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    • Boy racers are using a cemetery as a 'racetrack' amid claims parents are letting them run wild during lockdown.
      Complaints have been made to Northumbria Police about youths riding motorbikes in the West Lea area of Bedlington, Northumberland.
      Isabel Easson, whose daughter Bethany Fisher died in a car crash, claims a handful of teenagers are terrorising residents.
      "There are two of three teenagers on motorbikes racing past the park where the children are, then going through a gap to get into the cemetery . They are using it as a racetrack," she said.
      Bethany, 19, died when Jordan O'Donnell's Ford Mondeo ploughed into parked vehicles in Bedlington.
      She had been out celebrating her birthday when O'Donnell lost control of the car.

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    • By Andy Millne
      Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust is a not-for-profit housing association dedicated to offering quality homes for independent living.
    • By keith lockey
      Was that a choo choo train I just heard - 11.30 am - this morning. I heard a puffing billy down bedlington Station way. Please enlighten me.
    • By Mr Stitch
      As you may have read in my thread about our troubles finding rental properties a couple of years ago, we kept being turned away by landlords because we have 2 disabled children and therefore are not in full time employment. We are full time carers, and still feel that there was a lot of discrimination involved in the decisions made to turn us away.
      I am happy to announce that we have been settled in our house since then, and have had zero problems with the landlord.
      A S Moon helped us on the spot. They understood our problem and bent over backwards to get us into our home. They have been incredibly professional in the handling of any issues that we have had, and I would recommend them to anyone who is struggling with a similar situation.
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