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Bedlingtonshire Phone Numbers For Your Wall


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I'm compiling a list of Bedlington phone numbers. Phone numbers that all Bedlingtonians (includes the former Bedlingtonshire) would wish to print out and stick on their pin-board/wall or even upload to their mobiles. We're all perfectly organised in Bedlington! ;)

The actual list will appear in the Public Announcements section. It will be dynamically updated, so you can dump it to your printer regularly (without all the graphics) by using the thread's print button.

Please post on that thread with the phone numbers that you think should be added to the list. The user submitted information (thread replies) will be pre-moderated - i.e. they won't appear in public, but I will extract data from them quite regularly, and all help will be acknowledged.

The list doesn't want to grow much beyond a page or two otherwise it will defeat the original purpose. So we'll do some pruning at intervals, in the light of suggestions.

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