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  2. Cheers HPW - I have posted your comment for Kathy to see. When I went to post it a member of the Bygone Bedlington group, Ron Chivers, had a key and has opened the box. Kathy followed up with a couple of photos after the box was opened :- Fortunately - nowt inside the box
  3. Don't know where the "see" came from, at the start of me last post!!
  4. seeWow! Kathy, the red box needs to be handled very carefully if you can't open it. I am 99.99999% sure that Granda asked the Magazine (Explosives Store!) Attendant, for an empty box for posterity, but cant be 100% certain!! These boxes contained the Electric Detonators, that were inserted into the sticks of Explosive (Thi "Pooda"), and which, when connected to the Exploder Battery or Dynamo device, fired the shots. The modern Explosives couldn't be fired without a detonator, it would just burn if thrown on the fire, it was regarded as Ultra Safe Explosive, whereas in the old days, Black Gun
  5. @James & @HIGH PIT WILMA - posted on the Bygone Bedlington group by Kathy Moscrop . Is this an old Shot Box?
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  8. My dingy corner used to be the book shelves - the kids were taught - if you can't think of the answers, look them up in one of the books. They have retained the info from the reference books - I just know which book to look at to find the info ✌️
  9. There's 'clutter' and there's 'knowledge'. Now, what i'm doing here is not looking for clutter. I'm simply retrieving stored knowledge from dingy corners of the memory, where we ourselves have stored it till the time it may come in useful. It needs a dusting off now and then to make it more accessable when the time comes for its use.
  10. Before they moved to Shiney Row, Andy and Flo Turnbull lived at the “bottom end” in No 27 Bell’s Place with their sons Bill, Bobby and Andy and our family lived near to them. Florence says they kept chickens in the garden at Shiney row. At Bell’s Place they not only had chickens but they also had a pig that the neighbours helped to feed with waste food we called “slops”. I’ll not mention what happened to the pig but I think you can guess! I have been hoping for years to find a photo of Bell’s Place and I thought that perhaps Frances may have one passed on to her by her grandparents.
  11. Need to keep the mind free of clutter so I can wander lonely as a cloud ------------------------------------------- 1. Which German General was known as the Desert Fox? Answer = 2. Of which former Soviet republic is Riga the capital? Answer = 3. What was Mary Hopkins entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970? Answer = Knock, knock! - Who’s there? Mary. Mary who? Mary Christmas everybody! 4. Which actor’s real name was William Pratt? Answer = 5. What sort of creature is a gerenuk? An
  12. 1. Which German General was known as the Desert Fox? Irwin Rommel 2. Of which former Soviet republic is Riga the capital? Latvia 3. What was Mary Hopkins entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970? Those were the days 4. Which actor’s real name was William Pratt? Boris Karloff 5. What sort of creature is a gerenuk? An antelope 6. Which rat t
  13. @James Florence has said :- Florence Palmer Alan Edgar I was named after my nana Florence Turnbull she made loads of proggy mats and used to hang them on that short wall outside .many times people would ask her if they could buy the mats ..our job was to cut the old coats up into strips for her, God help you if you cut them too small ..
  14. Fiday Night again! Very easy quiz this week. You should know most of the answers without the help of Google 1. Which German General was known as the Desert Fox? 2. Of which former Soviet republic is Riga the capital? 3. What was Mary Hopkins entry in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970? 4. Which actor’s real name was William Pratt? 5. What sort of creature is a gerenuk? 6. Which rat trained the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? 7. What did the American golfer Jack Nicklaus always carry in his pocket at tou
  15. In the photo, No 1 is the first house with the shed in front of it. I assume the shed is in the side garden that Florence refers to. Being the end house it would have been the only one with a side garden. (I think Andy and Flo Turnbull lived there.) The Gardens on the left of the picture were the Doctor Terrace gardens. The Shiney Row gardens can’t be seen – they were on the south side of the row.
  16. @James - Esme updated on the Bygone Bedlington group and whilst I was doing that I noticed this comment :- Florence Palmer My nana lived at number 1 Shiney row she had 3 bedrooms upstairs kitchen, pantry and a parlour room on the back it was a posh sitting room with another fire place in .She also had a bath under the stairs .with a sideboard in front to hide the door ..My friend lived about 6 doors away from my nana she had 2 bedrooms upstairs massive one and a skylight room very small her mam and dad slept in the large sitting room downstairs that had a setee in for guests
  17. Last time I looked it was Thursday so here are the answers to last week's quiz: 1. Shropshire (or Salop) 2. 4’ 4” 3. 17 4. Matthew 5. The Automobile association 6. Australia 7. Hindi 8. Lizard 9. Jealousy 10. Isaac Newton 11. The Hobbit 12. Fair Isle New quiz tomorrow.
  18. Cheers @James - I will let Esme know about the Shiney Row house numbering☺️. I left Bedlington on the 5th of January 1969, to start work in London on the 7th January. Only came home for a long weekend in the summer of 1969 and I never heard anything about Women in Love - it was only about 5 or 6 years ago when stumbled across info online about the 'A' pit staging some scenes for the film :-
  19. Yes former miners do receive free coal or most likely coke or its equivalent(nuggets). Ex miners who live out in the sticks are the only ones allowed to receive coal. In the towns it must be manufactured nuggets which are burned mainly on Parkray type inset fires/boilers which supply heat to a heating system as well as providing hot water to the taps. For many years the free fuel allowance could be swapped for a one off cash payment. A lot took this option and installed gas central heating. Because ex miners living in the sticks don't have mains gas they were allowed to burn coal. I don
  20. Do former miners still get a 'free' coal supply? If they do what's going to happen now that the UK Government has banned the sale of coal to the public?
  21. Shiney Row was numbered the other way; No 1 Shiney Row was nearest Glebe Row and No 49 was nearest the Doctor Pit. After making the Bedlington Miners Picnic in 1960, Ken Russell came back to Bedlington to film some scenes at Bedlington A colliery (The Aad pit) for his 1969 movie “Women in Love”.
  22. Photos + info of the Top End and the Station(Sleekburn)
  23. Turks Head Inn photo and info from David Bailey - Bygone Bedlington group :- 'My grandma always thought it was John James Snr stood in front of the Turks Head with his daughter Mary Jane but zooming in (as we can these days!) it doesn’t look like him. I’m thinking it’s Robert Metcalf (the landlord prior to him). I think I can just make out the name above the door too.'
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  25. Thanks so much Alan for your help👍
  26. @Keith Batey - there was a company under the name of 'nextstep' joined this group back in 2009. There were no images posted under 'nextstep' and within the comment posted under nextstep the aouthor used the name Frank. This is a direct link back to the 2009 posting :-
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