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7 hours ago, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

Hi Folks! Alan,many thanks for that bed time reading! A think my best bet is to first scan the pages,like it says ,if only to preserve a clear image,as the ink IS starting ti fade. A haven't had books one and two oot the carrier bag in the drawer where they are kept,for a few years..time flies!!..and a took them oot yistidi mornin',ti let wor lass read them,and book one one was written wi a fineline pen,and aam sure it looks faded aalriddy.

Aa started reading book one ,just ti check it oot, a few pages like,and a got absorbed and interested in thi bugga...and a thowt...it's MY  story,and AA wrote the bugga!![Hoo crazy is that?!!..aav forgotten wat a wrote aboot me childhood,even though aal of it is still fresh in me mind!]

Aam not that clivvor when it comes ti pdf's word documents etc,aav nivvor done owt at aal wi Word,and a wadn't knaa wheor ti start!

Mind, aav got a ton o' patience,so sitting printing oot 600 double sides,[ie 1200 sides!..],doesn't bother me at aal,it's just thi time factor involved,it's 24 hour care more intense noo wi me Wife,since she had another big Seizure on May 1st ,at 6-20 am,resulting in a fall from a standing,seized,position,forward onto her face,flat oot,which bust her face aal up and broke her nose.

So aam waatchin' her like a Haak,and the days just fly by wi being on thi go aal day.

So,aal hae ti try and dae a bit at a time before thi ink fades and it will aal hae been a waste o' time!

Cheers Alan,and lilbill,from this Bill!!


Morning x lilbill to BigBill @HIGH PIT WILMA, burning the midnight oil there? Been thinking about your book; wondering whether there are any grandchildren or suchlike? The young’uns are the ones who are familiar with technology and, judging by the speed when I see them texting all over the place I’m thinking maybe you could ask if there’s anyone who can do your transcripts for you? Or possibly a local school? It’d make a great project and pass on your knowledge and experience at the same time. Probably a daft idea but maybe worth giving it a thought? Best regards BigBill, from lilbill xx

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@HIGH PIT WILMA - I was curious to see how the OCR software that is available for everyone these days worked so I Googled it and went for the free download of the Windows FreeOCR software. 

I wondered if there would be an interaction with the user if the software couldn't recognise the text input on Pdf/Jpeg etc files. I download a mix of files = hand written & typed to input to the OCR software. The handwritten one I downloaded a one with fade writing and created an enhanced copy and they both copies were input.

Unfortunately the original faded written copy failed to have any characters recognised and the enhanced copy only had four characters recognised.

In fact it was only the standard typed copy that was totally transformed from a photo to a text document.

You will have to hire an out of work typist, that knows pit taak, and has quite a few days free time 🙂

The original input on the left and the OCR output on the right. 

This one is Foundation text and quite a few letters failed to be recognised by the OCR :-

Foundation format thru OCR.png

This is the enhanced hand written BLACK text - only 4 characters recognised :- 

text black thru OCR.png

This one the input had upper and lowercase print plus numerous symbols but just a few of the uppercase characters were recognised :-

mixed text tghru OCR.png

This was the enhanced faded script but nothing recognised :-

testing enhanced thru OCR.png

Faded handwritten letter - nowt recognised :-

testing thru OCR.png

HPW text thru OCR.png

Edited by Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)
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Eh Alan!,a  appreciate aal ya efforts here,noo gaan off the faded files wat didnt recognise,a think that's wat wud be the case wi me book one,done wi the fineline pen.A used that pen,thinking it wud  mek a neater job,with the intention of only finishing the whole project for me Wife and Two Sons reading only.

Aav had that much interest from a lot of me extended family,some of who are ex-coalminers also,and a lot of me Marras from the pits aav worked at,plus ye kind folks on wor forum,that a started ti think seriously aboot Publishing it,till a read that the Publishers usually want a few chapters in a Word Document format,or summick like that,ti see if it grabs their attention...then that put me off the idea!

A think first of aal the original needs preserving before it's too late!

Wadn't ye think they wud develop a foolproof OCR Program,seein as we can send men and women inti space!!

2-0 am Alan,as usual,fading hard,aal let ye knaa hoo a scanned copy looks after aav done a few pages.

Cheers Buddy,Bill.Nite Nite.

PS..Lilbill,thanks also for your kind suggestions,it's much appreciated!

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