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Pictures, We Need Pictures In Those Ads!

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Great to see the new FREE classifieds starting to take off. Believe me this will be a big feauture of B.co.uk before not too long and improvements are being made as we speak.

Anyway the point is that you wouldn't dream of putting up a listing on that auction site (the one that's not half as good as BCOUK ..and where you can regularly get ripped-off buying things sight-unseen) WITHOUT getting out your camera or mobile phone and uploading a couple of pictures.

Yes, people here can come around and see your goodies for themselves, but you gotta get them there in the first place. On the web a picture is worth an infinite number of words, and whilst you are at it spend a few seconds more taking some alternative views of your treasure.

Pictures sell things far faster!

P.S. If you do have any probs uploading, the moderators or admins really really want to hear about it, and will hold your hand if necessary. We are constantly seeking to improve usability.

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