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  1. Yesterday
  2. A driver had been on an eight-hour drinking trip when he crashed into a parked car in Northumberland. Stephen Cuthbert got behind the wheel of his Kia Rio in order to buy more alcohol, having got the train home from a drink-fuelled day in Edinburgh with work colleagues. The 49-year-old was heard by a resident on Ridge Terrace, in Bedlington, to crash into a stationary car before he left the scene on foot, a court heard. The police were called and traced Cuthbert to his home address on Knaresborough Close, also in Bedlington, where he was arrested after failing a breath test. He later gave a reading of 106 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath, the legal limit being 35. Cuthbert appeared at South East Northumberland Magistrates' Court where he pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol.
  3. Last week
  4. A double serving of Caribbean flavour is set to add an extra blast of summer this year at a Northumberland music showcase. Gallagher Park Festival in Bedlington will welcome seventies reggae legends Aswad in July who will have the crowds on their feet with a selection of their hits which include a number one version of Don't Turn Around and the hit Give a Little Love. And alongside the headline act, the community festival's street food pop-ups will join in the reggae theme and will be serving up vegan options too. Angus 'Drummie Zeb' Gaye, a founder member of Aswad which was established in 1975, and Tony 'Gad'Robinson, who joined a year later, will head up a nostalgia-fest of hits at the free festival which will play out on July 18. Known for their R&B and soul influences on the classic reggae sound, with other favourite tracks including Shine; Good Thing Going and Next to You, they have added to their back catalogue over the years with collaborations with the likes of Dennis Brown, Maxi Priest and Shabba Ranks. The festival is out to whet all appetites and, with further acts yet to be unveiled, Ron Thornton, clerk for its organiser East Bedlington Parish Council, said: "We’re bringing the sounds of the Caribbean to Gallagher Park with fun for all the family.
  5. Photo & info from Gordon Smith - Past Times History groupWed 24 May, 1967. Briskly stepping out in the latest mini styles are employees from Welwyn Electric Ltd., who acted as models at a fashion show held in the canteen at the Bedlington factory. The clothes were supplied by Carricks (Blyth) Ltd and the show was compered by the shop's buyer, Mrs Doreen Williams. Can anyone name those in the photo?
  6. Last year, Armed Forces Day was commemorated in Bedlington for the first time and there was a decent turn out of service personnel and veterans, with the event including a buffet lunch at Bedlington Community Centre complete with music from the era. This year, Armed Forces Day is to be commemorated on Saturday 27 June 2020 and we are hoping to include a small parade involving both serving members and veterans ending at the War Memorial on Bedlington Front Street. It would be fantastic if more veterans, regardless of what branch of the Armed Forces they served in, could attend to make this year’s event bigger and better than last year. If anyone is interested, or knows of any veterans who would like to attend, could they please contact me with their details? You can reach me by private message on Facebook, Twitter @billbedeast, e-mail me at [email protected] or telephone/text me on 07779 – 983656. Let’s make it a great turnout this year!
  7. Nice selection! Something for all of our senses: wonderful colours, different shapes, fantastic summer perfumes, sound of the wind in the poplar. This is going to be beautiful in a few years.
  8. @Banktop - Wendy says you are right - No 16 John Harmison. Names updated.
  9. List of the trees that were planted........... 5x Acer campestre5x Alnus cordata5x Crataegus laevigata Paul's Scarlet4x Malus tschonoskii6x Populus tremula5x Prunus padus5x Tilia tomentosa
  10. Can't recall a John Harrison for 16 .could it be Harmison? Also could teacher be Miss Freer?8
  11. Bill - not that I am aware of. Looks like BFI only do rentals = it's lucky the Big Geordie video is free to tempt customers to subscribe. I had a scroll through the 'Rentals' page but couldn't find anything that suggested you could purchase DVDs etc. But as I am not a member of the BFI site I can't be 100% on my thoughts.
  12. 1967 sounds more reasonable than the 1965 stated on the photo. I965 my relative wasn't old enough to start school.
  13. Heh heh,slip of the mind,CORRECTION!..the weight of the Bucyrus Erie 1150-b draglines were 1200 tons,but nevertheless the calculations were correct! I have just opened the link above,regarding Big Geordie,and also found an excellent link to an article with excerpts from a seemingly excellent book called "British Opencast Coal- a Photographic History 1942-1985",written by Keith Haddock. Both are extremely fascinating! I am gonna see if I can get a hold of the book. Is it possible or even legal to copy the Big Geordie documentary to a disc for showing family members who aren't computer literate Alan? I don't know how to Burn discs.. Cheers! Bill.
  14. @Canny lass - Caroline Dobinson (nee Purvis [I think]) replied to my question with :- ' This is Nedderton Village school it took pupils from 4 year old to 11 Netherton Colliery school Closed a few years earlier so anyone from the colliery went up to the Village school. There were 72 pupils there at its peak and there were three classrooms one large dining hall / pe hall the classrooms were big we had 3 teachers Miss Short Miss Dilgono I think Mrs Brydan replaced her but she left and died very young i have forgot the name of head teacher but can remember her very much.' Then Glynis Lynn replied to Caroline with :-' Miss Grey was headmistress, after Miss Severs'. Nobody has confirmed the year of 1967.
  15. Its all for our youngsters Canny Lass. 😉 Talking to them they are more concerned than a lot of adults!
  16. @Canny lass - I'll ask those that named the pupis to confirm year and school
  17. Having a bit of difficulty getting my head around the details in that photo! I recognise a relative, already named, but his age and the date on the photo don't quite match up. Also having difficulties with the building. Had the infant school at NETHERTON closed and had the pupils transferred to NEDDERTON? Netherton was an infant school but Nedderton was a Junior school.in my time. I'll have to do a bit of digging. It could well be the rear of the building which faces the road in Nedderton village but I think the window panes were upright, same as the front of the building. Of course, they could have fitted new windows. Can't imagine where they fitted in 72 pupils!!
  18. Good to see our adults inviting them in to take part.
  19. This lot would be a few years behind you @Canny lass but can you recognise anyone?
  20. Good to see our youngsters getting involved with the NCC tree planting initiative. On a very cold and windy day too!!!!!
  21. Earlier
  22. Hi folks!..and to add my tuppenceworth,I used to go over after school,with my schoolmates and the Hollymoonta gang,and watch Bucyrus Erie [as we called him ,cos his name was on a huge plate up on the side of the machine,mounted on the first gantry],we didn't know,at 10 years old,that it was the firm's name!] [that was in 1954-ish]. These two Draglines were reported in the press,[Evening Chronicle etc],as being the two largest walking draglines in the whole of Europe,as was the Acorn Bank Site cut. At night,in the dark,we used to snipe almost on top of the gang who were building it,and it's a wonder we weren't blinded by the welding arc's,cos to us,it was a bonny bright blue light!!...we just used to lie on the ground and snipe ever closer,and watch the arc,fascinated! It had a 50-ton bucket. Now,Alan,when it comes to disputes..[silly disputes an aal!],aa had an argument wi one of me pit marra's,now deceased,[R.I.P. TOM],one day when we were sitting getting wor baits,amang aal the waata and clarts,doon the Three-Quarter drift,at Bates. We somehow got on aboot the Acorn Bank site,and Tom said he worked there,before gaan doon the pit. Aa just remarked hoo we kids used to watch the Euclids bouncing like they were toys,when Bucyrus Erie dropped his bucketfull of stones into the back of the truck,and big stones used to smash doon onto the canopy above the Driver's cab. That was like a red rag to Tom..he adamantly argued and started getting real ratty,saying the Draglines never filled the Euclids,it was done by the face shovels. Whey naturally,a argued back saying a used ti watch them man.... Tom shouted ....Aa used ti work there man Bill..ya getting mixed up....so a backed off,cos a hate arguments and ill-feeling...[this was in the 1980's] Whey,Tom passed away a few years ago,and then at Christmas,a year or two back,I got a DVD which had been transferred from old Cine-film,and it was amateur footage of the Acorn Bank site..[a Sixtownship DVD a think]. Then a started researching aboot the site,and guess what,it explains hoo the Dragline bucket was overloading the Euclids,and damaging the bodies ,so a special hopper was designed and erected,so the bucket emptied it's load into the hopper,and a guy loaded the Euclids safely..and I remembered the name of the hopper,cos aam a guitarist!! It was called a .....HENDRIX ...hopper!! It seems that Tom must have worked at the far end of the cut,where Bucyrus Erie [1] ,was working,and that was a thousand yards away from Bucyrus Erie [2]..and they only had the one hopper. Trivial story,but Tom was starting to get violent in his attempt to convince me I was wrong. At the end of the day,it didn't matter who was right ,cos it was history long gone!,but this is hoo misinformation spreads. My friend's Dad was one of the Dragline operators,a fella caaled Mr Humble,Bob and Les were his two Sons,who were my mates. There was no security in them days,no watchman or owt like that,no fences or barriers of any kind,on Sundays we kids used to either walk or ride wor bikes,doon inti the cut,and play on the Draglines feet,which were 44 feet long and 8 feet wide. We played in the Euclids seats,mekking on we were driving....whey,ye dae when ya ownly aboot ten or elivin yeors aad ...divvent ye?! One thing I read,recently,which really interested me,was the footprint pressure of the central hub which the crane sat on when in operation....2500 tons weight,[if I remember rightly!]..and the pressure on the ground was ....5pounds per square inch!! Incredible engineering..like an elephant,s gentle footsteps from such a heavy animal! I sat one day,for fun,and calculated it out in my head,and it was spot-on..even with simple Maths! [another trivial story!] Maggie,thanks for posting the pics,brought back many happy memories..that place was part of my childhood!
  23. Just that I used to cut the grass there as a teenager. My dad was head gardener at Hepscott Park and we used to travel all over the county looking after the gardens at different homes.
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