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  2. Westridge Class Pictures From The 60,s

    This class looks mair like aboot 1960-ish ti me.
  3. Westridge Class Pictures From The 60,s

    Heh heh! Eggy,a just got notification of your reply while I was typing that list oot! Ner,aa had moosy blackish hair.....er....when a had some that is/was! Also,until a left school and became a man quickly,[doon thi big black hole!!],me orders from me Faatha were aalwis ti get me hair cut ...."Short back and sides mind!!"[quote!]. A aalwis had a parting on me left side and a Crows wing-typical aad gadgy style of cut!...aaaannnnd!....me Mutha aalwis complained aboot a few strands of aakwaad hair which aalwis refused ti lie doon,reet inside the croon of where me hair was parted.[ivry photo tekkin of me since aa was aboot three years aad show this queer little sticky-up hair!]. Nae Brylcreem in them days,Butter!![then when we got a bit better off...[!!],it was a little tin of Vaseline!] Another thing aav noticed is the relaxed dress code,cos when the school first opened,it was mandatory for school uniforms to be worn,including collar and tie...boys AND girls!...nae open shirt collar owa the coat like sum on this pic....which AA wudda preferred ti dae..[and so wud me Mutha cos she couldn't afford the uniform,really,but had ti get them oot on tick...like it or not!that's the way it was]. Apart from Ray Barrett and the Hindmarsh Bros,a divvent knaa anybody on this pic. Thanks for the thought Eggy,Nice one!
  4. Westridge Class Pictures From The 60,s

    Just to try and jog a few memories of anyone who might be browsing but not posting,here is a list of those who were in my class,in the Upper Remove up to the day I left school,in 1959. Class Teacher,a short very stocky,grey close-curled haired Mr Marley..[with a tongue like acid when he got ratty...but a great teacher otherwise!] Billy Brown,Trevor Hale,Ian Campbell,Jimmy Scott,[aka "the gang"!],Eddie Hedley,Micky Lucas,Derek McGregor,Dennis Green,Bobby Cross,Len Thompson,Ted Smout,Martin Nicholson,Barry ?[wore Buddy Holly specs..],Derek Goodall,Lorna Barker,Pat Purcell,Lynne Hayes,Barbara["Babs" Thornton,Isobel Bowman,Joan Henderson,Lilian Moore,Rosemary Oliver,Hilda Storey,Elsie Hall.[Joan Hogg..a think.. but could be wrong,might be thinking of my class at the Whitley School...and of course...myself.[Norman Turner tells me that he was in my class,but I can't place him at all!] This was the first Upper Remove that was ever formed from the school opening up,therefore it was a relatively small class compared to those we had been used to at the Whitley...which was normally anywhere from 40-43 pupils!! Next is a list of all pupils who came into my classes at the Whitley School,over the years,where pupils might have been in the class and either moved away from the area after a few terms,or were moved down or up a class through re-organisation of age groups..or sadly deceased while very young. Bobby Cross,Dennis Green,Alan Wilkinson,Billy Allison,Ronnie Leyland,Brian Richmond,Eddie Simpson,Sid Short,Brian Redpath,Joe Hale,Sid Newman,Bob Palmer,Gordon Parmley,Raymond Mack,Alan Lilico,Davy Weatherit,Tommy Holmes,Davy Walker,Jimmy Nealan,Jimmy Russell,Jim Hardy,Chris Watson,Alan White,Raymond Barret,Ian Darling,Norman Taylor,Norman Furness,Ronnie Hemsley,Micky Scrowther,Jimmy Ayres,Alan Stewart,Alan Spowart,John Henderson,Bobby Bell,John Wilkinson,Jimmy Brown,Terry Foote,Martin Sharpe,Billy Williamson,Jimmy Rouse. ....and now the girls.....! Ann Ayres,Joan Holdsworth,Lorna Barker,Joan Bell,Joan Hogg,Joan Henderson,Ann Pattinson,Lynne Hayes,Doreen Dagless,Elizabeth Maize.[or May?],Pauline Short,Lilian Moore,Rosemary Oliver,Margaret Thackeray,Rita Wheallans,Natasha Patti,Linda Sanderson,Elizabeth Ellis,Anne Thompson,Barbara Thornton,Helen Treyer,Sandra Short,Joan Hartill. There are a few who have escaped my memory,so this list is not complete! In my mind's eye,I can picture a lot of who sat next to who,and in what position in the class desks they say sat in!
  5. Westridge Class Pictures From The 60,s

    I couldn't remember the photo HPW and when Colin Sim commented with an update that he thought No 10 was Bill thingy-me-bob and I had this feeling that the lad in the open neck shirt and a quiff might just have been HPW so that's why I kept nagging you to have a look - - bugger
  6. http://www.sirjamesgoldsmith.com/timeline/ Life is full of unappreciated connections!
  7. Westridge Class Pictures From The 60,s

    Sorry a didn't reply ti ya forst mail ,Eggy,but a didn't see any pic and searched though them last neet..[whey till 2-0 am this morning!!],wondering which one ye meant! No,a don't know No 10. The only ones a knew were those in my class at the Whitley...Ray Barrett,Tom and Jack Hindmarsh,and John Alexander,[my young playmate at Hollymoont Square,as well as at school. It's hard ti see the pupils cos of the angle the pic was taken,of the original pic. It beats me hoo aal my class went en-block ti Westridge,having gone through every year as a unit,even sitting next ti ya deskmate in every class,then be aal scattered aroond in different classes at Westridge!! A wish we could get a pic of the upper remove wi Mr Marley,wi me and aal me gud mates on! [1957-8-9].
  8. Another photo from @John Fox (foxy) that was posted on Facebook back in 2015 :- And according to Joyce Scott (really it's Shep from Burnside using his partners Id) on the Facebook Bedlington remembered site answering a question :- how long has jakes bar been derelict - he replied - 'Originally it was Thompson Stores many moons ago, but prior to Ivan having it, it was run as a cafe by a local lass who still has family around the station although she died.'
  9. The Fourteen Club - 1958

    Think it was pre-Brexit Wilma!
  10. Certainty can. At the top of the 'raa's.' Used to be more or less opposite Begbie's garage. Wasn't Muters pop factory somewhere behind Thompson's stores, or is my memory failing me?
  11. Hello again Moe Yes, down glebe road and would say around the Silverlink car show room spot, and they were the same company as Moore’s Stores that someone has mentioned. Very good for their general groceries broken biscuits etc, but quite expensive to most.
  12. Can anyone remember Thompson's stores
  13. I rekon about two or three years, some of the girls who work in Morrisons now worked in Netto when it was at the top end
  14. The Fourteen Club - 1958

    Divvent ye dare!
  15. One is never to old to learn Moe, and thank you for putting me right on that, but pray tell me how long where they in there.
  16. Westridge Class Pictures From The 60,s

    @HIGH PIT WILMA - this one is in the Westridge album but you may have missed it - have you seen it before and do you know who No 10 is? Colin Sim (Facebook - Bedlington Remembered) says - No 10 is Bill (William) thingy-me-bob
  17. Netto were in before Maxi Freeze they moved in after William Low
  18. Before Netto moved in to the old Lidl store they were indeed in the old William Low store they moved in after MAXI FREEZE closed
  19. Last week
  20. Further to Rosco comment, it was Maxi Save that moved in after William Low packed in, and you mention Netto, well Netto moved into the Lidl store that they built on the new Top Club site and when they packed up ,Netto moved in which is Morrison’s store today. Netto were never at the top end, and as of today you can still see the Maxi window advertising on the top windows.
  21. 1959

    Heh heh,Eggy ya reet there!Nae chance o' me getting inti mischief! O.H. , and Lbj see ti that!! It is queer hoo a lot of people cud be mistaken for others,with nae disrespect intended,like one of the next pics alang in the gallery,a cud swear one lass was Lorna Barker,but the lass in question was named as Christine ? [aav forgotten aal riddy from a few minutes ago!!],and another was named as Lynda Mathews,who I wudda tuk for Lillian Moore.....! Ah weel,like ye say,pressing and guessing!!
  22. The Fourteen Club - 1958

    ...Er.....summik escapes me here...aam aa glaaky?.....or just ignorant?![Dictionary terminology for the last one mind!]..... But I count 17 Prefects......where did the "Fourteen Club" come from?! This pic must have been taken....at the very earliest.....in the new term of September in 1959-I left school at the start of the 1959 Summer Holidays,and Bobby Cross,Len Thompson,Eddie Hedley,Ian Cambell,Micky Lucas,and Trevor Hale were all in my class till the day I left,and none of them were Prefects,and the Fourteen Club didn''t exist! Carol Patterson was Head Girl,and a lovely lass at that,and Davy Lees was Head Boy,and a very well liked lad also. Trevor Hale wasn't exactly known for smiling,more like self-appreciating![trying desperately to be diplomatic and not sound sour here!] He was a very broad-shouldered lad ,not so tall,and the greatest runner the school had!.. a human greyhound!! He represented Northumberland in the County Schools competition,and was like Mo Farrow....nobody stood a chance against him,that I witnessed anyway! To me,I would have put No 15 as Davy Lees,cos that's how I remember him. Davy was a tall lad,and you can see that he towers over everyone in his row,second only to Micky Lucas,who was the tallest lad in the school,at the time,[one of my most sincere mates,along with Len Thompson,and Eddie Hedley]. Whey that's hoo aa see things,if me brain is starting to gaan,a apologise ,and will forivvor haad me gob!! Nae apologies for negative comments aboot Trev Hale...if a told me full story aboot Trev,Ian Cambell,Jimmy Scott,and little Billy Broon,[herinafter referred to as "The Gang" !],it would spoil the tone of this excellent discussion and nostalgic forum,which a just luv ti be a part of!!.....so.......Zip up Zippy!!
  23. Just been back to check the positions but the vote has closed and I can't find anything on the site to say who came top - just that the voting is now closed 😥 https://www.buildbase.co.uk/pitch-in-your-support
  24. Westridge 1957 Middle Remove 3

    Arlene Anderson on Facebook - Bedlington Remembered commented - No 19 = Ann Blackburn & No 20 = Ivy Elliot
  25. @moe19 - my apologies - I hadn't full read the all the comments - I must pay more attention
  26. Rosco mentions William Low, but it was originally Laws Supermarkets and built by laws to the Councils specification, and it was the death Nell when William low took it over. Photo taken during the Top Club fire and the aftermath.
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