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Bigger (11.6" screen) and more expensive than a netbook the Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PTZ is fitted with the latest 45nm dual-core ultra low voltage Pentium, and a decent graphics chip. I haven't seen any CPU benchmarks yet but I'd guess this packs at least three times the power of an Atom N270 based netbook, and perhaps more. So no problems with HD Video then; which is good seeing that it also has an HDMI socket to plug it straight in to your HD TV. But despite this raw computing power Acer are claiming an up to 8 hour battery life. That's 45nm chips for you, so roll on 32nm and beyond!

Price? Well... this (with change), or an iPhone 3G?

Talking of Apple, expect an announcement of a similar multi-touch machine from there in two or three weeks. Of course it will cost twice as much, have 1/10 the software available for it, and (to Appleheeds) be the only multi-touch machine ever made! Chances are it will use the same 45nm CPU if not the same graphics engine. Interesting to see if it has 'N' WiFi like the Acer or if Apple have fitted something a couple of dollars cheaper - to keep the price down!

Added 4th Jan.:

Link to Acer UK pages

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