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Bedlington.co.uk Has A Facebook Page...

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Great work Brett, but I doubt that facebrook thing will ever catch on! ;)

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Also managed to get the twitter account up and running so anyone that uses twitter please let them know ;)

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...and if you haven't tried Bedlington.co.uk on your smartphone then you should! It's bang up to date with current mobile browser technology, looks quite different from the normal desktop/laptop edition, and is very easy to navigate. Save a link on your phone's home screen right now!

Even better join in and help make our town's website even better. There are dozens of ways you can contribute, and dozens of ways you (or your businesses) can benefit from truly local not-for-profit Internet!

Bedlington.co.uk - constantly building a better website to benefit our local community.

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    • A family is "worried sick" after a 28-year-old went missing after a night out.
      Samantha Donkin, known as Sammie, who also uses the surname Smith, is described as being "vulnerable" and was having a difficult time when she went to meet a friend in Gateshead on Friday, June 19.
      Her sister, Natalie Stokoe, told Chronicle Live: "She was fine on Friday, she said she was going to see her friend in Gateshead.
      "I messaged her about 1.30am saying 'are you coming home?' and she said she was staying out, and she didn't come home the next day.
      "Her friend said she got into a taxi at 11.30pm, which went to Morpeth. My sister doesn't know anyone in Morpeth as far as we know, so it doesn't add up.
      "We've been ringing and messaging and she hasn't answered, so after 24 hours I reported her missing to the police, who are looking for her.

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      Word on the street has it that Ello is picking up new users in droves due to its policy of no ads and no sales of user data.
      I seem to remember that someone here billed FB as a new paradigm, and rubbished Fourgee's assertion that FB was just a fashion that would go the same way as MySpace, Friends Reunited etc. etc.  The thing about any mass phenomenon like this is that when the suits try to "monetize" it users are quick to cotton on to the fact that they are being exploited, and that their own time is valuable too.
      If I were a FB stockholder I'd see this as the writing on the wall.
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