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  1. Yesterday
  2. Perhaps we will get the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.
  3. Tonyp


    My brother Dec wilkinson & Paul Cox 1960 Millbank place
  4. Tonyp


    My brother dog wilkinson & Paul cox 1960
  5. Serendipitously Alan, expect to see a press release about this very subject later this week!
  6. Number 21 is not Pat Simm (no relation)
  7. Ritchie Muldoon, Bygone Bedlington Facebook group, says No 32 is John Snow from Shiney Row.
  8. Very quite - clicked on all the links but couldn't find any updates on the https://www.investinginbedlington.co.uk/news-page/ since 9th July 2019. I wonder if @Malcolm Robinson or @Bill Crosby have a 'one line' update that could say if the scheme is moving ahead or at a stand still.
  9. Last week
  10. Seems to have gone very quiet after all the fencing went up before Christmas
  11. No 5 updated to Jack Carr - brother of No 12 jack Carr. Updated from Shirley Nichol (Bygone Bedlington Facebook group).
  12. Peter Rutherford, Bygone Bedlington group, has named the last one, No 13 = Carol Foreman.
  13. The year of the photo changed to c1949 based on the list of names @Ovalteeny found on his research of the Bedlington football teams when he was researchin the history of the Bedlington Mechanics. This is the Sleekburn 'A' Welfare list of players for 1946 to 1952 and 1948-49 season includes the 5 surnames we have on the photo.
  14. @Joe McNally No 1 updated. No 6 named as Tom Brodie by Malcolm Brodie.
  15. Sorry Alan I should have noticed #13 should be Jackie Mabon, (often called Dagless)
  16. Tom Eltis - Past Times History group, has completed given the christian names for No 5 & 11.
  17. Often referred to as the 'Council School'. Entry in https://communities.northumberland.gov.uk/005616.htm has the date c1916
  18. Photo from Stuart Dobson, his dad is No 5. Sleekburn 'A' Pit Welfare - 1950's?
  19. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Local Football 2

    Local teams other than Bedlington Mechanics teams. The history of Bedlington Mechanics is current being researched by @Ovalteeny and his info is posted in the topic BEDLINGTON MECHANICS FC under - Hobbies & Interests > >The Sports Club>
  20. Photo from Terri King, Bygone Bedlington Facebook group member and it is thought to be the annual Leek Club trip but nobody knows where it was to.
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