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Fiddling the accounts never goes down too well in the City!  Shares going on for 9% down today so far.


Something must have been suspected a lot earlier as there was quite a sharp drop around 27th August with some huge sales, and steady falls leading up to that. The stock exchange needs to look closely into all those large trades.



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Now that there's new management we are into throw in the kitchen sink territory.  So, all the skeletons will quickly be located and trotted out for everyone to tut-tut over.  This will make any recovery look a far better bit of magic, and inflate the reputation (and salaries) of the new lot when they move on to their next lucrative "rescue" job.  All part of the great merry-go-round that is big business.  Mind you it's still a lot more transparent than big government, or - even worse - the legal profession!


Normally now would be the time to think about investing in Tesco shares for the recovery, but to anyone who was thinking that way I'd say stop and think again.  The 25%'ish margins enjoyed by big food is a thing of the past. Things..... can only get tougher!  I've kept the contents of my own piggy bank completely out of retailing for many many years, and haven't regretted this at all.


Yet another example of the great British public wising-up, and long may this trend continue.

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So Twsco has withdrew its application leaving the Market place looking like a derelict ghost town, it's about time our councillors and MPs grew some and forced the companies in the area to address the state of the front street it's gone froma bustling vibrant local run business area to a half finished dump in a matter of years!

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If they didn't do due diligence on the footfall before they took over then they are an even more crap outfit than the media is painting them.  My bet is that they did their sums, and even if things are flagging now it can be readily turned around.  Though, we'd be naive to expect any payback to the community in future.

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So we may end up (I say may because nothing has been decided?) with another empty building which will doubtless be left to decay. However, it will compliment the unfinished building opposite.

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'We' are the Bedlington Community tomtom. You know the ones that like to moan and complain about everything but stop abruptly when asked to actually do something.............................................

If everyone that moaned about Bedlington not having a sports centre laid one brick we would have one built in no time. .........................

'We' are the people that need to understand nothing is laid on for us anymore we have to make things happen ourselves; nobody is going to do us any favours 'we' have to do them for ourselves! ................................

This community has enough and always had enough latent talent to make the difference but somehow lacks the determination or foresight or imagination to see it through. I could offer my own reasons why it's come to this but that's politics and seemingly a switch off!

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'We' Malcolm are nothing without strong leadership - and where on earth is that going to come from? Incidentally, please don't take my comments as any slight against you as I know and understand full well that you are committed to the Bedlington Community.

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