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Bedders In Street View

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The well known Bedlington estate agents "OK Matews ER" (Stitching problem)

They're only reasonably good, and have the Queen as a client! biggrin.gif

Nice day for it, but the time changes of the various sweeps through the place certainly show. I think Dennis got caught under where the Bedlington.co.uk sign is now.

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How clean & tidy it all looks!

It's a bit spooky to discover old buildings that I've no memory of, or the disappointment of old haunts flattened for horrible modern replacements.

The 'Grassy Knoll' outside the 'old' Council Offices & SS at the top of Front St is unchanged ... happy memories of chucking stink-bombs (bought in Millne's store) from there into the marching bands and crowds on Picnic Day. We'd then leg-it down The Cut (at the back of the Council Offices) being chased by pit-men in their best suites & flat caps ... ah, happy days.

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When was this taken? There is no one on the streets!

EDIT: There is people on the street, ignore this comment.

Edited by SuperMan
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Had to laugh at this; checked out mam's address and there she is getting out of the car! She's been googled!

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Most people that have obviously spotted the car look bemused, but this guy knows the score...

Give us a wave

Yup, the Streetview generation! No one is going to catch this guy coming out of a neighbours when husband is at work!


Even buys his hoodies on the Internet. tongue.gif


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