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Westridge Class Reunion


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Hi it's been a long time since I attended Westridge County Secondary Modern School, want to have a year renunion 1967/68 the likes of Jimmy Watson, Tom Miller, Joe Lees, Janet Common, Peter Tate, Mary Mathews ,Colin Ellis,Harry Stapley, Keith Bacon all of the x form as it would be interesting to see what has become of us since we left school so if we can arrange a Westridge Class Renunion in early July 2017.

If anybody reads this and knows anybody to contact so we can arrange this Renunion I would appreciate this as we are no longer young anymore sounds like a song,finally is that John Fox ?Foxy who used to live on Meadowdale Estate  way back when.


Yours in the Spirit of Co-operation

Malcolm G Allan.

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Hi Bedlingtonians, Festive Season upon us, Re: Westridge Class renuion been thinking maybe all those who attended Westridge in the 60s re-union and are still functioning we could hire Community Centre for the evening with entertainmaint.

Need a organiser,coordinator in Bedlington area to sort out details we can all get nostalgic about our school days and mis spent youth.


Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation

Malcolm G Allan.

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Thanks John I am not on Facebook but if you can keep me posted if anyone is interested in the re-union event please let me know,if no interest just come and visit summer 2017 as Bedlington has expanded since I left,I thought it would be a good idea to share our moments in life which ever way the cards have been dealt.

Anyway hope your well long gone days when we used to go off camping in Hartford Woods is Harris Haley still about?

Hope all goes well for you and all those Bedlingtonians in 2017.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Yours in the Spirit of Cooperation


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