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  2. Cheers @Ovalteeny . I did email Frances Povey, a couple od days ago, attaching the message that John Krzyzanowski had posted in response to Rebecca Wilkzek request and I added into the email a direct link to the football albums you have created within this group and I added :- ' I am no historian or have access written historical data ..............'. I was expecting NCC to get someone to have a look and possibly ask questions. However this is the reply I got back today :- I will add her response to the posting on Bygone Bedlington and see if John Krzyznowski can point her in the right direction within the Northumberland Archies at Woodhorn.
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  4. I'm pretty sure that my research into the football teams of Bedlingtonshire from 1946-64(ish) won't be of much help, as I don't have any info regards when teams were formed and started to play at Dr. Pit Park. I'll see if I can can delve into my records and see, but I don't think so.
  5. @QVC - on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group the following post was shared. Would any info that your hobby- '........................... tracking the history of amateur football clubs in the North East......' have thrown up any info or photos on the history of the Dr Pit Welfare Park be of use to Frances Povey?
  6. It would appear the Admin, or one of the Moderators, were not happy with my posting on the Past Times History Facebook group - my post has been deleted
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  9. @Malcolm Robinson - did you put together any info on the history of the park? Yesterday this was posted on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group :- I have posted the above screen shot on the Facebook group - Past Times History and asked the admin = @johndawsonjune1955 if he has any info.
  10. Seventeen green spaces across the region made the list - did yours?View the full article
  11. Brandon Chivers and dad Mark Chivers, of Bedlington Station, were among those to set upon David Atkinson while he was out walking his dog with his wife and young childrenView the full article
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    Join us for the first *free* networking event at CO22 in Bedlington. All businesses from Bedlington and the surrounding area are welcome. Guest speaker: Since 2007, Amy has been helping businesses like yours create pioneering brands to be proud of. Gain clarity on your brand, promote your business, learn about others and discover the new space for coworking. 6:30 - Drinks reception. 7:00 - Guest speaker. 7:30 - Relaxed networking. Drinks and appetisers will be provided and all members are very welcoming. Please mark yourself as going using the links on this page and share with others. For any questions or more info please email info@co22.uk or call in to the office.
  13. Thanks @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) Ive messaged Colin.
  14. @Ann Dobson a couple of comments posted by Colin Douglas on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook question that I posted on your research into Douglass House :-
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  16. Thanks, I might just do that 👍
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  18. My mistake @Colin Douglas - sorry about that
  19. Hi Alan, I’m a member of both groups Colin
  20. @Ann Dobson are you a member of the Bygone Bedlington Facebook group? Colin is a member of that group but he isn't a member of this one.
  21. Hi @Canny lass and @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) . I'm catching up with the posts and so very grateful for the info you have given me so far. I'm really enjoying researching my family history but I don't like to just have the name if you know what I mean, I like to build a picture of moments in time for my ancestors. I will message Colin and also reply to your message @Canny lass Thanks Ann
  22. 2018 Station Road and the Railway (railway Tavern as we knew it in the 1960's) now a car park.
  23. Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)

    Bedlington Railway Station

    Opened on 03-08-1850 in the village of Sleekburn.
  24. That should be far left. I edited it but it doesn't seem to have been amended.
  25. Left to right: Nrs. 7, 6, 5 and 4 Netherton Lane today. Nr 7 far right is The Louge (Hairdressers). I had a look at the 1911 census and two dwellings of the five on Netherton Lane were occupied by Douglas (possibly related). There were no numbers then but 5 must have been Douglas House with 4 rooms. Next door, at number 4 (at the far right of the picture) named "Netherton House", lived a 34 yo woman also named Douglas. She gives her civil status as married but is registered as head of the household. She has two children aged 4 and 1 yo. Strangely, she has the smallest family of all occupiers but has the largest house with 5 rooms. Could it be possible that Ann's GG grandfather was a boarder in that house? Boarders weren't unknown, even on Netherton Lane. next door was The Cottage, Netherton Lane also occupied by a female head with 2 teenage grandchildren and 2 boarders - a head teacher and a bank manager.
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