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  4. Reedy also followed up with this lot :- Paul Reed Yesterday at 20:03 For Sale - selection of local history books. Please see the images below. £10 or nearest offer for all booklets or happy to accept offers for any individual ones. I can drop the booklets off in Bedlington or nearby. Please messenger me if you’re genuinely interested. Thanks for looking. These sold within two hours.
  5. Names from David Richardson - Linda May Watson off the Bygone Bedlington group and Carrol Massen off the Bedlington remembered group.
  6. @Reedy - posted this in the Facebook group - Bygone Bedlington :- Paul Reed 43 mins For Sale - a selection of ‘Bedlingtonshire Revisited’ magazines. 2002 - March, June, July & Christmas Special. 2003 - All 12 monthly issues plus Christmas Special. 2004 - All 12 monthly issues plus Christmas Special. 2005 - 11 monthly issues (April missing) plus Christmas Special. 2006 - All 12 monthly issues. 2007 - January, February, March, April, May July. Originally selling for 90p per issue. This bundle consists of 60 issues for which I’m asking £25 which works out at just over 41p each. I can drop the booklets off in Bedlington or nearby. Please messenger me if you’re genuinely interested. Thanks for looking.
  7. Some names from Stuart Dobson & Christine Brewis - Facebook Bedlington remembered group.
  8. Dave says - 'Halloww' back and that he hadn't seen you for quite a while.
  9. @HIGH PIT WILMA - I think it is Bill - I've asked him - let you know his response.
  10. Thanks again Alan,a wonder if Davy Shepherd is my good friend's Brother,who is now very ill,a haven't seen Davy for a while,wud ye just say Halloww ti him from me,and if he is Mick's Brother,he will knaa hoo aa aam. Thanks Marra! Bill.
  11. Hi Alan ,again!..also please pass thanks to Peter Jones as weel for his comment. Cheers Bill.
  12. Hi Alan,thanks for the info,so my memory isn't as bad as a a thowt it waas!..a cud picture the fella wi thi tash..it was a really tick tash,and a mop of corly hair,but his voice soonded like he was diluted ethnic,but aa cudn't put me finger where he might have have been from. A dae knaa that he was a fast taaka but as far as aa was concerned,nowt was a problem ti him,he used ti say repeatedly..."...This is how I do business my friend,it is no good for business if I am not nice with you...I will change your tyres for new ones ,no problem..and if you are still not happy..you come back and I will give you your money back....."..he came over as a real genuine guy,but maybe others might not agree if they had a bad experience with the guy! Cheers Alan,divvent forget where a live,if ya passing and the motor is there! P.S. Please pass my thanks on to Alan Dickson if ye dinna mind!!
  13. Updates to No's 1, 3 & 8 from Patricia Brack (No 11) - Bygone Bedlington Facebook group.
  14. @Glynis Lynn - No 8 updated and Caroline Dobinson (Bedlington remembered Facebook group ) thinks No 1 could be Neil Kyle.
  15. A brand new service will offer life-long support to people with autism in South Shields. The new 'autism hub', opened by the mayor and mayoress of South Tyneside this month, will offer occupational therapy, mental health help and peer support for people with the condition throughout the area. Councillors say they're responded to a need created by an above-average number of people with an autism diagnosis in the borough, as parents, carers and those with a diagnosis told the council they needed more local support. One of those who can't wait to start using the new hub is little Jak Brunton, and his mum Jay. For Jak, who turns four on Monday, regular sessions at a Toby Henderson Trust centre in Bedlington have been a lifeline, helping him connect with his family and supporting them as they understand his needs. The Jarrow family travel at least once a week to Northumberland for invaluable one-to-one sessions, so the opening of a hub close to home in South Shields will make a huge difference to their lives. Looking for the latest news in your postcode? We have launched a brand new website InYourArea.co.uk allowing you to stay up to date with what's happening near you. It also has an app. Search the latest news, property listings, jobs, planning applications, public notices and more. To get breaking news sent to your phone, download the ChronicleLive app here.
  16. I think number 8 is David Caisley.
  17. @Andy Millne - just been looking through the Gallery>Historic Bedlington>Bedlington and Netherton Old Photo's by Cmypil and quite a few of the photos are 'Blanked out'! Are they lost forever, or just hiding?
  18. Earlier
  19. Here's another version of the 1859 map from Old-Maps.co.uk OS County series Northumberland 1859 -1883. There's a bit more detail and you can see quite clearly that after leaving the railway sidings at the old Puddlers Row the main line continues only a short distance before branching off into new sidings which end at the larger of the buildings you mention. My guess would be railway worksheds or industrial buildings ' possibly Bedlington Ironworks.
  20. @Canny lass :- can't find anything on any building where any of the Ironworks owners etc. There is a 1858 map/scaled drawing of the area but no houses on the map. The map shows a Puddlers row approximately where Melrose Avenue is now so don't know if this is accurate or this row was demolished and a new Puddlers Row.
  21. Unfortunately it was posted with '....(date unknown).....' Like you CL I had a look at the old maps and there is a cluster of buildings marked on the 1859 map - two buildings marked on the 1896 map - one building marked on the 1920 map and one on the latest map they hold, 1938, but no name etc on any of the maps . Busy going through Evan Martin's book - 'Bedlington Iron & Engine Works 1736 - 1867' but haven''t found any reference to buildings in that area.
  22. Bedlington Iron Works occupied the land on the Bedlington side of the river as far east as Kitty Brewster. I don't see any buildings on the OS maps prior to 1930 but I did find a map from 1859 which shows a couple of the Iron Works buildings. One of them, nearest the bridge could be the one in the picture. VisionofBritain.org.uk You'll need to zoom in to see it but it is there.
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