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Note To New Member Johndawsonjune1955

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Re your complaint about no one sending you validation e-mail(s) despite multiple tries at intervals. I'm afraid the problem is at your end and beyond our control. You probably need to check your spam filter.

Your membership has been manually approved so you can use the facilities without responding to a validation email. In particular you can now use the PM system to contact admins, moderators, and other members.

From long experience I'd suggest you try one of the free webmail services available on the Internet that is independent of BT. Change your e-mail address in your profile so that it points to the new e-mail service, so you can use the full facilities of Bedlington.co.uk.

If you need further help please phone the telephone number e-mailed to you. I will repeat that info in your PM mailbox here in case you didn't get that either.


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