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1 hour ago, Jr6468 said:

I think you and Alan are probably correct.  To many coincidences not to be true. As I say my memory can play tricks. Been so long. My relatives have long gone from bedlington, parents etc, so have not been down that way for many years. I miss the woods and the river activity we had back then. Cinema visits every week and the public house's were full with people playing darts dominoes. Took my daughter down there years back to see where I met her Mum and where used to go on dates. Changed so much. Thanks for your help on this. Hope Tommy is well wherever he is

No problem Jim. I joined the 'memory playing tricks' club a few years ago.:) 

Have you looked at the photo albums in the Gallery - Historic Bedlington. We have an album for the Whitley Memorial school and here are two football squad photos, from 1959 & 60, of Tommy aged around 11. 

Link to the album :- 


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Thanks Alan. Had a look and even at such a young age it does look like the lad I knew from army life. Whitley had a good team in those times. Tommy was also pretty quick runner as we faced off at the athletic games in the 4by 400 relay in 1970 couple of months before I left. Enjoy your evening Alan

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