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  2. Health Walk Group

    East Bedlington Community Centre are working in partnership with Active Northumberland to set up a new Health Walk Group. The group will meet at The Buffet Car (our licensed community cafe) on Tuesday mornings at 10:30am. The first meeting and led walk will be on Tuesday 5th September. The walks will encourage you to walk at your own 'brisk' pace, which means you will breathe a little faster, feel a little warmer, and have a slightly faster heartbeat. The walks are FREE to participate in, but you will need to wear weather appropriate outdoor clothes and supportive shoes or boots. It is also a good idea to bring along some water and some change, as the walks may include a stop for refreshments either during or after the walk has taken place. At your first meeting you will need to fill in a registration form, so please try and arrive at least 10 minutes early for your first walk. To find out more please contact the centre either on 01670 828808 or 07513 127542, or message us directly through our page.
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    Enjoy 40 minutes of singing, rhymes, puppets and instruments, with your little ones. Parents, carers and grandparents all welcome to join in the fun! £3 per child, £2 for siblings, no charge for grown-ups
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    Do you love to sing, but feel nervous about joining a choir or singing group? Perhaps you feel that you can’t sing in tune, or shy about singing with others? Why not come along to a fun, friendly session with like-minded people and give it a go? You’ll be surprised how quickly your nerves will subside, and you’ll soon be enjoying have a good sing, and leave feeling uplifted and joyful! No need to have any previous experience or be able to read music, just come and have fun. The sessions are £5 each and there's no need to book - just turn up on the day and take part!
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  7. Old Bedlington Photographs & Stories

    James - This image was posted as Bedlington Station brick works on the Facebook sixtownships site. It's not the Station brick works - could this be the one behind Telephone Tow?
  8. Old Bedlington Photographs & Stories

    At the Doctor Pit on Sunday August 10th 1952 the chimney that was part of the steam plant that was used to drive the John Pit winder was demolished in a controlled explosion. The steam winder had been replaced by one driven by electricity so the chimney was no longer needed. It was quite a spectacle for all of us as it could be seen from most parts of the town. The small chimney at the back was part of the brickworks and Telephone Row is the row nearest the pit. This part of the town has changed quite a lot in the last 65 years.
  9. Outline Plans Approved for 500 Homes at Glebe Farm

    What's happening about the new house building next to chesters.?
  10. Moving tributes have been paid to a Northumberland community stalwart who has died at the age of 79. Mick Scott, of Bedlington, passed away last week after an illness. Mr Scott, who was awarded an MBE in 1992 for political service, helped to organise the Bedlington Fair for many years and was well known in the area. He was born in Bradford but moved to Embleton, Northumberland, where he spent his formative years. He left school at the age of 14 to take an apprentice greensman job at Dunstanburgh Golf Club, just outside Embleton, only to be made head greensman two days later because his predecessor fell ill. Mr Scott lived in Embleton until he was around 22 and moved to London after his parents died. He worked for the London Underground in charge of ordering supplies for various tube stations that were being created.
  11. Bedlington boogie for cancer charity

    A Bedlington woman, who is affected by cancer, has raised a grand amount for charity through a fund-raising event.
  12. No, you aren't imagining it!

    First computer - not mine but I did have a loan of 3 of them for 8 hrs per day in 1975 :- 1906A with 256K 24-bit words of store (650ns) including extended precision Floating Point Unit, paging, 1 high-speed channel, 5 extra slow channels. The processor :-
  13. The Red Lion Bake Sale

    CALLING ALL MARY BERRY'S! Bring along your best home made sweet from 10am until 3pm! £2 entry including FREE coffee and tasters for those who enter! Prizes to be won for for best cake and runner up! Please book your space now through our Facebook page or simply pop into the bar. Happy baking!
  14. No, you aren't imagining it!

    eeee - recall my first step into the world of PC (noo not being falsely nice to folk ya thought were eeedjits -) a Sinclair - had to build it in kit form in about 1975 - then up into the heady world of power computing -- a commodore -- 20 hours of typing code to make a ball change colour and bounce about the screen... then a real PC!! in the days of max hard drive size of an eggcup - so how come in them days we could get a whole word processer prog on a floppy - now ya need umpteen gigglebits jus to use a browser???? -- sloppy coding grrrr on a more disturbing note -- the classic poster of a tennis player scratching her arse - there have been rumours for years that it was a bloke in drag - be afraid lol
  15. IMG_5392.JPG

    Gordon Winter off Bedlington Remembered Facebook site says - No 46 = Denis Winter.
  16. Me, panic - stupid boy - that's the trouble with these upgrades :- They don't like it up 'em
  17. No, you aren't imagining it!

    Sym, if you feel like a PC rant go for it! I won't be binning my selection of Carry On films any time soon though. I briefly thought you were talking about CL's pantomime/music hall bit (more 1870 than 1970?), until clarity settled. Only slightly deviating... It was a real scream listening to Question Time this week when the usual bunch of lefties that are held to be representative of (Highgate & Hampstead?) public opinion turned it into a competition as to who was most offended. "I find you being offended by what I just said offends me and I have a right not to be offended..." - well they didn't precisely say that, but that was what the snowflakes were pushing at. Laugh? I almost fell over my floor mop! Much of alleged offence and counter offense was during discussion of the Google story about the coder person being fired for telling the truth about gender differences - a comedy of PC circle squaring in itself. In fact I find myself warming toward this Google ex-employee (oops - who's not non-British, gay or female, I hope! )
  18. Don't panic Mr Mainwaring! No actual data has been lost. Andy is off on a jaunt at the moment so we'll look at the problem after the weekend. There's quite a lot of other work to be done to optimise things further as we are using a "straight out of the box" configuration at the moment. Page load times will be further reduced after this work, and there's a major new feature lined up - but you all read the recent newsletter, so know that already.
  19. Could this be due to migration of the site to a certain brand new, state of the art server, by any chance?
  20. Messages - all my previous messages to members have gone.

    Mine have gone AWOL
  21. @Andy Millne went to create a new message to Symptoms and all my old messages, to any member on the site, have gone. Is it me missing something or has there been a change to the system that has resulted in old messages been cleared out ? I don't need the old messages but with my memory it often helps when I see what I have said in the past.
  22. No, you aren't imagining it!

    Perhaps I'm just a pompous broadsheet faux intellectual kettled within a heaving PC crowd but, but, but ... am I the only one who is uncomfortable with 1970s humour appearing here?
  23. No, you aren't imagining it!

    "No, you aren't imagining it!" Oh yes I am! I must make an effort to get out more!
  24. Ready, Steady, Go!

    A mini sports day for all the family ran be Hope Church Bedlington! We will have a range of traditional sports day type games for all ages to join in with, as well as football, face painting and glitter tattoos. There will also be cakes, scones and drinks (tea/coffee/juice) to enjoy. All free of charge. Please bring friends an family.
  25. Store supports The Beautiful Bella

    A group of staff at Choppington Co-op got baking to support the parents of a child who survived, despite being born at just 23 weeks.
  26. No, you aren't imagining it!

    Looks like she has worn out my balls and discarded them so it's definitely time for me to move on to a more mature model that will appreciate my slow play. Oh for a teletype that grunts like Sharapova.
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