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Big Cat

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I've never been in for ages Pete, but since they re-routed the road it is in a cul-de-sac now and it dos'nt get any passing trade as there is no through traffic in East Sleekburn as such, but I should think that it has changed a bit since 1965. I know the landlord bought some land off my brother to build a house on a couple of years ago and he has done nothing with it yet so he must still be content in the Havelock.

I have noticed that it is a cul-de-sac when I have been up there and because of that I have never ventured up there to see if the Havlock was still there. I would think that any visitors to the area would not even know that there was a pub there and just contiue following the road. Pity really because I remember it used to get quite full in the sixties.

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You might like this link (back to the subject of Big Cats, although beer is a favourite of mine....)


Scroll down to 'latest sighting'.

Mercuryg, other than the link has there been any other sighting in and around the golf course or has the trail gone cold. About 25 years ago I was on my way to work, it was about 4.30 am. Not far from where I live there is a canal and I was crossing the bridge when I spotted a larg furry animal it was about 18 inches to two foot long, possibly nine inches high, probably native to this country and it must have been a river creature or an animal that lived near the river, never did find out what it was and never saw it again.

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