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  1. Yesterday
  2. I’m told Benbecula is particularly fresh at this time of year and the airport is not usually overcrowded 😁🌈xxR
  3. Celebrated my 17th birthday in the Terrier 😁🤭😵‍💫‼️XxR
  4. 1957 photo - sold on ebay for £4.99 by monkwermouth. Matchbox - Bedlington Terrier label - sold on ebay for £1.71
  5. I had the same - my message went red and required approval. Must be the heat, far too warm for me. I'll have to move to the Outer Hebrides😎
  6. This is what it must be like at Bedlington.co IT support..............😂
  7. Last week
  8. I just tapped “reply “ to @Canny lass’s offer of home made jam and arrived here?? I’m confused and concerned 🤭🌈xxR
  9. Hey,Mr Fox, thanks for this. New things seem to be happening which is unsettling for the likes of me, who hasn’t yet mastered the intricacies of the site anyway. I had a red letter message saying I was replying too quickly and must wait for (can’t remember.. seconds or minutes) before I could submit my reply??? Seriously @Andy Millne??
  10. Not sure why this comment needed to be approved by a mod, maybe @Andy Millne could have a look?
  11. Yup, that was one of @Merlin’s posts. I do tend to get confused which of Bedlington’s Illuminati said what 🤗xxR
  12. great to see you’re back with us @Canny lass xxR ( or should I call you the “Jammy Dodger “, given your recent activities?? 🤣xxR
  13. @lilbill15You've got the wrong Maud there. Maud was a popular name in the Bower family - Maud, Elizabeth Maud, Lily Maud and Maud Ellen. It was Elizabeth Maud who married into the Carr family. With the exception of a few friends, she went by her first name - Elizabeth and would be too old for this photo. I'm still not convinced that nr 5 is Maud. Lily Maud would be about the right age but I never met her so I've no idea what she looked like. However, I don't think she ever lived at Netherton.
  14. You've got some good ideas there. I've often thought that the information about the various forums and the areas they cover would be a good starting point for anybody who 'just happens to drop in'. Like Symptoms said, this is in no way a moan. I also think a forum for queries and tips about how to use the site would be a good thing. It would save us clogging up the other forums. Perhaps a FAQ forum could be useful.
  15. That sheeps heed is nowt ti di wi me!
  16. I'm fine! just been too busy coping with the heatwave and all the mature fruit it suddenly produced in the garden. Anyone want jam? I've got 37 lbs of it! I've kept up to date reading the site (on my phone - not the best instrument for writing replies) but most non-essential, heat-producing electrical goods (computers among them) have been 'in lockdown'. Thanks for your concern.
  17. Thank you very much Sir, just the reassurance I needed. Regards RoseanneRainbow ( off to Puce Bush Farm site this morning 😁🌈xxR)
  18. @Malcolm Robinson - we have hijacked your Topic @lilbill15 - if I am teaching my granny how to suck eggs then just tell me. Hopefully these three screnn shots, with info added, will help :-
  19. VISTA, It's back Alan, my son was able to re-install and get it working, I don't go on line with it now but do like my old programs that are much more friendly than newer ones. Now to save anything I can before it dies again.
  20. I know @Canny lasshas said in the past that the daylight hours are very limited in the winter months so in the late spring, summer, and early autumn months the Swede's spend a lot of time socialising outdoors and preparing outdoors for next years winter months. Add to that CL + OH have been 'covid confined' for this years early spring and summer I suspect they are off seeing their family.
  21. Seems logic to me. To follow a conversation I read the next posting, then it's answer, and so on, not the last posting and not understanding how the conversation arrived there! but as long as one understands how it is being posted then all is good! Could your "settings" be wrong or different? one for the experts.
  22. Sorry, when I learned to read we were told to start at the top of the page and travel down. I can’t understand the logic of following text UP the page x😁🌈xxR
  23. For me this appears to be the most logical way to follow the conversation! (But I do have difficulty moving around the Gallery especially closing pictures.)
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