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    • A family is "worried sick" after a 28-year-old went missing after a night out.
      Samantha Donkin, known as Sammie, who also uses the surname Smith, is described as being "vulnerable" and was having a difficult time when she went to meet a friend in Gateshead on Friday, June 19.
      Her sister, Natalie Stokoe, told Chronicle Live: "She was fine on Friday, she said she was going to see her friend in Gateshead.
      "I messaged her about 1.30am saying 'are you coming home?' and she said she was staying out, and she didn't come home the next day.
      "Her friend said she got into a taxi at 11.30pm, which went to Morpeth. My sister doesn't know anyone in Morpeth as far as we know, so it doesn't add up.
      "We've been ringing and messaging and she hasn't answered, so after 24 hours I reported her missing to the police, who are looking for her.

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    • By Andy Millne
      Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust is a not-for-profit housing association dedicated to offering quality homes for independent living.
    • By Keith Scantlebury
      As of today there is a new residents group in Bedlington. The Burnside Estate Residents Group was formed and will include the residents of Moorland Cottages and Thomas Holliday Homes. The constitution was presented to the meeting and adopted.
      The turn out could have been better, but those residents who were there contributed positively and enthusiastically. We are receiving support from Bernicia, East Bedlington Parish Council, Northumbria Police and Wansbeck CVS.
      The reputation that Burnside has had over the last decade or two has not been the best, to say the least. Things have improved significantly over the last 12 months or so and it is our intention to build on that and make it an estate that people wont be ashamed to admit to living on.
      There are many good people living on this estate and they have had to suffer the stigma of living on Burnside because of the way a certain few chose to lead their lives by disrepecting their neighbours and environment and, in doing so, tarring everyone on the estate with the same brush, things can only change for the better.
      (neighbours pulling together)

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