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Famous Bedlingtonshire People

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The Venacular Architecture Group together with the Lottery Funding Group identified the building that was 'FancyThat' as Daniel Gooch's school.( in his early days).

The group measured the building and I guess must have produced a report.

Other building were also looked at and into.

A report must be available .

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Thanks Foxy!

Aa nivvor had any pocket money till a started thi pit when a was 15 years aad,so a cudn't buy any bullets.

One of me mates's Father was the Engineer in charge of Bedlington Aad Pit,and they had a car,telephone,everything he ever wanted for christmas,but funnily enough,he was aalwis a great mate,and wasn't thi typical spoiled brat associated with wealthy Parents.

Every day,from as young as 8-or-9 yrs aad,at thi aad Whitley school,he went inti Binks little shop,next ti the school,and bowt 2 oonces of wine gums,and 2 oonces of dolly mixtures,and he aalwis passed them behind he's back,in class ti us other lads,cos he sat in thi front,and risked the cane off aad tyrant nicky,thi heedmaster,if he was caught daeing that,cos ye weren't allowed ti eat anything in class.!

When we started Westridge School in 1956,he did thi same thing every day,at 12 years aad,but noo he went inti that shop,which ye say was Keenan's.

He was a very generous kid,who knew  we weren't as weel off as he was,and aalwis shared what he had,with the phrase,"a friend in need....is a friend indeed.!"

Queer hoo the nyem of a shop stirs ya grey matter!

Does anybody knaa hoo thi Engineer was at thi Aad pit?...[just a trivia ....cos aa knaa!]

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    • A big-hearted donation by one of South East Northumberland’s largest employers has enabled local football club, Bedlington Terriers FC, to provide its players, staff and visitors with rapid emergency response should it ever be needed.
      Lynemouth Power Station has gifted the community club with a life-saving heart defibrillator which will now be installed at the Welfare Park ground. If deployed within three to five minutes of a cardiac arrest, such equipment could potentially increase the chances of someone surviving a heart attack from six to 74 per cent. Each minute without CPR and defibrillation also reduces a patient’s survival rate by between seven and ten per cent.*
      The Northern League Division Two club is home to seven teams and over 80 footballers from senior players to an under 6 ‘tots’ team. Along with daily training sessions and match attendances, the club sees hundreds of people visiting the ground on a weekly basis therefore the defibrillator has been very well received by all.
      Rowan Edwards, Commercial Director of Bedlington Terriers FC, commented, “This is a vital piece of first aid equipment and we are extremely grateful to Lynemouth Power Station for their kind donation. Given the number of on-site staff, players training each week and visitors to the ground, it is essential that our trained staff have instant access to life-saving equipment in case of emergencies. It will mean a lot to everyone here at the club as well as the local community, so we’re very grateful for the power station’s support.”
      Janet Mole from Lynemouth Power Station added, “Having these devices installed in popular public places and venues is so important, so rather than just donate to the fundraising effort, we decided to purchase the equipment outright on behalf of the club. As a local employer, it is important that community initiatives like this are well supported so we’re delighted to hand over the defibrillator to all at the club.”

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