the mid nineteenth century. The West Wing was built with the proceeds of the Glebe Lands when they were sold for coal mining for the then astronomical sum of about £2000. And yes, it was built for the vicar! :D

See this thread: http://www.bedlingto...ch/page__st__20

One of the most amusing stories was from the time when the then vicar refused to quit when ordered to and held out for many years enjoying "the living", whilst his rival was installed at The Towers just down Church Lane. The full story is told in at least one of Evan Martin's books, and I've seen a Church pamphlet also telling this tale.

Surnames of modern vicars - who have been in 20th century residence - include Purvis, Osgathorpe, and Goldie. The much respected Dr. John Brown married Eileen Purvis, and so was no stranger to the vicarage in his younger days.

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Yes i did realise it was built for a vicar,(who was it built for) I meant his name. Thank you threegee for the information, I love hearing the stories of old buildings and the people who lived in them. My parents lived at Hollymount Hall during the 50's which was probably where my interest was sparked, for years Iv wondered what stories the old vicarage held.

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There are one or two threads with more information Eileen.

Mainly about the odd vicar and the church.

Bedlington must have so much more history to teach us.

The Vicarage, who built it and for whom would be a start. It would be Interesting to speculate on what was there before!

With our expertise in mining, I wonder if there are any underground passages.

The Church could have had a subterranean level.

Undercroft etc

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...(who was it built for) I meant his name...

Ask a church official and the answer could be the famous Mr God! :D The precise answer would be easy to find: look in the church records and find out who was the incumbent in 1835 or thereabouts.

Ah, someone just sent me:

Revd Henry Coates was vicar of St Cuthbert's Bedlington from 1788 to 1835.

A strong connection with our little furry friends there I think - or at least his sons had.

I knew that all along - of course! ;) So we know who was instrumental in the re-building, but who was the first occupier of the rebuild? I have that name bouncing around in my head and it will come to me. Campbell... ... hey I bet if you do a search on that bedlington.co.uk site you'll find out! :D

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Apologies, didnt think to go to search, still a bit new at this, in future il go to search first.

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By the way Maggie, one of the stories my dad used to tell me about Hollymount Hall, was that there was a tunnel that came out a the church, wonder if it was true?

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You cannot beat the oral tradition.

Your Dads story has my vote.

The past was a dangerous time to live and people had ways and means of surviving.

Basically no one can prove you wrong.

Bedlington has my vote.

Remember we do not own property we merely look after it for future generations or our children!

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I bet The Old Vicarage would make a lovely family home, nicely set back behind those large walls and large double gates.

I remember reading that 90 Front Street was owned by the Church at the same time and the land next door to Dennis Todd's, which is now overgrown, was all part and parcel. I do briefly remember a story that there would have been an underground escape tunnel dating way back which lead out across the road somewhere.

If i remember correctly they were quite popular in local churches. There used to be an easily accessible one in Seaton Sluice buy they deemed it a hazard and concreted over (it was out the back of Delaval Hall, as you go down the avenue where the converted farm houses are now).

I think I had a list of all of the vicars to have been in seat at the church which I found lying around. I will see if I can get it scanned and uploaded to go in the memory banks.

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Does anyone recall going to the garden/ tea parties held at the vicarage, there would be cucumber and tomatoe sandwiches and wheel barrow races etc on the lawn, it was a beautiful place and the gardens were really nice, I cant remember why it was we got invited but it was always a good time

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