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Tesco added that it saw its biggest ever week outside of a Christmas period in the run-up to the four-day Queen's Diamond Jubilee holiday weekend, with over 1 billion pounds in sales. That will be included in second-quarter results.

"At this early stage of the year we are performing in line with market expectations for the group. The outlook for the year as a whole remains unchanged," it added.

In April Chief Executive Phil Clarke, a Tesco career lifer who as a youth stacked shelves in his local store, slashed expansion plans for the retailer's main British chain and said he would spend over 1 billion pounds on improving stores and online shopping in a bid to reverse the decline in market share.

He said the UK business needed more staff, smarter stores, lower prices and better products after becoming too focused on cutting costs and boosting profit margins. But he did not give a timetable for the plan to deliver better sales.

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cannot understand what's going on with Tescos,

there is an empty building next door to them they could refurbish that and then join the building they occupy and that building together and that would give them one heck of a store.

As i remember milne house had 3 floors and a lift that went from top to bottom it was a roomy store as well, plenty of area for electricals, clothing and food,

so tescos get your finger out

ask the people of bedlington

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To be honest I think an expansion wouldn't be worth it. I have never been in there and had to wait in a queue of more than 3 people. Can't see it attracting people away from Asda in Blyth and Kingston Park for the loyalist Tesco shoppers.

We use it as a drop-in to save going out in the car and for stuff that is much of a muchness like the bairns foods etc.

No need for an expansion at all.

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