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  2. Bedlington's airey houses no longer exist. Built between the late 1940's and early 1950's. As far as I know there were only four streets of airey houses built in Bedlington. Waverley Drive - numbers 43 to 78 airey houses. Numbers 1 to 42 traditional red brick. Coquetdale Place. Tosson Close. Steadlane Square - numbers 1 to 14 and numbers 27 & 28. Numbers 15 to 26 traditional red brick. The work to demolish the airey houses and rebuild in traditiol brick started c2009.
  3. I have made the defaults a bit more aggressive. These will apply to new members.
  4. @Andy Millne just wondering if the default setting for new members could be to receive a notification = email that a member has responded to any comment that new member has made. I have noticed there have been a number of cases where new members have made a comment and although a reply, follow up question etc. has been made by myself and other seasoned members there has been no response from the new member😞. Naturally if new members didn't want to be notified we could have a set of instructions, in the 'Introduce Yourself - Members Only' topic, so notifications could be cancelled.
  5. Last week
  6. The wife must have asked me to do some DIY, 4 years ago, and I have just finished - names updated on a slightly better copy of the photo posted on the Barrington group.
  7. 1. What is the supreme goal of Buddhists? Answer = 2. Who composed the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? Answer = 3. On which farm did Worzel Gummidge live? Answer = 4. By what name was the popular wrestler Shirley Crabtree better known? Answer = 5. Who hosted the radio quiz show Have a Go? Answer = 6. In which Middle Eastern city is the Dome of the Rock? Answer = 7. In Greek mythology what did the gods eat? Answer = Nectar & Ambrosia 8. What was Barbara
  8. 1. The end of suffering 2. Jane Taylor 3. Scatterbrook Farm. 4. Big Daddy, 5. Wilfred Pickles 6. Jerusalem 7. Ambrosia 8. Blackburn 9. Apple 10. Parish church 11. Trinity College, 12. International orange.
  9. Most of the time it's trying to find the right info for the old photos. Any member can add comments to each photo posted. In most of the albums the members can only comment on existing entries and only the member that created the album can add new entries. This album has been setup so that any member can add new photos as a separate entry.
  10. Sadly its not a radius its a diameter - its not far off mind, I am surprised its only about 60km from Blyth to Redcar as the crow flies. As for the Tory distribution of wealth that neither surprises or bothers me. It is politics, this kind of thing has been done for centuries and its been done by both sides of the political divide. I can't say I would have complained if our seat had gone from red to blue and we were being showered with cash as a reward.
  11. Time to get those grey cells ticking over! 1. What is the supreme goal of Buddhists? 2. Who composed the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? 3. On which farm did Worzel Gummidge live? 4. By what name was the popular wrestler Shirley Crabtree better known? 5. Who hosted the radio quiz show Have a Go? 6. In which Middle Eastern city is the Dome of the Rock? 7. In Greek mythology what did the gods eat? 8. What was Barbara Castle’s home constituency? 9. What is a Laxton Superb?
  12. _pauls - Wear to Blyth, and Wear to Tees both less than your 45km according to my rough and dirty measurements on Google Maps. If the allowed area is a radius of 45km my suggestion above would work. Center the freeport in mackemland, then draw a big circle of 45km radius ... it would take in an area including Blyth in the North and Smoggieland in the South. If, however, the 45km is zone's diameter then I'm stuffed. The Guardian newspaper published an article this morning about Tory largesse that I questioned above; the piece contains a good graph (official Gov data). I know it's not
  13. Ah... 45km which comes to 27.962 miles https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/935493/Freeports_Bidding_Prospectus_web_final.pdf
  14. I think that there are some maximum dimensions that would preclude covering from the Tees north up to Blyth - I have the figure 27 miles in my head but I can't find the source to back that up so I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure its not far off. As I say I think both areas have strong cases and just hope that there is a possibility of more free ports in the future that could benefit us.
  15. _pauls - yes, I meant Wear. I suspect the Tees area was selected due to its wider industrial hinterland and closer connections to those manufacturing towns in Yorkshire. Perhaps, somebody might like to count the number of Tory MPs in those winning areas - maybe that was a consideration. When the scheme was first announced I compared the Blyth, Tyne, Wear, and Tees areas on Google Maps and did think that Blyth had lots going for it in terms of vacant sites and existing infrastructure, including a functioning railhead in the port itself. I doubted that Blyth would get the nod on it
  16. So.. today I finally got a response to my questions which Advance treated as a Freedom of Information request. The questions I asked were : What is now in scope for the phases of the development, so we can see what is actually committed vs aspirations for the future? What are the current timelines associated with these phases? What are the current budgets for these phases? Did we get the additional funding applied for last year from the Get Britain Building scheme? What is the overall size of funding secured now? How does this compare in terms of investmen
  17. Answers to last week's quiz: 1. Four 2. France 3. A water beetle 4. Everly Brothers 5. England and France 6. Cherries 7. Standing jumps 8. Antonio de Oliveira Salazar 9. George Orwell 10. Existence 11. Toto 12. Hair New quiz tomorrow.
  18. I assume you mean Blyth, Tyne and Wear can continue to scratch a living. To be fair (and I would say that being what most would class as a smoggy) I think Teesside and in particular Redcar and the old steelworks area are every bit as in need of the economic boost as the Blyth/Tyne/Wear area. I would have liked to see both of them get the status and see some of the more affluent southern parts miss out. Still... as I understand it these are the 8 initial freeports so its not a closing of the book on the chances for our area.
  19. It might still end up at Blyth. I don't think they know there ar** from their elbow. This is the plan BritishVolt have online showing where the new battery/gigaplant is to be built - they say on the old Blyth (Cambois) Power Station site. From what I can make out the plan they have drawn is where Cambois pit and the pit rows used to be.
  20. So, the Smoggies got the Freeport ... Blyth, Tyne and Tees can continue to scratch a living.
  21. 1. How many sides has a parallelogram? Answer = 2. Which country won the 1998 World Cup? Answer = 3. What sort of creature is a Whirligig? Answer = 4. Which US duo asked us to Walk Right Back in 1961? Answer = 5. Which two nations fought at the Battle of Agincourt? Answer = 6. From which fruit is the spirit Kirsch made? Answer = 7. In which discontinued event did Ray Ewry win his ten Olympic gold medals? Answer = 8. Which dictator ruled Portugal from 1932 to 196
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  23. Thanks for that -pauls, interesting read and a refreshing one. This is exactly the type of 'conversation' we need in Bedlington so we get the investment, type of development which will focus the Town, help all the existing retailers and add to their ranks. It encapsulates the reasons why I don't think putting in a facsimile of what's available around us will change the fortunes of our Town. We need to be bold, innovative and imaginative if we are ever to see Bedlington become a 'destination' Town.
  24. Thanks Malcolm - I appreciate your perseverance. To some extent I'm tired of hearing about funding and want to hear about what is going to be done with it. Another "reimagining" exercise sounds like the ball being kicked down the road again on any real benefit coming to the town (I don't think a carbon copy of the existing Lidl is much benefit). I'm a Teessider originally and I was very interested in the plans by Stockton council for a very different kind of town centre redevelopment : https://www.stockton.gov.uk/news/2020/february/plans-unveiled-for-stockton-town-centre-after-massive-res
  25. Ive asked again but still havent got exact details of whats going on. I even asked at the last full council meeting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=17601&fbclid=IwAR3Cpjheg_sgjo89clVvE44YS7RN8htY8dHVHnwx0CBL-doOy4V6fdesdOA&v=6ORSQ-AF99s&feature=youtu.be
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