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Merry Xmas To All

Brian Cross

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Well, thats another one over. The kids are too tired to toot!

The dishes are finallyt cleaned up, the floor is clean, and the garbage is in the recycling bin.

The children, grand children, and great grand children are all in their own homes, or on their respective planes back home.

Thank god thats another Christmas successfully held and over.

We look forward to it, but in the midst of noisy excited kids, and exhausted parents

we sometimes wonder why we hold here, when everyone else is two or three thousand kilometres away.

But when we have a little sleep, we look back and think, everyone enjoyed themselves, and we got through a full week with no serious disagreements. or battles.

So, all in all, it was another good, maybe great, Christmas, and we were all here in good health (Or something like it!) to see them all again!

And so, to all my friends, known and unknown, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a ssfe and successful New Year. May you all be well and prosperous!

Thank you all for contributing to an enjoyable 2009.

Joe and Linda Rooney, Calgary alberta. :)

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