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  2. Has anybody noticed?

    What a topic? Interesting and funny to read. All that remains is to say Happy Easter but that could be controversial. Resurrection with eggs. Then there is Mithras. Blackadder would certainly have a few comments to make about this topic. Maybe even a new series of programmes.
  3. Councillor Robinson - February 2018.

    Good to read Malcolm. Informative and shows your dedication to our town. One day I hope it becomes easier to communicate with all the others involved. Sadly politics is not for the faint hearted. Keep on keeping on.
  4. No More Forum Meetings

    Thank you to Brian and all who have contributed to making the Forum meetings so special. The regular meetings will be a miss to Bedlington. I have good memories of the meetings I attended . People did not always agree ! The Red Lion after these meetings always helped to put things in perspective. Bedlington will rise again to the glory days.
  5. Happy Birthday Vic

    Happy Birthday (rather later than most.) Have a good year
  6. Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy Birthday hope you have a good year
  7. Husbands and wives circa 1912

    Maybe of interest if anyone has spare time. I found this newspaper article in an old Dictionary of Domestic Medicine.
  8. Today
  9. Sainsbury’s has committed to paying staff well above both the national living wage and voluntary “real” living wage by raising the basic rate by £1.20 an hour. From September, staff in the North East will get paid at least £9.20 an hour, which means Sainsbury’s employees will have the highest basic pay of supermarket employees. Currently, Aldi is the top payer with a basic rate of £8.85. Hopefully, other supermarkets will soon follow their lead. We’ve had a browse of which jobs are on offer at major supermarkets in our region. They include some roles at Sainsbury’s in Northumberland.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Has anybody noticed?

    somehow the latter comments put me in mind of a cartoon of Sylvester with some yellow feathers in his gob saying -- 'weren't me !! honest' (however the really satisfied look on Sylvester's face betrayed the truth (Merchant of Venice) it will out like feathers in ones throat). perhaps we should rewrite the 'spam' sketch and song - substituting 'squab' no offence intended Vic - was referring to the speckled Jim - where allegedly a certain officer brought down a pigeon and was sustained by same. interestingly it was a serious offence to kill pigeons during WW1 in the trenches. I have a friend who lives on the Blackadder- yes its a real place/river and is a colonel but is seconded to royal duties so will ask if he can take this to the highest authority (Madge) for an opinion
  12. Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy birthday @Brian Cross
  13. Last week
  14. Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy birthday Brian..........
  15. Has anybody noticed?

    Hope they had the pigeon in red wine sauce!
  16. Has anybody noticed?

    Very true CL that is exactly how it happened, I would have made it quite clear that it wasn't me if I thought anyone was going to see it as being "the other me" I wouldn't really call them a culprit rather than the satisfied diner.
  17. Has anybody noticed?

    It was a fair assumption, Vic. You did say that "they were very tasty". Of course, the real culprit could have told you that.
  18. Has anybody noticed?

    I don't understand that comment "we now know the alter ego of Vic Patterson" also " is this because of the culinary deviance of Vic?" I hope you don't think that it was me who ate the bird! I think you made a wrong assumption that it was me who ate them, not guilty.
  19. Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy birthday Brian, hope you have a great day.
  20. Happy Birthday Brian

    ooo ya picky thing -- it was a typo --although I do respect his cerebral ability - not as senile as me yet
  21. Happy Birthday Brian

    I so hope that's a typo and that you meant to write BRIAN.
  22. Has anybody noticed?

    corn ?? or is that chaff its all grist to the mill as they apparently say..
  23. Happy Birthday Brian

    totally agree with letting brain enjoy the day - although I now will have many sleepless nights regarding the term - playmate marrow'.. anyhows -- brian enjoy and blow out the candles
  24. Has anybody noticed?

    People should stop throwing out 'corn'.
  25. Happy Birthday Brian

    Thank you my 'playmate marrow' (you have no idea the pictures that conjures up in my mind)! However, I already own such a fish though his name is Billy. He sings for me whenever i pass "Don't worry, Be happy'. I usually take his advice . Now let Brian have his birthday page back without further disruption! Sorry Brian!
  26. Has anybody noticed?

    noble or nobbled?? lol and I have noticed a penchant for you to be homing as ya keep coming back x
  27. Has anybody noticed?

    General Melchett would never have allowed Speckled Jim anywhere in the vicinity of Boghouses! He was a noble bird (bit like yours truly).
  28. Happy Birthday Brian

    congrats on the day - I always regard the b/days as -- Ha ya b/tards proved ya wrong again lol enjoy!! its mine on 26th and one for you CL -
  29. Happy Birthday Brian

    Happy birthday, Brian. Enjoy the day.
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