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  2. Netherton Colliery Pitmen

    Who would put graffiti on the posters on Netherton Colliery Road ends? The posters are for Ian Lavery and someone has sprayed derogatory words/ comments. Maybe some miner who did not agree with Mr Lavery. Public opinion can be expressed in so very many ways .
  3. BEDROCK - Sunday - 28th May 2017


    Bedrock 2017 - Keeping music live

    BEDROCK music festival - live bands at various pubs in Bedlington - see poster
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  7. Netherton Colliery Pitmen

    Hi Kevin! I'm not much help on this one except to say when I met my Wife in 1962,and started going to her house as part of the family,her Uncle John Oliver,who was bedridden after a stroke,the year before I met her,used to have a visitor by the name of Lambie Bellerby. He used to cut John's hair when it was needed,and he was a smashing fella,really nice natured and quiet. I don't know owt else aboot him,but I also got to know Billy Bellerby,through him being a friend of my Wife's family. Billy worked at the boot factory at the Station...Pioneer? or Rocket? He was also the loveliest lad waaking! Hope ye get some more answers on here! Cheers Kev!
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  9. Footage of Netherton Colliery Village 1970 to 1973

    Thanks for the heads up on that video Eggy 1948
  10. Footage of Netherton Colliery Village 1970 to 1973

    Yes that's Raymond on the left, I think Arthur Brodie is on the right. Only seeing this on a tablet so can't be sure about the band members playing but it's definitely W (Billy) Hamilton in the middle & conducting. I think I see Joe Grant and one of the Cuthbertsons there too.
  11. Latest on Tesco site development

    Fingers crossed something happens soon. Considering how quickly the new houses can be built locally, let's hope by this time next year we have a town centre again. Bedlington was an important centre in the past and will be again.
  12. Historic Letters From Bedlington To New Zealand

    These letters maybe of interest today.
  13. Chapman ; Lightley

    Rhonda Bee somewhere in the depths of this website there are some letters written in the 1800's from your part of the World back to Bedlington. The family were Methodist ( I seem to remember) and it gives an insight into the past . I found them while 'spoaching' through a few years ago. Amazingly people travelled huge distances to work. I think the railways were, in part , a reason plus all the usual. A friend born in the NE found her family in Devon in the late 1800's. Tales of people walking huge distances to find work are not uncommon. My own ancestors can now be found around the World. Many occupations allowed people to live a healthy life and large families lived and thrived. Somewhere I have a book on the 'Navies' which makes interesting reading. I suppose there are lots of other interesting reasons for movement. A visitor to Bedlington last year was adopted by a couple whose ancestors moved to California for health reasons. The common thread is often that these people never forget the importance of Bedlington in their lives . It is good to be in contact with people around the World.
  14. Footage of Netherton Colliery Village 1970 to 1973

    @Bandsman1966 - have you watched the video - Footage of Netherton Colliery Village 1970 to 1973 - posted by Damian? I think I spotted one of the bandsmen - R. Bradley around the 19 - 20 min mark.
  15. Latest on Tesco site development

  16. Netherton Colliery Pitmen

    There's some very knowledgeable folk on here with memories far superior to mine and I'm looking for some help - my Family (The Leonards of Netherton (3rd Street) & Bedlington (Meadowdale, Red House Farm, Ridge Terrace and the Raas) - Ned/Edward (Grandad), Joe (my Dad), Edward & Martin) worked at Netherton, Ellington and the Doctor Pit. My Granda (Lambert Bellerby) at Ashington Workshops and I believe the Aald Pit. I'm trying desperately to add some meat to the bone of our Family Tree and wondered if anyone could give me any related stories, dates, jobs at the Pits etc - long shot I know but reading some of the posts here, I'm sure someone can give me some help to fill in some of the blanks.
  17. Latest on Tesco site development

    Ah yes - I left the a message on the contact us page requesting an update.
  18. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    You blinked; you missed the 'U' turn!
  19. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    "Events, dear boy, events." Oh, how Theresa May must be glad her wrinkly and dementia tax is off the front page.
  20. Posted Event Westridge School Reunion 1967/68

    I was in contact with Malcolm (Allan) at the weekend about this proposed reunion and we've agreed to cancel it due to so few folks signing up to attend. There was plenty of interest here and loads of 'hits'on the http://www.westridgeschool.com website but that interest wasn't converted into a sign-ups. A few folks did want to attend (some from overseas) ... I'll be writing to them with the news.
  21. Latest on Tesco site development

    But then again according to today's journal Arch have axed some projects including bedlington
  22. Latest on Tesco site development

    http://www.investinginbedlington.co.uk/News seems to answer a few questions......looks like it was added today
  23. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    You only had to read a few of my posts to know where I stand - and it most certainly isn't as a Tory voter! I sincerely hope that I don't have any "followers", and that everyone can think for themselves. Your retreat is only necessary if you think that your ideas won't stand up to public scrutiny. A full range of political views is always welcome here, but you should be prepared to justify them. If you are feeling a little sore we can declare a (partial) truce!
  24. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    Just returned from holiday and must apologise for ruffling a hair or two (it was intended) but I needed to know exactly where you, and your followers, politically stood, now I know I shall leave you in peace. ‎You shall hear of me no more.
  25. Whitley Memorial School

    The original school building was destroyed by fire in 1970. The old school building was replaced with garages and houses and the new school is still within the old school grounds.
  26. Any word on whats happening at the Tesco site - last I heard there was a planning application in which was due to be heard in March but I've seen nothing since. Arch set up http://www.investinginbedlington.co.uk/ to keep us all informed about their wonderful work but the last update on the Tesco redevelopment (aside from a piece about naming the place) was back in February. I noticed when driving past the other day there are building materials stacked up in the compound - any idea whats going to be complete by when?
  27. But... maybe... Hmmm! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/20/theresa-may-knighthoods-shake-up-lose-gong-dishonour/
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