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Routledges Buildings

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Routledges buildings were next to Barrington school. They ran parallel with the Barton road and were split into two sections. In the middle of section was a "cut", where a path lead across to Red Row. Also in the middle was an off licence shop, which was run by Todd. Todd used to travel into the village on his horse and cart flogging the drink. The small shop also used to sell sweets, which the local childred used to buy on there way and from school.

Behind the buildings, I guess about 500 yds was a land filled tip, which no doubt caused smells when the wind was in the wrong direction.

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A public enquiry at Bedlington.

This took place on the 19th October1849.

Among the people present was George Routledge postmaster of Bedlington.

I guess he could be found on the 1851 census

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On 10/20/2010 at 09:39, ronnie said:

Can anyone tell me anything about routledges buildings.am researching my family tree and routledge is one of the surnames that came up.

Hi Ronnie,

My family members lived in routledges buildings, my dad George routledge lived their as a lad. as far as i know all the family must have lived in a small terrace together. i don,t know which property but guessed it was a small home from the pictures i,ve seen, my dad was the 4th youngest of 11 kids and was born in 1916 on 28th june. his father was james and mother Isabella. my dad started work in the mines as a 14 year old bevan boy and worked in the bedlington and ashington pits before moving to tyneside andworking in the bates, fenwick and rising sun mines. his brothers and sisters were harry, henry, james, robert, chesney, kitty, jenny, (i,ll need to check the others) they used to butcher their own meats and hang them in the scullery i was told. i don,t know much else about the buildings but i have visited the area where they were and seen photos of what they looked like. have a word with Tom Routledge who runs the routledge clan society on fb and the net. http://www.clanroutledge.com/

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