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Khronic Generation

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Courtesy of The Crack Magazine:

Adding to the already impressive canon of north-east hardcore, Bedlington prepares itself for The Khronic Generation. Picking up where the opening night left off, the second instalment will guarantee much the same: only bigger and better, and harder, and louder!

Positioned in an industrial estate, Fluggles Bar that has seen its identity transform over time, but never into the Khronics incarnations, a den of sonic inequity. As its moniker suggests, the asylum, is strictly for the vinyl, so an exhibition of bone crunching beats and turntablism is top of the agenda courtesy of Khronic promoter and Newcastle’s finest speedcore DJ; MAD:EM, Ninja Colombo’s head honcho, The Teknoist, and support by the best in Newcastle and Scottish underground. Hosting the alternate room is The North-East Pirates, playing punk, ska and industrial, so whilst there is a change of pace, the ideology remains the same - a music agenda of everything hard and thoroughly uncompromising. In keeping with the vinyl theme, a record stall hosted by D-Stroys’ hardcore distortion outfit will be set up to provide you with an acetate fix. JC

Khornic Generation, Fuggles Bar, Bedlington, March 7, 7pm-2am, £4/£5. www.myspace.com/khronic_generation

I'm no expert on matters on matters hardcore or speedcore, but I reckon this event will be well sick!

Techno techno techno techno.

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Guest missvic

The main room: picnic benches and patio heaters. Indoors.

The 'other' room: outside the bogs.

The chill out room: actually outside. really. that's it.

Oh my... I remember the day when the Northumberland Brewery's music events were classy affairs! Perhaps the times are a changing? We do like our music faster up North these days... allegedly.

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Just two days to go. Let the blippin and a-bloppin' electro mayhem commence!

I wouldn't go to "a den of sonic inequity", but I could be persuaded to go to a den of iniquity - even if the organisers didn't know the difference! :D

The Beats Per Minute thing is a simple inverse function of mean climatic temperature. Doesn't take a PhD to work that one out BBC News 24. :)

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