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  1. Yesterday
  2. @Alan dickson posted on the Bygone Bedlington group :- Alan Dickson Possibly it could be to do with the Iron works Alan, judging by the hair and mutton chop whiskers, eport this Alan Dickson I've Seen photos of Mr Weekes and its not him.
  3. This is not a relative or family friend, just she's had a letter arrive through our door addressed to her. We've lived here 14 years and this is the first time we've heard of her. Postcode ne22 6dj, it's a letter from dvla so dont want her getting caught for no vehicle tax. Thanks
  4. Reminds me of the beadle in Dickens' Oliver Twist!
  5. Thanks Eggy! It was one of Maggie's earlier posts that got me thinking about this. I planned to research it then but, as you know, other things got in the way and there hasn't been either time or opportunity do anything about it. However, we are now back to eight wheels and two drivers so I thought I might start now. Language development is a fantastic mirror of history, så it's worth looking at it from the linguistic aspect. While holly and holy are very similar in spelling and, to an extent, sound today, this has not always been the case so the development of both national language and dialect need to be looked at. It'll probably take a couple of months, depending on how far back I can go. I'll keep you informed. Meanwhile, I'm still looking for an earlier, proven, use of the place name Hollymount if anybody can help.
  6. John Krzyzanowski Good find. The problem with this time era is it is pre planning. The documents are probably hidden away in some old solicitors papers.
  7. @Andy Millne - posted your photo on the Bygone Bedlington group for the admin, John Krzyzanowski to see as Woodhorn Museum (where John works) might have some info. If John replies I will update you. A couple of comments from the Bygone Bedlington members :- Scoop Jeffrey At first glance I thought it was Bernard Manning! Vic Thompson Wow! That’s fantastic! Can it not be placed on show somewhere? Lisa Kelly Barry Lairds house has one on the bar Viv Mather From what I recall, Lairds House was a rebuild in 1777 of a previous farmhouse that stood on the site... not sure of family name, just that the present building wasn't the original. Hide or report this Christine Warne Viv Mather it did belong as a farm to the Marshall family before it became a pit managers residence x
  8. I started at St Bedes in 1950 but I am not in this photo . They must be about a year older than me. I remember some of these names. Terry Bradley,Jimmy Routledge, Terrence Carey ( A friend of mine who lived in Rosalind Ave. not far from me.).I think no. 30 was Madeline Day.
  9. Last week
  10. Stuart :- these are the links I use, and have saved in my favourites, to search for places in Bedlington :- https://maps.nls.uk/geo/find/#zoom=12&lat=55.1358&lon=-1.6409&layers=102&b=1&z=1&point=55.1326,-1.5691 & https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/Map/427570/581434/10/100708
  11. Thank you all so much! Such speedy responses, and such helpful detail. I hadn’t realised that these maps were available: thank you very much for sharing. A further perusal of these old maps will be called for as I track down the other addresses where my forebears lived, and then maybe a trip to Bedlington!
  12. @Canny lass - I wonder if @Maggie/915 has any more info?
  13. My wife Doreen lived in 1, Phillips Yard, (before moving to the Holy Mount!) somewhere at the market place, very close to a bakery! yes lots of yards, but rarely marked on maps, the postie must have good local knowledge!
  14. Found a slightly clearer map - 1895 - with Wilsons yard and Smithy on :-
  15. Sorry folks, it's going to be out of action for a bit. The power and internet to it is no longer available but I'm trying to sort a replacement.
  16. Found this in the loft; @threegee tells me it is Mr Weeks who has a connection with the mines and was an owner if not the original owner of Lairds House when it was built in 1777. Does anybody have any more info? I thought it might interest others or at least serve as mild amusement if nothing else.
  17. @Canny lass - No 13 updated to Paul Goonan
  18. I'm researching the possibility that Hollymount may be a derivation of Holy Mount - it's an interesting theory. Does anybody know the earliest record of 'Hollymount' as a place name in Bedlington - on a map or document, for instance. 1860 is the earliest I've found to date.
  19. Bedlington's 'yards' are fascinating places! All sorts of life were encapsulated in them! 1860's map is interesting for @Stuart because the 'Smithy' is also noted on the map.
  20. @Stuart & @Canny lass - this is a map and comment that Eilleen Brooks - facebook group Bygone Bedlington, posted on the 8th November 2019 when a member was asking if anyone knew where Drummonds Yard used to be :- Eileen Brooks 8 November 2019 Judging from the census report- Drummond's Yard was between Wilson's Yard and the Sun Inn, on the High Street. I have one map that shows Wilson's Yard but not Drummond's (unfortunately copyright means I cannot display it). I have indicated on the map below where I believe it to have been (one of the two yards next to Wilson's) Hope this helps.
  21. Thanks Eggy, I think the 1950 photo also shows Paul as the same people are in both photos - I'm assuming it's the whole class. In 1950 Paul would be about 6 yo but Kevin was a few years older.
  22. Sorry, Stuart, I didn't manage to get any text with the map - from 1860. You'll find Wilsons Yard on the south side of Front Street West just behind Bedlington Hall.
  23. @Canny lass - hard to tell the age(s). They look about 6 or 7 to me. I remembered I had posted another St Bedes class photo on before with Vince Allison, No 19, and Grace Fitzgibbon, No 27, so had a look and that shows an older set of pupils but has the year as c1953 so I'm thinking, if the names are correct, then this photo with Mrs Onskavich, must be c1950 . This is the c1953 photo with Paul Goonan No 16 :-
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