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Built In Bedlington

Keith Scantlebury

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one of them is replaca if i remember correctly.

little list of things made in Bedlington.

"The Bedlington Ironworks played a significant part in the Industrial Revolution in the north east. Amongst its achievements, the Ironworks produced boiler plates, axles and wheels for Stephenson's first locomotive, and then went on to produce 150 locomotives for both national lines and for export to Europe. The principal success, for which Bedlington achieved modest fame, was the production of cheap malleable iron rails which allowed the development of pioneering long distance rail lines, such as the Stockton and Darlington Railway which opened in 1825."

(from the Bedlington Iron Works Website)


the first line to use malleable rail, was Geble Colliery to Wasnbeck River.

Malleable rail was exported all over the world to create the first railways in Russia and many others. :lol:

Also, the Great Western Railways first proper fully working steam locomotives were from Bedlington Iron Works.

The first train to leave Kings Cross was a Bedlington works engine.

Let not forget that ponieering malleable rail, is now used, for all railway lines in the world.

Bedlington's important contabution to the mordern world. :lol:

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