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Nobody Puts Swayze In The Corner

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Favourite Swayze flicks? Or scenes? Or songs for that matter!

Mines got to be Point Break... brilliant film

Also love Roadhouse, Ghost and of cooooooourse dirty dancing

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he was a to put it bluntly a right !*[email protected]# ! glad to hear he died! :D

I to have to disagree on this one Monsta, as far as Hollywood actors go I thought he was one on the genuine ones, I agree with Merlin on the feel good factor, Roadhouse definitely had that.

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Yeah sorry but that is a fairly goitish thing to say really

I mean each to their own but not only did he make some pretty top class films (for blokes and the girlys) but he seemed like a really nice bloke too

If you read his new book, or extracts from it youll see that hes probably one of the bravest people youve ever read about too. Not only did he have quite a tragic personal life but he refused to complain about his illness or even take painkillers while he was filming incase it screwed up his acting, his face was never in all the papers winning sympathy votes from the public...he just took it like a man and suffered in silence... and got an extra year and half from his life

Good old Pat. Class actor, awesome dancer, Brave bloke

"Vaya con Dios, Swayze. See you in the next life"

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