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  1. Yesterday
  2. John Fox (foxy)

    Petition to protect woodland from development threat

    Keep politics out of West Bedlington Town Council. We can Manage without interference from the Local Labour group.
  3. Labour members in Bedlington are calling on Northumberland County Council to intervene and protect woodland that could be under threat from development.
  4. Last week
  5. Andy Millne

    Encouraging engagement

    Not a bad idea. We can make the categories and albums public but the images member only but I'm all for keeping things open generally. Getting people to sign up doesn't seem to be an issue as there's a constant stream of members it's the engagement that is sometimes tricky. The advantage of Facebook is it's general social aim but it's also the big disadvantage in that pretty much everything posted there is ultimately doomed to get lost. We're working on allowing people to post before registering so that posting and signing up are part of the same process. Hopefully that will help.
  6. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Encouraging engagement

    Worth a try but I think it will always be difficult to get the Facebook members to join, and take part, as they can still browse all the Gallery images without joining. What if the Gallery was members only but there was a topic listing all the albums in the gallery?
  7. Andy Millne

    Encouraging engagement

    Perhaps we should start another photo appeal and ask people to list any specific places or people of interest.
  8. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    The future of Bedlington...from the past

    I tell those Facebook members all the time Andy, and post links to various pages, especially the gallery, on this site on a regular basis
  9. Andy Millne

    The future of Bedlington...from the past

    @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) That's great to hear, glad I can help. They could have had one a lot sooner though if I had known. Tell them to get on over to support the local site that actually values and protects the content and isn't out to profit from invading their privacy 😛 Incidentally I've just scanned a lot of old family photos, many of which feature people and places of Bedlington. Threegee is going through them and adding any info he can and I'll be posting the relevant ones to a public album soon.
  10. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    The future of Bedlington...from the past

    @Andy Millne - Facebook members have been searching for years for a shot of SMAIL's shop at the entrance to Hollymount Square on Front Street east and there is one in this June 1979 pdf document :-
  11. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    1926 Judith Bosomworth named.jpg

    Photo from Judith Bosomworth off Facebook - Bygone Bedlington - no names. No 1 is my guess based on the teacher named, No 12, in the 1928/29 class photo.
  12. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Bedlington Village School

    Often referred to by the locals as 'The Old School' or 'St. Cuthbert's School'.
  13. rosco

    The future of Bedlington...from the past

    Lots of small independent shops........that would all be closed down now......or numerous takeaways,hairdressers,beauty salons or tattoo shops
  14. Sharing some interesting town plan info I found in the loft from 1979 A couple of PDFs... Bedlington Town Local Plan - June 1979.pdf The Bedlington Improvement Programme.pdf And some images....
  15. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)


    Bedlington Mechanics - photo from Louise Scarr - names from Facebook Bedlington remembered members. Ovalteeny did some research and from the names the Bedlington remembered members came up with he commented :- from what I can tell, this is a Mechanics team from 1949/50 season, their first year in a proper league (The Miners Welfare League). I believe they just played friendlies in 1948/49. So far, in trawling through local newspapers I have only found one single report that listed out the team for 1949/50, which coincides with some of the names already identified in the photo. Please see the attached image of that seasons players plus those of the next couple of seasons. Hopefully this may jog someones memory and assist in identifying more of the players in Louise Scarr's photo.
  16. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    1930 Louise Scarr named.jpg

    Photo from Louise Scarr - Bedlington remembered Facebook group. Louise's great aunt Norah Scott is in the back row.
  17. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    West End Junior school - Ridge Terrace

    Often referred to as the 'Council School'. Entry in https://communities.northumberland.gov.uk/005616.htm has the date c1916
  18. Andy Millne

    Problems with webcam?

    A bit of both. It’s surprisingly popular so maintaining multiple streams on a single connection causes problems elsewhere. I’m trying to find a suitable service that will redistribute the feed that isn’t cost prohibitive.
  19. Cleared of a one-punch attack on an Aussie rugby star, Sam Oliver is back on home soil and declared: “I’m glad it’s all over.” And the relieved 23-year-old was especially happy to get a big hug from his mum when he arrived at Newcastle Airport as he was welcomed by his emotional family. “I just wanted it to be over and get back to my family, I’m so pleased to be home right now,” said Sam, at his Bedlington home in Northumberland. Sam hit the headlines when he was accused of flooring James Stannard with a “king hit” - Australian slang for a single punch - outside a kebab shop in Sydney in the early hours of March 30. The 35-year-old former Australia Rugby Sevens captain, who announced his retirement from rugby in June, struck his head on the pavement and suffered a fractured skull, spending two nights in hospital. He was unable to compete at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in April. Sam had denied recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and the alternative charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, claiming Mr Stannard hit him first and that he had acted in self-defence.
  20. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)


    @Ad1981 - have you downloaded the photo or do you already have this photo?
  21. Ad1981


    Burke Stewart, front row on left is my great grandfather.....his name was James Stewart and I believe was a deputy at Netherton and lived at First Street. I remember my late great Uncle, Adam Stewart, say both him and his fatha's nicknames at the pit were bork, so that will be how the name is on there. Adam used to play the trumpet as well, probably at Netherton before he joined the Royal Marines. James (or Burke) Stewart's photo is still in Netherton club (or used to be a few years ago) as he was secretary of the old club. The photo is of the committee outside the old club. My mam has the clock presented to him for 25 years service as secretary of the deputies at Netherton pit. My great auntie Viola Stewart used to keep it on her sideboard in Bedlington before she went into a care home a few years ago. I used to love hearing my grandma Willa (Williamina) Kidd (nee Stewart) and great uncle Adam tell their stories of the past and the people from Netherton.
  22. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Coal Mining

    @HIGH PIT WILMA - one of the sixtownship members, Henry Dobson, has posted more of the newspaper article - he got the cutting from Andy Wallace :-

    Coal Mining

    This was a set of canny lads,of which there were loads of sets in the pit. Faceworkers were grouped into "Sets",such as the Caunchmen..[stonemen]..The "Bumpers"[who advanced the Armoured Face Conveyor as the Shearer passed through the coalface],Advanced Heading men,Shearer men,Composite men..and so on. Gordon and Billy,[above] were on the face I worked on in 1971 [84'sFace in the Beaumont Seam],which was my first appointment as a Deputy on that face. Sadly,lots of men and young lads are no longer with us,so it is fitting that Families and friends can see these pics as mementoes.
  24. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Coal Mining

    @HIGH PIT WILMA - Alan Dickson (was from Barrinton and worked at Bates but would have been living elsewhere when at Bates) reckons Steele & Clarke for Nos 2 & 5. I will close down for tonight and check Facebook tomorrow to see what comments have been added
  25. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Coal Mining

    As well as the two you named quite a few names been offered up - Andy Wallace - Mick Gainford - Mick Collins - Les Welch - Ted Redford - Gordon Bennet's brother - ? Steele & Phil Clarke. From the comments i think this is the best I can come up with :-
  26. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Coal Mining

    I'll see if I can get the names of the other four from Facebook - sixtownships history group.

    Coal Mining

    Hi Eggy! Aav seen this pic amang a set of others. Gud ti see sum of the lads.. brings back memories! Gordon Hickson second left, Billy Smith second right, aav forgotten the other lads names... last days afore Bates closed... if not THE last day.
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