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  2. If anybody is wondering what all the racket is today it's the big guns at Otterburn. Will also be heard over Saturday and Sunday... https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/588143/20170131_PWN_.csv/preview
  3. Last time I glanced at the Johnston Press accounts they were akin to those of Greece (but without a compliant ECB) - something like £250M of debt which there is no possible way of repaying. This month's ABC circulation figures for their titles are also a disaster, and the group can't struggle on much longer. They've likely already lost the journos who ensured some sort of political balance. A yesterday post from the ADVFN financial board says it all:
  4. There are also 3 full page promotional pages for the Development of Morpeth, Active Northumberland and How Arch Works.....I wonder who pays for these as it may woo the undecided Northumberland voters in the run up to an election.
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  6. It was my understanding that the owners of the News Post Leader were in financial trouble so it's certainly possible I suspect it is simply more to do with an upcoming election?
  7. Have Arch now taken over the News Post Leader? Readers Views in this weeks New Post Leader appear to have been loaded with Arch and Labour Party promotional material for the local elections in May. The first letter is from Peter McIntyre chief executive of Arch who praises their work in Bedlington.....The second letter is from Alyson Wallace local Labour councilor who compliments and congratulates Arch. She also mentions that her hope is to be re-elected in May. The third letter is from a retired business woman from Worcestershire who worked in the energy industry. She has been looking to buy a retirement home in the region and praises Northumberland County Council and Arch for their development plans for Cambois…..The woman believes that the local Conservative Party have plans to scrap Arch so she will not now make a decision about moving to the area until after the May elections! The fourth and final letter relates to Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) for the NHS. Northumberland, Tyne Wear Trust have said that they will require capital funding for to deliver such plans and describe how millions of pounds are needed for a backlog of repair work…..Perhaps Arch could assist with this so that Northumberland could use capital funding for Social Care.
  8. Thanks. I'll add them to the directory but flag it for review. Incidentally there are far more businesses on the Front Street than I had imagined.
  9. I've also heard this but am not sure if it is true. I think it is still trading, however.
  10. I heard that the Barrington Arms had been bought by Arch. Does anybody know if they're still trading and what the future plans are?
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  12. Heh heh!! Creasing me up ye aad bugga!!.........."Get Maggs and H.P.W." .....Opening soon at selected venues!![er....!!........div a need ti explain it...or hev a spoilt it by sa'in' "div a need ti explain it?!!]...a passing thought..Gud job Sym got it in thi reet order or we wud aal be in thi nick in nae time..heh heh!! Noo wi knaa why aad Sym defected!! [Mind,hoo aam aa ti taak....tha's a dark side ti me an aal!.....a once got caught by the forst copper-car-cops in Bedlington,wi a baigie under me jumper for me Mutha ti mek thi Sundi dinna wi..as laddies did in 1954....at ten ya aad!!![Hard-up laddies that is!]
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  • Latest News

    • Outline Plans for the Bedlington town centre re-development have been registered with the planning department at Northumberland County Council.
      The application on behalf of Arch (Development Projects) Ltd is said to "bring forward a retail-led mixed use scheme, in order to regenerate this key site, enhance the existing range and choice of retail provision in Bedlington Town Centre and generate economic benefits for the local area" 
      The application is accompanied by an illustrative masterplan and elevation drawings, as well as a Design Code, which sets out parameters in relation to the scale and type of development which could come forward on the different parts of the site. 
      The scheme includes the following elements:
      A 1,716 sqm gross foodstore on the eastern part of the site. New family pub/restaurant, comprising 560 sqm gross, on the northern part of the site. A range of retail/commercial units on the western part of the site, ranging between 100 sqm and 1,500 gross in size (and totalling around 5,206 sqm), along with a health and fitness club (238 sqm gross) clustered around a pedestrian boulevard. 12 residential units, above the smaller retail/commercial units. Around 250 car parking spaces located across the site, in between the foodstore pub/restaurant and pedestrian boulevard A co-ordinated scheme of hard and soft landscaping. Whilst not included on the Illustrative Masterplan or the floorspace figures set out above, there is potential to include office accommodation as part of the development, above the new shop units which would be created. The description of development set out above includes Use Class B1 in order to allow for this. 
      Application Summary
      17/00444/OUT | Demolition of existing structures and erection of buildings in Class A1 (retail) and/or Class A2 (financial and professional services) and/or Class A3 (restaurants and cafes) and/or Class A4 (drinking establishments) and/or A5 (hot food takeaways) and/or Class C3 (dwellinghouses) and/or Class B1 (business) and/or Class D1 (non-residential institutions) and/or Class D2 (assembly and leisure) and/or betting office (Sui Generis) uses, with associated parking, landscaping and access (with all matters reserved). | Car Park Vulcan Place Bedlington Northumberland NE22 5DN

      Full plans can be viewed at https://publicaccess.northumberland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=OL2FGUQSMP200

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