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  2. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Coal Mining

    @HIGH PIT WILMA - unfortunately Davey Bower is no longer with us. If only I lived in Bedlington and still saw some of the lads from my teenage years. Let's try one more photo that I think one of the lads in it, Eric Theilman, worked at the 'A' pit. Eric lived in Shop Row so crosed the lines at the bottom of Shop Row to go to Barrington CP school. After leaving secondary school I think he started the pit along with Norman Hills and Davey Bower.
  3. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)


    Westridge annual camping trip to High Wray bay in the Lake District. Photos, via John Fox, from Mr Cook the PE Teacher and posted on the Bedlington Facebook groups. Jack Kid commented :- great photos from the annual trip to the Lake District, at the start of the school summer holidays. I think I went on 3 of these, probably 1962-63-64. One year, in the advance party that put up the bigger tents, we travelled in the back of a lorry (like a furniture lorry). No seats, no windows, just sitting/lying on the tents & other equipment. I recognise one or two people, but not many. Therefore, this probably was 1965 or after. & Another thing that has come back to me. It was usual for us to take any canoes/kayaks that had been built in the Woodwork classes in the back of the "furniture lorry" and we would then paddle away on Lake Windermere (or whatever lake we were near to). Esme Dent comented :- the camping was at High Wray bay near Hawkshead across from Windermere...loved the school camps...we used to take the trampoline from the gym as well..x
  4. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Westridge School - End of term class photos

    The following info is from the http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/rd/8ad93b61-5d1a-46e9-ad51-f17b07e91684 site :- History: The school opened officially in 1958 and was reorganised as a middle school in 1976. It had ceased to function by 1977 when the premises were taken over by St. Benet Biscop's Roman Catholic Aided High School. The school records were transferred to the new Meadowdale County Middle School which opened in 1982.
  5. Last week
  6. James

    Coal Mining

    I have attached a couple of photos of the headgear from different viewpoints showing the unusual arrangement of the pulley wheels at the “Little Pit’. In James Tuck’s book “The Collieries of Northumberland”, there is a chapter on “The Auld Pit” and he says this is known as a ‘Tandem Headgear’ and that the only other tandem headgear in Northumberland was at Seaton Delaval colliery. He also mentions that the ‘Little Pit’ had 2 small diameter shafts but until I read your posting I didn’t appreciate that the reason for the tandem configuration was to position the pulleys over two separate shafts situated next to each other - Thanks HPW for your excellent posting. There must have been a ventilation shaft, so the ‘A’ pit would have had 4 shafts in total.
  7. As Chris Dobey skirted over his beloved Newcastle United's defeat to Wolves at the weekend, he cut a relaxed figure ahead of his return to the Alexandra Palace stage. This will be 'Hollywood's' third successive appearance at the World Darts Championship and he will hope to better his best run in 2017, where he was beaten by Dave Chisnall. But like Rafa Benitez's side, Dobey - by his own admission - has endured an 'up and down' year. He started the year off well, reaching the last 16 of the UK Open, as well as second ever Pro Tour final. A mid-year slump in form, saw him miss out on qualification to the World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, European Championship and Grand Slam of Darts, but he returned to form in style at last month's Players Championships, reaching the quarter-finals. En route to the quarter-finals he beat five-time major finalist Chisnall, as well as James Wade - who has won two major TV titles this year - before losing out to eventual winner Daryl Gurney. And Dobey has attributed his recent upturn in form to greater dedication on the practice board and insists he is 'full of confidence' heading in to the World Championships.
  8. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Ovalteeny shares his music taste

    @HIGH PIT WILMA - in thye mining topic I answered your question about any of us , ie me, Jas or Ovalteeny, been musical by saying - no. What I should add is that I am not aware of the other two playing any musical instruments but Ovalteeny does have a love of various types of music and currently shares his tastes. Every Tuesday - Lionheart radio (Alnwick) Messin Show - Messing with the Kid - 15:00 to 17:00 Check out the 'Schedule' & 'Presenters' on this link :- https://www.lionheartradio.com/
  9. It has been four years since Paul Nicholson last graced the Alexandra Palace stage. For years, the Geordie-Australian was a permanent fixture in televised darts competition. Brash, erratic, but also immensely talented. You wouldn't change the channel if 'The Asset' was on stage. Nicholson is remembered for some of the most iconic moments in televised darts. His 'wave' to Phil Taylor after beating the 16-time world champion at the UK Open is still spoken about to this day, while the 2012 World Cup final between Nicholson's Australia and Taylor and Adrian Lewis' England was arguably the greatest in the history of the competition. But a loss of form coupled with a number of wrist injuries saw Nicholson slide further and further down the rankings and for the last few years he has had to watch from the sidelines as the sport and the TV competitions continued to grow in stature, global reach and finance. Nicholson even fell off the tour completely at the end of 2016, but instantly regained his Tour Card at 2017 Q-School. Since then, he has quietly set about rebuilding his career and on Friday afternoon, 'The Asset' will make his long-awaited return to the World Championship stage.
  10. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Coal Mining

    Don't know about Djevvy - I will try and find out. Neither Jas, Ovalteeny or me worked at the pit. I remember I applied to be an electrician at the 'A' pit a few weeks before I left the Grammar school, July 1965 but what told there were no apprenticeships going at the time so I would have to wait 6 months or more. Didn't tell me parents as I would have had me ears clipped but I always enjoyed watching me dad (who eventually became an electrician at Blyth Power Station after years of labouring) strip down and repair any electrical appliance belonging to us, or the neighbours. My mam, eldest of nine, Beatty Road (friends of the Graham's that lived near you in Hollymount Square) never wanted my dad to go down the pit when he cam out of the army after WW2. My mam had to help me granny look after the miners in the family and she knew all about the dangers. My uncle Luke Henderson was at the Dr Pit until an accident prevented him from ever working again. Some kids had found some detonators from the Dr Pit and were playing with them. Luke took them off the kids but one went off and me mam always said that the scars on his chest looked like a map of Great Britain. So granda Martin Henderson, uncles Martin, Lule.,Bob and George all worked at the pit. The second youngest son, Brian, joined the navy. Jas worked for LEP transport in Newcastle and transferred down to the London Office. After a short spell at Blyth Ship yard, whilst I was waiting for an apprenticeship at the 'A' pit joined, and it was announced that it was going to close I joined the Civil Service, much to the delight of me mam. I transferred from DHSS Longbenton to a DHSS Local Office in East Ham, London. I can't remember what Ovalteeny was doing before he let Bedlington. None of us had any musical talent, just a sense of adventure.

    Coal Mining

    Eh ye bugga,Alan,great ti hear a story from ye ,insteed o' hearing me aan tung gaan on in me heed! A wadn't o' recognised young Davey in this pic,if ye hadnae o' prompted me,cos when aa knew him,ye cudnae see he's fyess for hair!![in the years from 1965-1971..at the pit,then occasionally at the Station,just knocking aroond the place owa the years] He was also a great character,funny as hell,and he's aad chep was a canny aad..[ti me!] ..fella,also wi bowed legs...young Davy waaked exactly like aad Davy![...or "Djevvy"...as we caaled them..] Noo a must commend ye,Al,for ya diligent use of phrase,when referring ti Djevvy's ....er.."Talent"..!!!...let's just say if he fell owa...he wadnae hae needed a waaking stick fo' balance...!! A divvent knaa Djevvy's Marra,Jas...did he nivvor work at the Pit?..in fact,aam wondering if Djevvy is still knocking aroond yit.. A wus wondering if any o' ye's had a musical talent that might o'tekkin ye's doon ti the high life...cos that's why my eldest Son went doon...ti be a recording engineer/record Producer,and that was in 1987 when he went,when the music biz was thriving. What strikes me is hoo smart these kids looked for being so young,when ye look aroond these days....tattooed fyesses,holy raggy-kneed jeans,skinheads almost....and that's just the lasses....!!...a suppose we aal had wor aan fashions...wors was leather jerkins wi upturned collars...Eddie Cochran...James Dean..Gene Vincent..etc..!..."Rockers"! These young kids like Davy Bower,and Norman Hills,were pretty strong youngin's,for their size,whey they had ti grow up quick,working doon the pit,nowt was ever easy..it was aal push,shove,lift....a wad like ti see some of these big lads that come from the High School,at yem-time,lifting a full tub o' coal back onto the way,even just the front end,nivvor mind being fully lanched...[off all fours!]....heh heh! Cheers Alan!Thanks again for another blast from the past!
  12. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Coal Mining

    @HIGH PIT WILMA Gan on as much as ya like marra Unfortunately, like many others we knew, Norman died of throat cancer about 20 years ago. Why I have the photo of Norman and Jas, along with a few others of Bedlington lads from the 1960's, is that that three of us had a 50 year reunion last Friday and Jas brought some old photos that he just collected from his cousin that still lives i Bedlington Station - Jas has lived abroad, a village near Malaga for 20 years. Jas came over to England, for 3 days, as he had a meeting with a company in Edinburgh. Stayed at his cousins on arrival - Edinburgh all day the next day and then came over to see me in Seghill on the Friday. As he didn't have transport Ovalteeny picked him up and they came across to my house. So what we had in our house was three lads that left Bedlington - Jas Dec 1968, Me & Ovalteeny January 1969 that headed for the London high life - sex, drugs, flower power etc. Fortunately there were already other Bedlington folk in the capital so there were a few that understood what we were saying. After many adventures - even sat around Eros (The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain surmounted by a winged statue of Anteros, located at the southeastern side of Piccadilly Circus) spreading peace to the world! We weren't really hippies but in the summer it was a good place, and a good crowd, to hang out with. After about a year we had all moved on through different employment and last Friday was the first time in almost 50 years that the three of us had been back together. The three of us sat around my Rise & Recline chair, both reminiscing and looking forward. So that brief (but for me gannin on quite a bit) ramble above leads me to another photo Jas produced of another 'mate of ours that you may remember from the 'A' pit - Davey Bower - a lad of short stature, bowed legs but was admired by what he swung around in the pit baths. Jas & Davey (on the left) c1967

    Coal Mining

    Hi Alan!...wheor dae a start?!! Forst off..big thanks for posting this one....gives me a blast from thi past! Aa started thi Aad Pit in 1965,and a got ti knaa a whole bunch of canny youngins,of which Norman was one of the canniest you ever wish ti meet..not just canny,but a really affectionate warmth aboot him. Aa was ownly 21 mesell' but a was face-trained and had been coalfilling ,coalcutting,and everything in between,at the High Pit..[cos that pit management sent the youngin's for face training as soon as they came of age,whereas the aad pit lads didn't get trained till they were in their mid-twenties! Enywheh!As time went by a got ti knaa Norman's family,"Thi Hillsies"..ie Bob Hills and Billy Hills,both coalcuttermen at thi Aad Pit,and Norman Hills,cutterman also,but worked at Bates Pit....my problem noo is,a canna mind which one was young Norman's aad chep!! A can mind that Aad Norman used ti tek a moothie ti work in he's bait bag,and play it owa the "DACS"..[Coalface tannoy system..],so the whole pit,reet up ti thi Control Centre on thi surface,used ti hear Norman playing "Lily thi Pink"...and other songs as gud as Stevie Wonder might have done!!...anybody else might have had ti gaa ti thi Manager's office,but ivrybody knew Norman,and he didn't dae that ivry day,usually aboot this time of year..."White Christmas" ...and aal that,so ivrybody used ti shout owa the DACS..."Howeh Norman,gie wi anotha one."![usually when the shearer was on a shearing run and things were "Quiet",in mining terms! Aav nivvor seen young Norman for a lot of yeors,wonder hoo he is getting on...[Oh!....a "Moothie"..is a slang term for a Mouth Organ..!] Your query aboot the Shafts,Alan..!...thi Aad Pit was a weird set-up..The "Smallest" Headgear,[on the left..] was the deepest and widest shaft,cos it ran both cages conventionally in the same shaft. The shaft was 900 feet deep,and and the lowest seam was the "Harvey",at anything from 1 foot 10 inches high,varying up to 2 feet and 2 inches high.[They drifted down to the "Denton Low Main" seam not long before the Pit closed in 1971.] A think they worked aboot twenty seams from that shaft,over the 145-or so-years of the Pit's life. Noo,the "biggest" Headgear ,[on the right] was that size,because each cage had it's own shaft,sunk adjacent to each other,for some wierd reason which aa canna fathom oot![unless Geological conditions meant it had ti be that way.]...this set-up was referred to as "The Little Pit",and the "Harvey" shaft was referred to as .."The Big Pit". The Little Pit was sunk down to the "Main Coal" seam,when a started,although it might have been down to a deeper level in the old days,and may have had a false "Sump",at the level it was when Aa started.[The Sump was generally at the shaft bottom,below the level where the cage would come to rest,to change tubs,and was a collection point for all of the minewater pumped from all over the pit...Where huge shaft pumps pumped all the water up the shaft and out to what we called.."The Pit Ponds"...settling chambers to allow all the silt to settle out.] The "Banksmen", on the Heapstead",at the surface,and the "Onsetter's" at the shaft bottom,used ti walk a million miles a day,to load and unload each cage in turn,even though the shafts were only a few yards apart![as opposed to a normal set-up where they would only have to step a few feet from one cage to the other.[daily average..winding aboot 25-30 score of tubs a shift....i.e. 25 x 20 or 30 x 20...one score=20 tubs] So the two headgears had three shafts between them! Ye canna see from this angle,but if ye check oot any pics in thi gallery,showing the Headgears fully sideways on,ye wud see hoo the big headgear has the two cage wheels offset,and slung one below the other...and by scaling,ye might can envisage hoo far apart the two shafts were....the average Pit Cage Wheels were aroond 12 feet high...give or take a foot or two!...so ye can judge the size of the headgear...but summick is telling me that them wheels were a bit smaller than average....aa not sure!! Hope ye dinna mind the lang-winded explanation Alan...ye knaa me!! Cheers!
  14. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Salvation Army Christmas Carol Sing Along

  15. Rigger

    Brown family

    Cheers I will get something off later
  16. Bradford

    Brown family

    Hi Rigger, lanumbers2017@yahoo.com Brad
  17. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Coal Mining

    @HIGH PIT WILMA - a c1969 photo of two of my old mates - on the right Michael (Jas) Jospeh and on the left Norman Hills who worked at the 'A' pit and probably started there in 1965. Norman lived in South Row and this photo is from the back lane and there appears to be two winding wheels. Where there two shafts at the Aad pit?
  18. The 26th edition of the PDC World Championships rolls into town on Thursday, as darts fans are treated to 18 days of pure tungsten theatre. Rob Cross stunned the sporting world last year, winning the World Championships in his debut year. He thrashed the retiring 16-time world champion Phil Taylor in the final 7-2 to claim his first world title. 'Voltage' will look to join an elite list of players to successfully defend the world title, but he will have to be at his very best to deny pre-tournament favourite Michael van Gerwen. Cross beat Mighty Mike in an exhilarating semi-final last year and the Dutchman is desperate to add a third world crown at the Alexandra Palace. Also looking to become a three-time world champion is Gary Anderson who has won three major titles this year and is many people's tip to win the title. James Wade, Daryl Gurney and Gerwyn Price have all won major TV tournaments this year as well and will fancy their chances of success, while world number three Peter Wright, Premier League finalist Michael Smith and World Matchplay runner-up Mensur Suljovic must not be ruled out.
  19. Rigger

    Brown family

    Bradford I may have some information on your family. Not sure what you have. Also I have found a family tree with your family on. How would you like this sent?
  20. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Gateway Features

    2018 - 7th December - He looks like he’s just got in from his Xmas night out!!
  21. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Bookies Runners

    Late 1960's - Saturday afternoon and most of the lads would be in the bookies on Palace Road. Raymie Tyrie used to buy a Daily Mirror and would often follow 'Spot_Form ' as he once managed 5 (or 6) winners in a row winning about 6 weeks wages (BUDC) in one afternoon. But that only ever happened the once in the years they were betting. Me - I went home whilst they gambled and watched the Telly Goons - don't even bet on the Grand National.
  22. Unsatisfied Cat

    Bookies Runners

    My father used to bet too. But I don't like it. Betting isn't that interesting for me. Gambling is another story. I mean, such an entertainment is not for everyone but I like spending time on https://slots-online-canada.com/review/night-rush-casino/. I don't play too often in order to save money.
  23. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Brown family

    The photos are easy Brad - the old ones of South Row are posted on the Bedlington Facebook groups - Bygone Bedlington & Bedlington remembered. Both are closed groups so non members are unable to view the postings etc. Can't help you with any info on the Brown family. I'm not into genealogy. There is a free web site, called FreeBMD that many use to track down relatives. Web address is https://www.freebmd.org.uk/ This is a very straight forward site that doesn't direct you to any other historical records, just the Biths , Marriages & Deaths records. The Registrars office for Bedlington in the 19th and early 20th century was Morpeth, Northumberland. A simple search on the Free BMD site :- returns the basic info :- and from that info you can request a copy of the relevant certificate from the registrars office - used to be just under £10 sterling per copy.
  24. Bradford

    Brown family

    Thank you so much for this Alan. I truly appreciate you finding these great photo's of where my family's from, Cheers! Brad Brown
  25. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    1950 - Mrs Moye's class

    Names updated :-

    Whitley Memorial

    Aah, aam sorry to hear about Lynn Hayes passing away. We had a class of about 43 pupils, and sadly a lot of them have passed on too soon in life. Lynn and me were good friends.. like Vic's boss was also..a lot of my male classmates are no longer with us. I have lots of vivid memories of the days when time went by slowly. These pics are gold dust to me! R. I. P Lynn.
  27. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Isle Of Man trip 1954.jpg

    HPW names No 13 as Lillian Moore
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