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Flattr - A Really Really Good Idea

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This sort of thing has to be the way forward, rather than pay the Rupert Murdochs huge sums that they don't need, and that aren't at all justified by the content.


I will be at the front of the queue to tip in a few quid a month. And if bedlington.co.uk were to have a flattr button I'd be clicking on it once a month to ensure Andy keeps up the good work.

What's more, if or when Bedlington has a radio station and they ask for support they'd get a regular click too! Bring it on payitbay.com! biggrin.gif

10% off the top is a bit much - almost as bad as the 11% odd that Amazon steal from small sellers. So I'd hope that when flattr gets over the initial hurdles it would reduce to something below 5%. But they've got the barrier of the banks creaming off their cut too, so one has to be realistic.

BTW Andy is very busy at the moment coding a new project that we are going to see here for sure. This is looking so good that he's already attracted a few voluntary donations from other parts of the globe. It wouldn't surprise me if code originally planned just for this website is deployed on thousands of other websites worldwide. There are some brilliant and enterprising people in our small town, as indeed there have been throughout history. cool.gif

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Might also be a good way to encourage news contributions.

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