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The Best Place To Buy R A M

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www.play.com with free shipping

Was going to use eBuyer but they seem quite pricey for a lot of things now, and their delivery to Bedders isn't what it was.

Anyone know any better?

BTW some of the very best deals on netbooks/laptops come up on www.laptopsdirect.co.uk They are fairly local at Huddersfield and you can collect from there for free. I've dealt with them fairly recently and it was a good experience.

http://www.acerdirect.co.uk/ is the same company.

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I've bought RAM on that auction site a few times and it was fairly good value. But it was micro-DIMMs which are rather difficult to find, and on a couple of those occasions either I don't think the sellers knew quite what they had, or there was much buyer competition. So been lucky.

My bad experience with these was buying one from an Irish supplier's website who promises a lifetime guarantee blah blah. When the module kept crashing they put up all sorts of excuses, and I'm still waiting for that replacement. Sixty quid down the drain! sad.gif

If what you need is say a regular 512MB module then you can generally get one that someone has swapped out good for larger for a song, and that's low risk. But if you want 1GB and especially 2GB modules it's far safer - and likely cheaper in the long run - to buy from a reputable supplier (who hopefully isn't Irish!).

You can get some reasonable buys on Amazon and it's safer, faster, and generally much less hassle than an auction. But you still need to be careful in what you're buying. More careful than through a single regular reputable seller. Also Amazon take over 11% off the top of small suppliers payouts - which I think is a quite greedy, especially on big ticket items. As a result you seldom get a real bargain there, and a lot of what's on Amazon.co.uk is overpriced. The last used computer I bought on Amazon wasn't quite as described, and there were bits missing.

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Personally i get mine from Crucial, which isnt the cheepest, but has a lifetime guarantee thats real.

I like the look of the laptop website though, think i may buy my next one from there...

isn't the cheapest you got that right! and why would you need a lifetime guarentee? most ram is out dated in two to three years so its pointless!

plus you still get the life time guarentee if you buy it from another seller! :D

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Not really, i'd say more 6-8 years. At least thats how long my computers usually last before i feel the need to upgrade.

But then again, i'm not really into PC gaming as much as some, so dont need cutting edge technology as much as most.

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No one offering free shipping at the moment, and Play.com are now quite pricey for the items I looked at.

Just shows that as a consumer you need to be on your toes. It's the people who aren't who are responsible for the manufacturer's and supplier's profits.

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Ouch! No more dirt cheap RAM! :o

Went to buy 2GB SODIMMs which cost £15 to £17 at the beginning of the year, and the same parts are now over £37 at the cheapest supplier, and generally well over £40. Flash of all kinds is up sharply too. Maybe the first time for decades that hasn't regularly fallen year on year.

Still cheap compared with other things, I suppose, but no more free lunch. :mellow:

Thought: If computers are still falling in price (and they still seem to be), and the chips are going up rapidly, then that's an "interesting" situation.

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