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  2. The man was spotted on the top level of a climbing frame within a ball pit at a popular play area on Princesway in GatesheadView the full article
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  4. Good to see a new small business open up in the former British Gas showrooms https://co22.uk/ community workspace with various packages on offer Good Luck 👍
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  6. Comic-Con welcomed a former Doctor Who and the first ever female stormtrooper to St James' Park and fans were loving itView the full article
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  8. Today’s Morpeth Herald Two different views Who gains ?
  9. Robert and Joan are a bit younger than me and probably wouldn't remember him.
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  11. @Canny lass - I was hoping Robert Moreland would have come back with some info but he hasn't responded
  12. After the Extraordinary full council meeting yesterday. that Malcolm Posted on June 16th I don't suppose the council will have any money to send a group of councillors down to Barnstable, North Devon (unless there is another Barnstable) to find out how it's done.
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  14. Just accept nothing else will get built for a couple of years then eventually some cheap nasty housing will fill the rest of site. The chance of a development was lost when Tesco had its plans turned down because of a stupid listing on the old Coop building the same building that was demolished, we now would have had a nice new Tesco plus some new shops. Tesco pulled out of Bedlington because of constant fannying about by the council plus they refused to spend any more money on a building that had more holes in the roof than a sieve, so when they announced store closures Bedlington was always one of the stores top of the list
  15. Will it ever happen - Tuesday, 28 June 2022 Councillor Alex Wallace urges Northumberland Conservatives to take a trip to Barnstaple to change their minds about Bedlington Leisure https://anorthernviewofpolictics.blogspot.com/2022/06/councillor-alex-wallace-urges.html?spref=fb&fbclid=IwAR3MOaLES5SWKwiIgDHWj6MPPAxOyGgzde5Ei-dcc0up76Nqwsqq1DQVN8E
  16. Alan Holmes will get to honour his grandson Matthew - who died of a brain tumour last year - during the Queen's Baton Relay ahead of the Commonwealth Games.View the full article
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  18. Emergency services are at the sceneView the full article
  19. Good question! I've no idea but I imagine there are a few individuals hoping that they are Bobby and that they'll wake up to find this has all been a bad dream!
  20. Keep posting, Malcolm. This could be better entertainment than Dallas!
  21. It doesnt get any better!!!!!! https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/daljit-lally-dubai-northumberland-council-24224895?fbclid=IwAR1kuc4xKJ9ksw3M9tAYF86dpfUzlwAAvsnRxEIECdwc_EDPj9KCxo23rk4
  22. Ah! I wish I had watched this one first, a much better understanding of the issues. As Councillor Wearmouth mentions checks and balances I still don't understand what extra checks and balances have been put in place that every large organization always have! and who wasn't following them. I do like the recycling initiatives that are being put in place. But make it simple or it won't happen.
  23. Thanks Malcolm! haven't had time to view it yet but should get round to it in the next couple of days.
  24. I now have a full name, a possible year of death and even an adress to help with my research. That should enable me to move on. Bedlingtonians are wonderful, helpful people. Thank you all!
  25. What an experience for anybody to go through! I'm not surprised you remember all the details, HPW, Something like that must be extremely difficult to forget for all involved - everyone of them traumatized in one way or another. My heart goes out to Dusty but equally it goes out to the overman and to those who carried out the rescue. Thanks for sharing. Sadly, I believe that Dusty is Stephen's relative.
  26. @Canny lass - because of the comment Alan Brady, ex Netherton Colliery lad, posted in response to my request for info on George MacGregor :- where he mentions Geordie's marra Bob Morland I created a new post on the Facebook group - Past Times History - that I know are two ex Netherton Colliery people = Robert Morland and Joan Morland, to see if they knew anything about Bob Morland's mate George MacGregor. Unfortunately one of the Past Time History group admins must have deemed my post was not about the past and a Bedlington man and they have deleted my posting before Robert & Joan Morland have responded to it. Before admin deleted the posting I did get a response which gave the address of George MacGregor on the Hartlands estate plus a message via the FB private messenger service. This is a screen shot from my PC showing both responses :-
  27. Hi Lynne,welcome to the forum,they are a very helpful bunch of luvly sensible folk..nae muppets like on other forums!! It's interesting to learn your roots,I never knew much about your Parents family history! Ye might be a Longridge for aal ye knaa!!
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