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Malcolm Robinson

The 'nail.'

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Back to the 'Nail'

'Put it on the Nail' I believe referred to making a deal spitting on your hand, then shacking another deal makers hand and finally putting both 'deal makers' hands on the 'Nail' to seal the deal.

I suppose the point was it was a public declaration.

They could also swear on a bible but that assumes religion is paramount.

Get  NCC, Arch, Ascent and our County Councillors to 'Put it on the Nail' and swear undying loyalty to our town in front of all "The Make a Noise Group'.

It may be our best option.

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On 9/4/2014 at 17:15, Vic Patterson said:

In 1938 it was in very poor condition and needed extensive repairs, I have a photo but I cannot get it to post!

Vic - John Krzyzanowski, Admin on the Facebook Bygone Bedlington site,  works at Woodhorn Museum, searched the old news papers and found this story on the damage to the cross in 1938 :-   

Market Cross damaged 1938.jpg

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