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And The Next Version Of Windys Is Called...

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No more vacuous "aspirational" names, and opportunities for "Vvee Intentionally Slow The Apparatus" type acronyms then? :D

Doubtless time to order even more RAM and a faster CPU to keep the machines usable though!

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What a crock!

i mean, come on...how long has vista been out now?

vista will become the same as the old windows milenium, and all those i told to upgrade will be saying 'see? told ya!'

lets hope they release the OS to the likes of NVidia so some decent drivers can be developed before the release this time!

time to buy another new printer! (linux here i come!)

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Interesting that 7 calls itself 6.1 under the covers. As several people have already pointed out this is going to be a wonderful source of confusion for support desks.

Bar slippages out next year, so another generation skip and £100 left in the bank I think. Oh, and wait for W7 SP1 before actually buying a copy.

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