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  2. It's at the very top end of the front street, a few doors up from Watson's newsagent/post office. It looks to have been ready for a while; I've heard tales that it has been put on hold due to illness of someone involved. I really hope it goes ahead, as I believe this will be a roaring success.
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  4. Sounds interesting. Where is this opening?
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  6. This seems to be taking a long time to open......looks ready behind the curtain on front door
  7. Pink Nail & Beauty Lounge offer a large range of treatments including nail enhancements, eye lash extentions, skinny wraps, waxing, facials and massage.
  8. the cricket club trophy for the pubs and clubs was called Bedlington Cricket Club Novices, a mate of mine showed me his medal from it.
  9. Thanks merc.
  10. Here's Trevor playing against Blyth Spartans in the F A cup 1970s @Stu Green
  11. Happy belated birthday Canny Lass, hope you had a good day!
  12. Last week
  13. Agree with Stu Green, the competition was called The Medals.
  14. If you want to concentrate more on running your business and less on the paperwork, DCM Business Services can help you.
  15. Over 25 years experience in cake decorating. Confetti offers novelty cakes to highly detailed sugar craft wedding cakes.
  16. We called it medals cup all the local clubs had a team
  17. Synergy Physiotherapy Clinics, with its head office in Bedlington, Northumberland is one of the North East's largest Independent Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation providers.
  18. Glad you like them! Don't forget to clean and hone a little after every use, particularly if you are using them on pine trees. The resin plays havoc with the sharpness. Bit of turps or an alcohol hand wipe gets rid of it nicely so that you don't get a build up. The latter is easy to have with you in your first aid kit - along with the elastoplasts.
  19. Could have been Sweden at Christmas! Thanks Eggy! Actually, I think I recognise the lower picture. I knew the name was familiar. I think he was a friend of my late brother so his name has probably been heard a few times in my younger days - talking 50s here.
  20. It was wonderful help - Its half term here so used the opportunity to lay down 8 tonne of gravel in a grotto we use for the camp fires. (we are in an ex convent) the kids loved doing it, especially with the quads and trailers whizzing about! Then we took the opportunity to sort some wood out for the fires - there was only one casualty - er a leader who wondered how sharp these new axes were - I think I might have to revisit the whole safety thing !!!!! But after an hour or so of use the hatchets were still as sharp as they started out - lovely bit of Swedish steel.
  21. Way back in the 60's and 70's a couple of men lived in a cottage on the river bank deep into the grounds of Hartford Hall and I believe they were brothers. Possibly ex staff from the 'old hall?' They were getting on and had been there many years. the cottage had no mains facilities and they had to 'barrow' coal from the hall down through the woods as well as anything else they needed. I have no idea who they were or what happened to them.
  22. Don't think so CL - I would say that's his son at the Market Place club, 1974. For eating & drinking of various luxury goods, around 1956, at The Howard Arms the then Guiness World Record holder is said to have been 47. But I could be totally wrong.
  23. Dredging through what is left of my memory - I recall being told that in one of the competitions there was a full cooked pigs head as a table centre piece - complete with apple in the mouth etc. (it may have been in France) and Joe munched through his allotted amount of pies, sausages or whatever the competition was and finished well head of the others - the tale goes that he then reached for the pigs head.... with the immediate effect of the other competitor/competitors - passing out - throwing up or just walking away....
  24. MI My mate trevor Finnigan good player went on to play for blackpool among others stu green
  25. Happy Birthday mercuryg . Sorry I am a little late.
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  • Latest News

    • Outline Plans for the Bedlington town centre re-development have been registered with the planning department at Northumberland County Council.
      The application on behalf of Arch (Development Projects) Ltd is said to "bring forward a retail-led mixed use scheme, in order to regenerate this key site, enhance the existing range and choice of retail provision in Bedlington Town Centre and generate economic benefits for the local area" 
      The application is accompanied by an illustrative masterplan and elevation drawings, as well as a Design Code, which sets out parameters in relation to the scale and type of development which could come forward on the different parts of the site. 
      The scheme includes the following elements:
      A 1,716 sqm gross foodstore on the eastern part of the site. New family pub/restaurant, comprising 560 sqm gross, on the northern part of the site. A range of retail/commercial units on the western part of the site, ranging between 100 sqm and 1,500 gross in size (and totalling around 5,206 sqm), along with a health and fitness club (238 sqm gross) clustered around a pedestrian boulevard. 12 residential units, above the smaller retail/commercial units. Around 250 car parking spaces located across the site, in between the foodstore pub/restaurant and pedestrian boulevard A co-ordinated scheme of hard and soft landscaping. Whilst not included on the Illustrative Masterplan or the floorspace figures set out above, there is potential to include office accommodation as part of the development, above the new shop units which would be created. The description of development set out above includes Use Class B1 in order to allow for this. 
      Application Summary
      17/00444/OUT | Demolition of existing structures and erection of buildings in Class A1 (retail) and/or Class A2 (financial and professional services) and/or Class A3 (restaurants and cafes) and/or Class A4 (drinking establishments) and/or A5 (hot food takeaways) and/or Class C3 (dwellinghouses) and/or Class B1 (business) and/or Class D1 (non-residential institutions) and/or Class D2 (assembly and leisure) and/or betting office (Sui Generis) uses, with associated parking, landscaping and access (with all matters reserved). | Car Park Vulcan Place Bedlington Northumberland NE22 5DN

      Full plans can be viewed at https://publicaccess.northumberland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=OL2FGUQSMP200

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