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Sun Inn For Sale!

Hamburger Pimp

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However, the reverse is also true, Miss so-called Darn.

If a lady chooses not to share her bodily treasures with all and indeed sundry, our society lauds this as admirable, modest, restrained behaviour.

On the other hand, a gentleman who gives up the pleasures of the flesh for an ascetic, chaste lifestyle of quiet contemplation is mocked as a lardy-arsed, face-licking inadequate failure of a man who couldn't score in a knocking shop with tenners in his lugs.

Where is the justice in that, eh?

Sort it out Tony Blairs!

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Which one? Richard, Derek, William or maybe another one of the many cockney's living in Bedlington ?

GRAHAM Birch the previous owner of the Sun Inn, quite sure he's not a cockney, are we being invaded by non local cockneys? just set the local yoofs on em and send em packing. they seem to keep everyone else away .... see rebecca bedlingtons last post.

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