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  2. Any update from your request @Malcolm Robinson? I got an email back three weeks ago saying that my query was accepted as an FOI request but I've heard nothing since then. I emailed the FOI team to ask if there was any ETA on an answer on Monday but heard nothing back from that email either.
  3. I like ned Stewart, middle back row, never mind the photo opportunity get me beer topped up👌
  4. What a great photo. In 1901, my great great Grandfather William Johnstone, originally from Scotland, was the 'Innkeeper' at the Anvil Arms. In the Inn at this time were his second wife Jane Johnstone (nee Gibson), his son James Johnstone (Blacksmith), Elizabeth Gibson , age 29, and William Bruce Johnstone a butcher and then miner who died in 1917 in WW1.
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  6. This is a pic outside of the Anvil circa 1900. My Great, a great grandad, JOSEPH Davison, 2nd from right at the front with the Guide Post Mining Dancers. He had 2 daughters Florence and Mary, later married to Ned Burn. Found this while researching my family tree. (back row, left to right): Dyker Simm, Ned Steward, Joe Rook. V (Front row, left to right): Jackie Cuthbertson – the Betty – Geordie Brown, Punch Nichol, Harry Mockett, Bill Simpson, Joe Davison (her father) and Jackie Davy – the Punch.
  7. Answers to last week's quiz: 1. The Cheviot Hills 2. Chicken 3. Lacrosse 4. Pontefract 5. John Galsworthy 6. Lord Nelson 7. Capuchin monkey 8. Lawyer 9. Kenny Dalglish 10. Crust 11. Clock 12. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation New quiz tomorrow.
  8. By the time I'm 80 years old I think I will have to buy a mobile😇
  9. I have made some more updates to the site for 2021. Generally the look & feel has been cleaned up and compatibility with mobile devices has been improved further. There are still a couple of things being worked on due in the next couple of months.
  10. Unfortunately Margaret most of the members, like myself, that comment on this group no longer live on the town. We didn't leave the town because we didn't like it we simply discovered a new life elsewhere but joined this group to keep in touch with the town and the people we grew up with.☺️ Have you been checking on the size of the town, the population, the facilities, what's near by etc.?
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  12. Its Bedlington in general , I have heard some good things but would like some views from residents. Nice to hear from you
  13. I have also got connections with the Church Of Christ as that was my mother's church when she moved from Edinburgh to Bedlington after marrying my father.
  14. When John Davison Tindall died in 1947 his estate passed to his wife Dora Annie Adelaide Tindall. She died in 1957 and I would be happy to get details of what happened to her estate if that helps.
  15. Hi Margaret, the people of Bedlington will welcome you with open arms. Suspect you may have to wait a while for comments from the Longridge Farm development.
  16. Hello everyone, I am thinking of buying a house at Longridge Farm as I have been told Bedlington is a good place to live. What do you think and is anyone else on this development to comment on what it is like Thank you in advance
  17. The Pit Heap where both the Doctor Pit and the 'A' pit dumped their mining waste. This image isn't to scale but it shows the two pits and the area where they dumped the mining waste. This shows the Pit H from the other direction, Moorland Avenue, Bedlington Station. This one shows some of @John Fox (foxy)'s photos when they started to reduce/landscape the Pit Heap after part of Bower Grange, Bedlington Station had been built. Then and Now compilation.
  18. Info on the Durham Mining Museum site is :- First shaft was sunk 14th July 1854 Colliery opened in 1855 Colliery closed 2nd March 1968
  19. @JosephineFunderburk - do you mean you would like to contact Lewis Barker who posted the photo of the John D Dindall silver plate? If so then you would have so search Facebook, where the photo was posted and 'Shared' from and see how many Lewis barker's there are and see if you can identify the one that posted the photo. The only clue we have is that this Lewis Barker could live in Ashington - but nobody, that I am aware of, has searched for him.☺️
  20. Main aspect on cleaning during quarantine is because of the nature of the virus. I'd better pay for the professional help like https://www.emop.co.uk/redbridge-cleaner and make my house perfect removing all the viruses and bacteries. And enjoy the safe place.
  21. Get the latest Northumberland news and updates delivered straight to your inbox The daughter of a learner motorcyclist who died in a smash during his first lesson is raising money in his memory for the medics who came to his aid. Darren Jobling, 50, was thrown from his bike and crashed into a tree on Front Street West in Bedlington, Northumberland in July, 2019. The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) and North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) attended the scene and found that Mr Jobling had sustained severe chest injuries. He was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle
  22. Photo from Simon Williams, Cambois Facebook group, and names from the Cambois and Bygone Bedlington Facebook group members.
  23. Pupils that attended the junior schools in Cambois & Bedlington progressed to the West Sleekburn Middle school , in the 1980's & 90's before moving on to the 'High' schools.
  24. Yep - Simon posted it on the Bygone Bedlington group as 'Bedlington & Cheviots ( I added the text to his photo.) Simon is always taking photos of the town - he lives on Church Lane, across from St Cuthberts. You will have seen a couple of these before - compilation of just a few of Simon's photos that he has shared with the Bygone Bedlington members. The one in the middle was taken from outside the Red Lion - the green bus shelter on the left is the one on Front Street West at the Top End and the building underneath the tree on the right is the chemists on the corner opposite the
  25. All of the institute, including the library was situated on the top floor of the building. It was in a small alcove at the end of the institute; not where the arrow is pointing which was a private house. It was not a public library but for members of the institute, i.e. employees of the Doctor pit. The arrow should point to the area on the top floor of the building mid- way between the window to the right of the war memorial and the end of the building adjoining the house.
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