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  2. @Rigger that's great thanks for these! 🙂
  3. Yesterday
  4. @Rigger & @Dshort94- forgot about that one. We have it in the Gallery under the Album - Local Football 2 as the 1963-64 season :-
  5. Last week
  6. Bedlington Juniors about 1964
  7. @Dshort94 - the only other photo I have seen with a Bob Short named is a 1957-58 Westridge school photo. The photo with names is filed in the Galley under :-
  8. @minitoonmook:- as I haven't lived in Bedlington for years now I am not up to date with the retail wharehouse etc. in the area. The only two I know of are in East Sleekburn, A J Wholesale and Seaton Delaval, Laidlers but I have never been to A J Wholesale so no idea what, if anything, they sell to the general pubic. Laidlers do distribute throughout the area but I know my wife used to call into their premises on Double Row, Seaton Delaval to buy fruit & veg but hasn't used them for a couple of years. The last one I heard of in Bedlington was TJ Fruiters, Front Street West, but think they are closed now
  9. Morning all, Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where to buy fresh fruit and veg? Used to use Hillheads in Killingworth when we lived in North Tyneside but would love to find something here in our new area. I'm a huge fan of buying locally grown stuff and I always found the fruit and veg from Hillheads lasted way longer (and tasted much better) than what you can get in the supermarket. Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated
  10. Does anyone have anymore photos of Bob Short, Number 2 In the photo from Bedlington juniors FC 1962? Thanks
  11. Hi Wilma, as you say running up the bridge steps was a simple pleasure enjoyed by many. The area around the colliery and station was where many an adventure was to be had.
  12. "Majority slashed" is an understatement.........10435 in 2017......814 in 2019
  13. Somewhat ironic in that the Brexit Party saved him from the chop. Perhaps he should look at his own performance rather than blame everything on Brexit.
  14. @Bedlingtonian - that was probably @threegee - but he hasn't posted for anything for almost 6 months
  15. @Vic Patterson :- and Ian Lavery's result :- https://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/news/politics/general-election-2019-labour-party-chairman-ian-lavery-survives-recount-retain-his-wansbeck-seat-1340129
  16. @Vic Patterson - if you haven't already seen it, check this out :- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50767123
  17. Hi Steve,welcome to the forum,a canna help ye,but hope others can. Wasn't it a bit daft wat the kids did in them days..if they saw a too-too coming,they would fly up them steps to get among the coals smoke and steam,laughing and giggling! Pure and simple pleasure,which cost knowt except probably a year or two of their lives!..intense heated coal tar,Sulpher,and a million other nasties straight down their throats and lungs!! aaahh...happy days!
  18. Ashington, Cramlington and Morpeth appear to have a branch. Bedlington would have to have a volunteer moderator to start I believe. https://www.freecycle.org/browse/UK/North East
  19. Well if nothing else at least it’s good to see the Front Street nice and busy today.
  20. Cheers Malcolm, just read it thanks. Keep up the good work.
  21. https://www.local.gov.uk/our-support/purdah/what-purdah-means-practice
  22. Not allowed to Bedlingtonian. As a councillor we are under Purdah and there are quite strict rules regarding this. As a private individual thats different.
  23. When we had the heavy snow fall and I was confined to the house, January 2010, I did a bit of family research within FreeBMD. To pass a few more hours I joined as a transcriber and and transcribed a few B, M & D registra sheets to be uploaded to the BMD Database. So when your using the site just remember one of the records you find might be one of the 55,331 I did
  24. Thanks for the reply,links and photos Alan, I had seen some of them but not all. As you said no photos taken from the front entrance but hopefully one will turn up eventually. I was up north earlier this year and spent an enjoyable couple of hours walking from the Bedlington north signal box down to the black bridge and back taking some measurements etc and seeing how it looks today.
  25. I am told it was around 1973 when the footbridge was removed. Never seen any photos of it being demolished.
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