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How To Post Your First Message

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Not a daft question if you aren't familiar with the Internet to start with!

Somebody PM'd me (a good first-stab in itself!) to ask. Here's what I replied:



I am a new member who has still to work out how to post my initial open message. .... Please advise how I proceed.



Hi ??????!

Very very simple.

Click on the Introduce Yourself forum. Click on the New Topic button up top left on the list of threads. Put a topic title in the Title box and type your message in the big text box. Then scroll down a way and hit the Post New Topic button right at the bottom. Ignore everything else it's just eye candy! Your new thread will appear at the top of the treads list for that particular forum.

The main thing is to experiment. Don't worry about messing up, the moderators will take care of any clean-up for you. Also you can edit your own posts at any time simply by clicking on the Edit Post button underneath it, making your corrections in the message box, and then clicking on the finish edit button to upload the change.


Would that do it for you, or have I not made it clear enough somewhere?

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