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Sun Inn Murders 100 Years "the Whole Story"

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Yes Watsons Wake is a good little story. He was sleepwalking when he fell from the tower.

Them pics would be nice too that you took at the Sun Inn.

The policemens monument was all done up by the Police Federation only a few years ago. I believe it was them ?

So it looks very good now. It was in a very bad state of repair.

Getting back to the murders. If you go into the cellar you can see the old cellar stars as they are as they were. Its just the location of the cellar entrace was changed in later years.

Have a look and you can see where Mrs. Grice fell. Dark stains from blood were visible about 8 years ago. If the stairs aint been renovated it will still be the same.

Mind you i wouldn't remove them old stairs as they tell part of the story. Really an artefact in situ i would say.

On our website we are putting local murder stories up. Hopefully our webmaster will have them up in a week or so. Got that one too from the Hirst Head Farm that was Mrs. Swann.

Thats the one mentioned in the Sun Inn story when people turned out at the funeral.

Speak soon Wilma

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I posted these last year: Dark Day for Bedlington.mp3 The Bedlington Murders.doc

Did you notice the  Bibliographic References Dawson, J. & Allison, D. 2001. 'The Sun Inn Murders', Six Townships Community History Group. (See also May 2003 edition of 'Bedlingtonshire R

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Northumbria Police are organising a grave side Memorial Service which is open to all members of the public, it will be conducted by the Northumbria Police Force Chaplin at 3.00pm Monday 15th April in West Lea Cemetery.

The service will be held at / near the memorial stone which is located in the old part of the cemetery adjacent to two large conifer trees. (To the left of the main driveway).

The Memorial Service will take place to mark the centenary of the murders.


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There are some interesting letters written by the murderer.

They appear to show he was not of 'sound mind'!

Post traumatic Stress from being a hero, plus a 'bent' commercial traveller who had lent him money.

Lots of reasons why Amos became so desperate.

Pity no one could help him before it was to late.

Do we learn anything from History?

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Being of the family of 'Jocker' Amos I find this an extraordinarily romanticised version of events, especially with dialogues in the events leading up to the day in question.  I would politely remark "citation needed".  Can the author of this piece add references please? I'm very keen to learn of the sources, eg court transcripts, actual witness statements/testimonies? Also which "family members" he was working closely with.  Any ideas please?  I am happy to provide my contact details directly to the author to discuss this further in private.  Thank you.

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@Stacey Howard :- The author - John Dawson is not a frequent visitor to the site. The last time he logged in was September 25th, 2017. You can check a members profile by clicking on their name tag :-


John runs a Facebook group - Sixtownships History group - where he posts info daily.


There was a site called http://shop.sixtmedia.org.uk/ where John also had many stories from Bedlington and surrounding towns. That site was used to promote and sell media covering the 'sixtownships' . I've just attempted to go to that site, via Google, but the site wasn't found. Don't no if this is temporarily not available or the site has been discontinued.


Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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Stacey, we would be interested to hear more if you are party to information we are not? It's a very interesting and important local story.

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Been interested in this for a while.

Does anyone know, specifically, what type and calibre of rifle was used in these shootings and whether it was ever recovered? I know it was stated as being a "Winchester repeating rifle" but that covers a lot of ground. Firearms dealer so a bit of professional interest. 

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I understand it was a Winchester Model 1890 (a .22 pump action).  I've been a Firearms Certificate holder for 54 years and went shooting with my Dad when we lived in Bedders back in the late 50s and 60s.  One of my Dad's guns was a Model 1890 and he always said it was this type that was used in the Sun murders.  When he died I was left his large gun collection and so still have this Winchester.  I have no difinitive proof, just what he told me.

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There is an article on the murders in the Northumberland Archive website and it mentions that the weapon used was a Winchester Repeating Sporting gun (not a “rifle”).The doctor’s report states that he saw “pellet marks on the victim’s tunic and on exposure saw many small circular wounds”. This and the other injuries he mentions in his report indicates that the weapon used was a shotgun. Also the police “extracted pellets from the wall and more recovered from the floor”. Pellets are what are fired from a 12 bore cartridge. 

In Evan Martin’s book “Some Men, Murders and Mysteries of Old Bedlington” there is a short story on the Sun Inn murders and he states the weapon used was a Winchester shotgun.

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