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Think I must have blinked when we suddenly acquired a US style Supreme Court. Designed for/by Tony's cronies at law? The democratic deficit isn't just with the EU. Always amazing what the establishment can sneak under the noses of an uncaring public - whatever the system!

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    • A big-hearted donation by one of South East Northumberland’s largest employers has enabled local football club, Bedlington Terriers FC, to provide its players, staff and visitors with rapid emergency response should it ever be needed.
      Lynemouth Power Station has gifted the community club with a life-saving heart defibrillator which will now be installed at the Welfare Park ground. If deployed within three to five minutes of a cardiac arrest, such equipment could potentially increase the chances of someone surviving a heart attack from six to 74 per cent. Each minute without CPR and defibrillation also reduces a patient’s survival rate by between seven and ten per cent.*
      The Northern League Division Two club is home to seven teams and over 80 footballers from senior players to an under 6 ‘tots’ team. Along with daily training sessions and match attendances, the club sees hundreds of people visiting the ground on a weekly basis therefore the defibrillator has been very well received by all.
      Rowan Edwards, Commercial Director of Bedlington Terriers FC, commented, “This is a vital piece of first aid equipment and we are extremely grateful to Lynemouth Power Station for their kind donation. Given the number of on-site staff, players training each week and visitors to the ground, it is essential that our trained staff have instant access to life-saving equipment in case of emergencies. It will mean a lot to everyone here at the club as well as the local community, so we’re very grateful for the power station’s support.”
      Janet Mole from Lynemouth Power Station added, “Having these devices installed in popular public places and venues is so important, so rather than just donate to the fundraising effort, we decided to purchase the equipment outright on behalf of the club. As a local employer, it is important that community initiatives like this are well supported so we’re delighted to hand over the defibrillator to all at the club.”

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    • By Brett
    • By threegee
      Labour was shaken by Ukip at the General Election. You don't have to look hard to find senior Labour figures that will candidly admit this.  But things have got a lot worse for Labour since - they get worse every week, and every time Corbyn and his communist cohorts open their mouths.  This week's Little Red Book incident could have been scripted by the spin doctors at Tory Central Office; it certainly had the Parliamentary Labour Party wanting to crawl under their seats!
      Senior Labour figures are coming back from Oldham and reporting that huge numbers of their supporters are telling them that they are switching to Ukip because they won't vote for a Corbyn-led party.  Ukip came very close to kicking out Labour in nearby solidly Labour Heywood, but things have now got to the stage that the previously unthinkable is indeed possible: loss of perhaps Labour's safest seat in the country!  Certainly the Bookies think so and have now dramatically shortened their odds.
      But, whilst a Ukip win would be welcome to many, it's not all that appealing to senior planners at Ukip, who are playing to the long-term.  Their focus is on the referendum - a referendum which any thinking person must admit was dragged out of Cameron in a moment of panic after seeing huge numbers of working-class Tory supporters defect.  Corbyn is one of Ukip's best assets, and Labour would come to it's senses a lot earlier if the Parliamentary Labour Party had the ammunition to oust him.  A Ukip win would put the nuclear option into their hands.  So, Ukip is hoping for an illustration of the very possible, but not a show of the very probable, or the disaster scenario of an outright win!  If you relish paradoxes this has to be one of the very best.
    • By threegee
      So what's going on in Newark?  From a serious challenger, nine out of ten LD voters desert the party and it loses its deposit!  Those votes should have gone to Labour, but Labour is seriously down in the polls too.  Seriously down from one of its worst results ever, at a time when it should have been packing on votes!
      Nine thousand voters certainly haven't deserted the LD's to go to UKIP.  The vast majority of those LDs voted for Cameron's left-of-center, split-on-Europe, Tory party!  UKIP have taken both Tory and Labour votes, and are likely to keep them.  UKIP have likely also brought people back into politics who have felt they've had no real representation in recent decades.
      The LD screw-up in removing Clegg has likely finished the party for good, and we are back with three party politics - only a different three parties!  Miliband is poison, even to most Labour voters, and if he ever becomes PM by default it is going to be a very sad fixed five year term for this country.  A completely wasted five years until even brainless Labour supporters, who don't realise who and what they are electing, have had enough of him.
      There are still a lot of imponderables, but we certainly live in interesting times.  A change of leadership could completely transform any of the old parties, and even save the LDs from oblivion. That none of them can do this shows what a disparate rabble each of them really is!  Here's the real reason for the surge in devolution: nowadays people feel better able to do things for themselves.
    • By threegee
      Maybe I should have titled this post "Whatever happened to The Big Society?"
      http://www.conservat...ciety_plan.aspx Goodness, it was all there a few days ago!
      Full story at Computer Weekly: http://www.computerw...internet-h.html
      Cam is the man who wants us to believe that this time around he will keep his promise for a referendum on the EU in 2015, and that we can trust him to renegotiate our membership. Promise, what promise? Referendum, what referendum? Don't remember that; do you Nick?

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