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  2. Alan Holmes will get to honour his grandson Matthew - who died of a brain tumour last year - during the Queen's Baton Relay ahead of the Commonwealth Games.View the full article
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  4. Emergency services are at the sceneView the full article
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  6. Good question! I've no idea but I imagine there are a few individuals hoping that they are Bobby and that they'll wake up to find this has all been a bad dream!
  7. Keep posting, Malcolm. This could be better entertainment than Dallas!
  8. It doesnt get any better!!!!!! https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/daljit-lally-dubai-northumberland-council-24224895?fbclid=IwAR1kuc4xKJ9ksw3M9tAYF86dpfUzlwAAvsnRxEIECdwc_EDPj9KCxo23rk4
  9. Ah! I wish I had watched this one first, a much better understanding of the issues. As Councillor Wearmouth mentions checks and balances I still don't understand what extra checks and balances have been put in place that every large organization always have! and who wasn't following them. I do like the recycling initiatives that are being put in place. But make it simple or it won't happen.
  10. Thanks Malcolm! haven't had time to view it yet but should get round to it in the next couple of days.
  11. I now have a full name, a possible year of death and even an adress to help with my research. That should enable me to move on. Bedlingtonians are wonderful, helpful people. Thank you all!
  12. What an experience for anybody to go through! I'm not surprised you remember all the details, HPW, Something like that must be extremely difficult to forget for all involved - everyone of them traumatized in one way or another. My heart goes out to Dusty but equally it goes out to the overman and to those who carried out the rescue. Thanks for sharing. Sadly, I believe that Dusty is Stephen's relative.
  13. @Canny lass - because of the comment Alan Brady, ex Netherton Colliery lad, posted in response to my request for info on George MacGregor :- where he mentions Geordie's marra Bob Morland I created a new post on the Facebook group - Past Times History - that I know are two ex Netherton Colliery people = Robert Morland and Joan Morland, to see if they knew anything about Bob Morland's mate George MacGregor. Unfortunately one of the Past Time History group admins must have deemed my post was not about the past and a Bedlington man and they have deleted my posting before Robert & Joan Morland have responded to it. Before admin deleted the posting I did get a response which gave the address of George MacGregor on the Hartlands estate plus a message via the FB private messenger service. This is a screen shot from my PC showing both responses :-
  14. Hi Lynne,welcome to the forum,they are a very helpful bunch of luvly sensible folk..nae muppets like on other forums!! It's interesting to learn your roots,I never knew much about your Parents family history! Ye might be a Longridge for aal ye knaa!!
  15. ...shud read.."if he was here with us now.."
  16. Hi Canny Lass,a think aal the facts about Dusty Miller ,which are as vivid in my memory as if it was yesterday,lead ye ti think it was the Accident Steve is wondering about. Take my account against some unknown,uneducated [in mining that is!],reporter,who throws his notepad in to a similarly uneducated editor,with absoloutely no disrespect intended... Unless we throw a different light on the matter,I would go for poor Dusty..he suffered agonising injuries and pain,on a day which started quite happy with a bunch of gud Marra's. The one fact I left out was hearsay to me,and I don't know how true it was except for the fact it was told to me by my own very trustworthy Marra's.. The Coalface Overman,[in overall charge of the face],left the scene of the accident,and crawled off the face and sat in the High Roadway which was the Tailgate..[return airway road]. He had taken his pit helmet off,and sat with his head in his hands,breaking down,and said to the tailgate Stonemen.."A canna gaan back doon there...a canna.."..in those exact words...which,at the time,he was heavily criticised for,but as we get older, a bet some of those who criticised,including myself,think back and understand that Man's feelings..he was in charge,and should have been organising a stretcher,informing the Surface to have an Ambulance,organising getting Dusty off the face on the stretcher..organising who should be stretcher bearers,and relief bearers,8 men in all..4 men on carrying the stretcher one man at each handle,and the other four to take over at every ten minutes or so..[it's not like smooth pavement down there you know...]..a one- mile carrying of a 16 stone fella on a stretcher,over rough,wet,stony uneven ground,then a climb of a quarter of a mile up a 1- in 6 gradient "Drift" roadway,then 200 yards to the shaft bottom,to be put in a cage to be wound 1000 feet to the surface...all the time Dusty would have been passing out,through being joggled around during the journey outbye and to Bank..[the surface]..I have been a stretcher bearer a lot of times from aged 19 yrs old down the High Pit at Choppington,and at other pits,and have carried 18 stone fellas,believe me..itwas arduous very heavy work,but when it happens,urgency of the situation,and care for your Marra on the stretcher,overrides the pain you feel. I didn't intend to go into so much detail,but feel it is necessary to try and tell the facts as best as I can,what it was like down there. This Overman was close friends with Dusty and the whole team,it was like watching a family member suffering..so now,in my old age,and I speak only for myself,I feel guilty for even just thinking about any criticism on this fella..he died a long time ago,but if he was her with us now,I would be apologising for my thoughts..I was only about 23-24-ish yrs old at the time.[young and hotheaded..as they used to say!]
  17. An investigative journalist from one of the National newspapers should get their teeth into this situation - who knows where it could lead. Useless local officers not following the rules to corruption ... we need to know! Local journalists are likely to be too close to those needing to be investigated.
  18. @Canny lass - nothing concrete from James, just a memory of a guy n a posh Jag etc. :-
  19. Beats me CL..............quoted as £1M of profit and no paperwork????????????? We now have to go cap in hand to HMRC and ask them if we owe anything. I now see there is 'debate' whether or not NCC made anything at all from this.....and with no paperwork who can tell?
  20. Just adding my own comments about the Max Caller report and noting some of the comments my threads get. I think the clarion call coming out of the report is that all sections of NCC need to work as a proper local government organisation for the benefit of our residents. In other words, as far as the elected members go, stop the daft petty squabbling, mudslinging and attempts at point scoring. Have the lessons been learnt? Just yesterday I got two emails about this from other members, one consolatory the other adversarial. Seems we still have a long way to go! I have to say the NCC officers I deal with (certainly at my level!) just want to get on with their jobs and do them as professionally as possible. Without me and other members bringing issues and concerns to them and them responding there would be almost nothing getting done apart from the very base level services. That would seem a good and healthy relationship to have in any organisation and I do recognise not everything can go my way and there are usually very good reasons why not, but as long as these are explained most people understand. The report clearly states where the problems have been and points to the way it will be rectified and I expect that to be underway now! Anyone still wanting more info here is the latest NCC cabinet meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJJJOgZLRhs
  21. I wonder if James Lee Aynsley, ex Netherton Colliery lad, will remember him? I will 'tag' him on the Bygone Bedlington FB group.
  22. Thanks Eggy! I can't think of anything else. A date of death could lead me into other archives but I can start on the years around 1990 and see what the obituary columns give. We always had a piano at home but nobody used it except Mac, especially on New years Eve. I think half of Netherton joined in the sing-a-long.
  23. @Canny lass - no new comments since yesterday. Anything else I can add to the FB post that might get you an answer?🤞
  24. Damming indeed, Malcolm! It beggars belief that an internal auditing system, which they claim to have, couldn’t spot what was going on for five whole years! There seem to have been enough ’warning flags’ over those years to deck out the whole of Bedlington’s Front street for the Jubilee celebrations! For me, internal auditing, with which which I’m well aquainted through my former profession, serves not only to evaluate internal controls, accountability processes and accurate reporting but also to ensure that regulations, not to mention laws, are complied with. So how the H***l could things go this far for NCC?
  25. I'll get on to it this evening, Malcolm. It can't be worse that what's on telly!
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