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BedlingtonLass, on 10 Mar 2009 - 7:01 PM, said:

the bigger looking the bike the better, i dont like motorbikes that look like pushbikes

Heh heh!,Whey lassie,ye'll not like me and my little pocket-rocket!!

I've got a luvly red/black Honda cbr 125 rw-7,2008,wi just 3k -odd miles on it,and it's absolutely like as new as the day it was made!

Gaans fast enyuff for me,and aa can oot strip aal ya big boys,on the twisty's nea bother!

Me marra has a 'Busa,and he has even admitted the same thing,it's like big Jag vs mini hot-hatch on twisty's!....canna be done!

Mind,aam 70 yrs aad noo,too aad for thinking aboot chicken strips etc,so 50 mph average,suits me fine for where a gaan,usually aal the narrow back-roads from here ti Kelso,and thi like.[and usually gettin on for midnight,in dark unlit roads,where the wildlife are more deadly than humans...!]

A was nearly dead last year wi multiple blood clots on both lungs,and severe pleuritis,which left me weak as a kitten since,so if a DID hae a big bike,it wud hae ti gaan,cos me little fireblade replica,sumtimes feels heavy ti me noo,dinna laugh mind,cos the one certainty in this life is ..........

Ye get NO YOUNGER!!!

Biking should be aboot enjoying the freedom on the roads,and not comparing hoo has the jassiest claas,and bikes,or thi shoei hard hat....

....aa wud wear me aad pit hard hat if it was llegal....it protected me from many a faal of roof-stone,owa thorty years undergrund in thi pits!!

Noo,wheor's me putt-putt...!!!

Once ye get on thi bike,ya senses get tuned ti thi limit,and ya like an 18 yr aad inside ya heed,a mean,for reaction,awareness,etc.

After a 46 year lapse in riding,a did me cbt four years ago,and when thi instructor raised his hand for the emergency stop,a was stopped afore his hand got to his shoulder,and he wryly smiled and said.."Pretty gud stop, Bill !"

Mind,it was queer having the levers the wrang way aroond,for a few minutes,in the car park cones!..[ trying ti change doon on

thi brake lever isn't a gud idea,but a quickly got used ti it.[ shudda left things alenn,tha was nowt wrang wi thim in the sixties...]

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Once ye get on thi bike,ya senses get tuned ti thi limit,and ya like an 18 yr aad inside ya heed,a mean,for reaction,awareness,etc.




150 MPH through this Road Junction,

                                                                 difficult to get the focus just right at these speeds and so close.






And here's a name HPW will know well!  post-2205-0-04400900-1416937412_thumb.jp

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One of the first things I got when I went down to London in 69 was to get a bike.  I'd done my bike & car tests when living in Bedders.  Anyway, the beast I got in London was a second-hand Tribsa off another student.  A Tribsa was a bastard son of Triumph and BSA - it had a 650cc Triumph T120 pre-unit engine mounted in a BSA frame and was a great bike for around London.  All this before the introduction of compulsory crash helmets ... picture the scene:  Sym astride the throaty beast, long flowing locks streaming in the wind, and the image completed with the teardrop sunglasses (Easy Rider branded).  I stopped riding bikes in Blighty' cos of the crash helmet law ... there's always some bastard politicos who want to stop folks having fun.


When I turned 50 I thought I'd give it another go and went for a refresher course, but when I went out on one of the training centres bikes, I discovered that London had become a very, very, scary place to ride a bike ... it had completely changed from my student days.  End result .... I didn't get a bike ... it would have been a Harley.

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post-2998-0-24734300-1417208898_thumb.jpNice one Maggie!!

Foxy,ye hit the nail on thi heed theor noo!!

If ye visited me pit pics on Flickr,[bates Pit],ye wudda seen a big lad caaled Bill,who was me marra,in thi pit,and OOT

thi pit,since aboot 196i-ish...to thi present time.

In the early 60's he had a Norton Jubilee,250 twin,then a Norton Dominator 600cc "S.S."..[sports-Special].

IT lifted so fast,it tuk ya breath away for a second,as a pillion passenger.[95 in third gear on a four-speed box!]

NOO,he has a Hayabusa,which makes the Dommie look like a toy!![except for pure character and styling!!]

0-60 mph in..literally two seconds!...100mph in aboot 5 seconds...and on ti nearly 200 mph,in the reet places...that is!wheelie-in like hell withoot trying...pure reverse torque![gotta keep rear braking while throttling to keep the front wheel doon!!]

Nae gud for me noo,the bugga wud be away doon thi road on it's aan wi me sitting on me hint-end on the road,lukkin pretty....!

Bedlington lass,aa wud have loved a green Ninja,AFTER getting me Royal Enfield 500 Cafe Racer,re-issue...but it wasn't ti be,ill-health means a gotta be content,[which I definately am!],wi me little pocket-rocket!!

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This pic was tekkin the same day a got thi bike,so a hadn't aal me riding gear wat a hev noo.

Again,nae fancy thoosand -quid leather jazzy suits for HPW,a got a lovely textile armoured black jacket,wi the reflective bits on for safety,at Aldi,Cowpen,

a few months ago,and it's warm as hell,and bone dry, after a two-hour ride in atrocious conditions,for £50..[ a think they were reduced from £100 or summick like that..]

For the times a can get oot,it'll last me a lang time!!

Riding is the best thing since sliced bread!!

Gimme a nod if ye see me oot,ye'll recognise me space helmet,cos aav nivvor seen one on thi road yit....bar mine!!

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Hi Maggie!

It's a 1960's Royal Enfield 500cc single, Cafe  Racer,from the days when you put a record [45 rpm vinyl disc...for the unititiated!],on to the Jukebox,in your local cafe,then raced through a set route around the town,and had to get back to the cafe,before the record finished playing.

Considering most records averaged just over two minutes,if you were lucky,it was a feat in itself!....and one of the reasons why bikes are now restricted to 125cc for learners,we have to wear crash helmets,etc,and speed limits rediculously slow in some parts ...because of the tragic results of some of these activities.

I know all about it,and watched my mates do it,[and strangers in other towns..],but never did it myself,it was a cult follower thing,and I have never in my life,been a "follower"...I am a Leo...!! [i do my own thing..]

Ye aalwis get a story heor,ye knaa ,Maggie,a canna just answer ye wi two words!

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