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I'll assume with so much excelent advice kicking about in this thread (i especially liked the 'uninstall mcnaffy- sorted!' comment!) i think we can safely assume this is solved. ;)

As a footnote, NEVER access the internet without an Antivirus installed. If need be, download one from another computer and install to the new machine via flashdrive or cd.

Too many nasties out there these days to be going unprotected! (unless you dont use M$ of course :lol::lol::lol: )

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I use Panda anti virus. You can get it for < £8 for THREE machines if you buy the eBuyer own-brand version:


Updates every day and I've found it detects stuff Kaspersky and Norton don't - and not false positives either. Kaspersky slows this little machine down too much. One sub I will certainly renew at year end. B)

P.S. I think I've installed one copy on more than 3 machines this year, without any complaints - one machine failed and was replaced. So zero hassle factor too! :)

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