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Samsung Gear Rumours Confirmed

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Rumours of the imminent launch of the Samsung Gear smart-watch are reported confirmed by a senior Sammy executive:-


So - with the launch of the Galaxy Note 3 too - a week tomorrow will be an interesting day!

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Anywhere in the err... Galaxy?

There seems to be no truth in the rumour that clive.gif Uncle Clive is preparing to sue!



And... in case you've forgotten Clive's ground-breaking Wrist Calculator:



If only this had been available some eight years earlier mankind may never have got to the moon! :D

I've always wanted to ask him who it was who decided that the sharp corners projecting above the display were either ergonomic or durable.

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First impressions on Note 3, Galaxy Gear, and Note 10.1 (2014 edition):

The Note 3 looks another successful product, and with an amazing 3GB of RAM and a 2.3GH/z CPU should fly. They've put a lot of thought into the presentation too, and the textured leather back with stitching is a big differentiator from monolithic slabs with rounded corners.

The Gear looks real cool and the price tag of $299 should translate into something between £200 and £249 (with VAT). A claimed 25 hour battery life is a lot better than the 10 hours that was floated (to draw the critics). It will surely sell as it has enough functionality to justify the price. Interesting though that the Samsung presentation made no mention of health and body monitoring functions - again a red-herring from Samsung internal sources. It's a partner for the Note 3 with a promise of very early compatibility with the Note 2, but no mention of earlier devices. Whether it is going to have any functionality with non-Samsung droids is still an open question.

The Note 10.1 (2014 edition) is basically a scaled up Note 3, and doesn't particularly interest me in this form factor. Amazingly slim and far more powerful, it has to be a big worry for Apple and their already rapidly declining 9.7" iPad market.

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