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  2. http://www.investinginbedlington.co.uk/News seems to answer a few questions......looks like it was added today
  3. Names from Sandra Masters & Christine Campbell for 20, 28, 31 & 38
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  5. You only had to read a few of my posts to know where I stand - and it most certainly isn't as a Tory voter! I sincerely hope that I don't have any "followers", and that everyone can think for themselves. Your retreat is only necessary if you think that your ideas won't stand up to public scrutiny. A full range of political views is always welcome here, but you should be prepared to justify them. If you are feeling a little sore we can declare a (partial) truce!
  6. Just returned from holiday and must apologise for ruffling a hair or two (it was intended) but I needed to know exactly where you, and your followers, politically stood, now I know I shall leave you in peace. ‎You shall hear of me no more.
  7. From the album Whitley Memorial School

    Photo & names from James off this site.
  8. Unfortunately not - the four names published with the photo are :- L to R - Peter Carrigan, David Clark, Gordon Ridley and William Smith.
  9. @Bandsman1966 - names added to photo. I did a quick search in Goolge for Hammersmith Town Hall Brass Band Competition - 1959 and the site and info on the brassbandresults.co.uk site was found - Cambois Workmens & Pegswood Colliery band were also listed in the bands for this event. Added a bit of the info into the photo.
  10. Not a name I knew, but I'd say you're right. Now looking at the band photo which looks a couple of years later there are also 2 youngish lads stacked on the steps, right of centre. Could they be the trombonists in the quartet? G Railton (could be in that position) and possibly Turnbull or Dickinson behind/above?
  11. Of those I can positively identify, #'s 18,22,28,29,37 100% accurate. These are a high probability #'s 20,23,25,32,34. Excellent work. Thank you for your fantastic patience.
  12. The young lad, bottom left corner as you look at the photo, has been bugging me as I am sure I have seen him before. Took a while but then it clicked - Bedlington Grammar School photo posted on Facebook group Bygone Bedlington and part of the comment was :- '.......... and Gordon was the talented young upstart from the fourth year.......'
  13. @Bandsman1966 - added your list of names to the photo - check it out and see if I have them mapped on Ok.
  14. Any word on whats happening at the Tesco site - last I heard there was a planning application in which was due to be heard in March but I've seen nothing since. Arch set up http://www.investinginbedlington.co.uk/ to keep us all informed about their wonderful work but the last update on the Tesco redevelopment (aside from a piece about naming the place) was back in February. I noticed when driving past the other day there are building materials stacked up in the compound - any idea whats going to be complete by when?
  15. But... maybe... Hmmm! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/20/theresa-may-knighthoods-shake-up-lose-gong-dishonour/
  16. I don't, whenever the pit closed, or the village hall/club was shut. I don't remember exactly where we rehearsed in the village or how they came to be the B N band and move to Cramlinton. Those dates are accurate (probably) so 74-76 but the workers at the factory objected, loudly, to the band rehearsing at the far end of their canteen and my mum gave up and dad and I changed bands. I've no idea how long the band survived after that. The Cuthbertsons and others went to Ellington Colliery, some to Ashington and others Lynemouth bands. I do remember the ties were an awful yellow polyester and there was no budget to provide a jacket for me hence my pullover with badge sewn on in my profile pic (with mother) the hats were Netherton's.
  17. Hi I knew the Marley family very well when I lived in Bedlington many years ago now, the Marley's were always welcoming from Wilf when he was a live, Joan has passed on as she was always a warm hostess at there House at Humford Mill. Billy always had an anecdote at hand as he was a master of English literature from Duncan, Ann, Stuart, John and Michael they were a family who were well informed and could be entertaining with the debates that used to be held down at Humford Mill. I know Stuart was a Probation Officer and Billy now retired, has a lady friend somewhere in Northumberland don't think he spends much time in Bedlington nowadays don't know about rest of clan but hope everyone is well as like a lot of the oldies remember Humford Baths as a young swimmer with Wilf's steady gaze on our activities and becoming friends with the Marley family is a memory that I hold dear to my heart as had many interesting conversations and laughs with Billy,Duncan, Stuart, Ann, John and Michael, Wilf would be proud of you all. Yours in the spirit of Cooperation Malcolm G Allan.
  18. Names added from Bansman1966's list
  19. Added the info to the photo. @Bandsman1966 - do you know when, and for how long, Brentford Nylons, took over and ran the NethertonColliery Brass Band?
  20. And a thout it was aanly Cockney's that dropped tha H's! - well spotted sir - NETERTON updated :-
  21. CLs updates added
  22. I think it's likely the weather or the lens cover may be a bit grimey.
  23. Nr. 1 is ELSIE Grant. Nr. 2 is JIMMY Simmons Nr. 6 is JOHN Bell Nr. 12 is RUBY Stewart Nr. 15 is AURTHUR Brodie
  24. Added the names to the photo :-
  25. Living in the Oval area of Bedlington the Free woods, and the bandstand, was our playground throughout the late 50s & early 60s. We used to camp close to the Bandstand and play in the river not far from the bandstand. The bandstand was used to pile up our belongings whilst we were built a dam across the river. The water was deeper on the Ha'penny wood side but with a dam making it deeper we could dive bomb in off the large flat rock surface on the Ha'penny side. That's the area, where we were camping one Friday, or Saturday night, and we (also YMCA people) encountered our first early morning Hello, Hello what you lot doing here then', from the police, please accompany us to the Top End police station. Naturally we were totally innocent (it was not us that had stole the car and left it not far from where we were camping) and released, after questioning, after about 3-4 hours.
  26. Cool. Front 'line' L-R is Ridley, Bradley, Hamilton, Elsie Steel, Smith. Joe Grant is on the left, between the "E" of Sutcliffe sign and the carriage lamp. I can't actually see Ray Douglas or Jimmy Golding in the background. Not certain which is ¿Kenny? Bond.
  27. Hmm.... quality seems a bit degraded now. It looks slightly out of focus to what it used to be. May just be that I need a trip to Specsavers though!
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