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Bedlington Country And Western Club

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Just to say I lived in Bedlington in the 1970's till 1985....

now live in The Lake District..we came to visit the Country and western club last week..

being country fans I would like to say, what a brilliant night we had.

In the company of good friends,the compare Alan could not do enough to make us welcome.

a great night was had by all.We will certainly visit again soon

Keep the club going...KEEP IT COUNTRY.


Diana and Bill

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Hi Diana and Bill!

I may be a bit late of welcoming you to this site,just came across your kind comments to the Country club organisers.

Alan was old mate and neighbour of mine,we were brought up together from very very young......about 6yrs old in my case,Alan is about two years older than me.

He was one of our Councillors for many years,and always tried to fight for more leisure and sports facilities for Bedlington,which,over the decades.....escaped Bedlington,and went to Ashington instead.

Alan has been very ill over the last few years,and had to retire due to to ill-health.

Although I have never seen him for lots of years,His Wife has kept me up to date with his progress.

I am a bit sorry that no-one has seen your kind remarks,and responded from the Country and Western club on this forum.

If you have been back over here since,then I hope you enjoyed your stay very much!!

We're a canny lot over here!



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