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  2. Before Netto moved in to the old Lidl store they were indeed in the old William Low store they moved in after MAXI FREEZE closed
  3. Yesterday
  4. Further to Rosco comment, it was Maxi Save that moved in after William Low packed in, and you mention Netto, well Netto moved into the Lidl store that they built on the new Top Club site and when they packed up ,Netto moved in which is Morrison’s store today. Netto were never at the top end, and as of today you can still see the Maxi window advertising on the top windows.
  5. 1959

    Heh heh,Eggy ya reet there!Nae chance o' me getting inti mischief! O.H. , and Lbj see ti that!! It is queer hoo a lot of people cud be mistaken for others,with nae disrespect intended,like one of the next pics alang in the gallery,a cud swear one lass was Lorna Barker,but the lass in question was named as Christine ? [aav forgotten aal riddy from a few minutes ago!!],and another was named as Lynda Mathews,who I wudda tuk for Lillian Moore.....! Ah weel,like ye say,pressing and guessing!!
  6. The Fourteen Club - 1958

    ...Er.....summik escapes me here...aam aa glaaky?.....or just ignorant?![Dictionary terminology for the last one mind!]..... But I count 17 Prefects......where did the "Fourteen Club" come from?! This pic must have been taken....at the very earliest.....in the new term of September in 1959-I left school at the start of the 1959 Summer Holidays,and Bobby Cross,Len Thompson,Eddie Hedley,Ian Cambell,Micky Lucas,and Trevor Hale were all in my class till the day I left,and none of them were Prefects,and the Fourteen Club didn''t exist! Carol Patterson was Head Girl,and a lovely lass at that,and Davy Lees was Head Boy,and a very well liked lad also. Trevor Hale wasn't exactly known for smiling,more like self-appreciating![trying desperately to be diplomatic and not sound sour here!] He was a very broad-shouldered lad ,not so tall,and the greatest runner the school had!.. a human greyhound!! He represented Northumberland in the County Schools competition,and was like Mo Farrow....nobody stood a chance against him,that I witnessed anyway! To me,I would have put No 15 as Davy Lees,cos that's how I remember him. Davy was a tall lad,and you can see that he towers over everyone in his row,second only to Micky Lucas,who was the tallest lad in the school,at the time,[one of my most sincere mates,along with Len Thompson,and Eddie Hedley]. Whey that's hoo aa see things,if me brain is starting to gaan,a apologise ,and will forivvor haad me gob!! Nae apologies for negative comments aboot Trev Hale...if a told me full story aboot Trev,Ian Cambell,Jimmy Scott,and little Billy Broon,[herinafter referred to as "The Gang" !],it would spoil the tone of this excellent discussion and nostalgic forum,which a just luv ti be a part of!!.....so.......Zip up Zippy!!
  7. Just been back to check the positions but the vote has closed and I can't find anything on the site to say who came top - just that the voting is now closed 😥 https://www.buildbase.co.uk/pitch-in-your-support
  8. Westridge 1957 Middle Remove 3

    Arlene Anderson on Facebook - Bedlington Remembered commented - No 19 = Ann Blackburn & No 20 = Ivy Elliot
  9. @moe19 - my apologies - I hadn't full read the all the comments - I must pay more attention
  10. Rosco mentions William Low, but it was originally Laws Supermarkets and built by laws to the Councils specification, and it was the death Nell when William low took it over. Photo taken during the Top Club fire and the aftermath.
  11. Under The Bridge

  12. Fancy a burger with haggis and whisky sauce? Wetherspoons is launching a special menu to mark Burns Night and it includes a quirky take on the traditional fare. While haggis is always the star of the show when it comes to celebrations of Scotland’s national poet, the pub company has decided to go one better. Burgers tend to be a universal favourite so it has come up with one which will have a uniquely Scottish flavour. Soon North East customers will be able to tuck into a Highland Burger, which contains haggis and comes with a sauce made with that favourite Scottish tipple, whisky. The 6oz burger will be served with chips and six beer-battered onion rings too - and, as an added treat, diners can try a special Robert Burns ale, from Scotland’s oldest working brewery, to go with it. These will be on the menu in Newcastle from Saturday at The Quayside bar and The Mile Castle - as well as in other Wetherspoons pubs around the region - as part of week-long celebrations to mark the life and poetry of the Scottish poet.
  13. Northumberland County Council are hosting a Holocaust memorial event as part of National Holocaust Memorial Day to remember all those lost in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides. The event to mark Holocaust Memorial Day is open to all and will take place on 25th January at 1pm in the Council Chamber at County Hall, Morpeth. The theme for this years Holocaust Memorial Day is ‘the power of words’ and the impact and difference words can make, both for good and evil, which will be explored through music, film, readings and testimonies. The event will begin with the lighting of the Holocaust memorial candle and will conclude with the rising of the Holocaust flag and a blessing from Rabbi Lipsey. The ceremony will be hosted by the Northumberland Youth Cabinet and Parliament and will feature a film from Sele First School and a talk from the Young Equality Stars from Prudhoe Highfield Middle School. Veronica Jones, Northumberland County Council cabinet member for Adult Well Being and Health, said: “It is important that we continue to remember these shocking moments in history and all those that have lost their lives through unjust hatred and persecution. “It is through remembering these events that we can learn from them and they serve as a continuous reminder that more needs to be done to recognise prejudice and raise awareness about how to stop it.”
  14. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts on this topic Eggy Hay and Hindmarch was the VG store next to the Grapes pub, and as it started self as the article says in 1961 it would probably have been the first self service in Bedlington. Hay and Hindmarsh later traded under the VG banner
  15. A new timetable of weekly health walks has been launched by Active Northumberland offering plenty of opportunities to explore Northumberland’s beautiful countryside through the seasons. The group walks are free, vary in length - from short, intermediate and long - and are open to everyone They are led by friendly, trained volunteers who are on hand to provide encouragement and support and help people enjoy the many physical and mental health benefits that regular walking brings. Walking is a low impact exercise that has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia, stroke and some cancers. While getting out in the fresh air with friends can help combat loneliness and depression. David Gregory, health walk co-ordinator for Active Northumberland said: “ Going for regular walks is one of the best and easiest things you can do for your health. Most of us know that we should be trying to walk 10,000 steps a day but getting active can be difficult especially if you’ve had problems with your health. Yet walking could make all the difference - even if you are not feeling your best. Some of our walks are very gentle and last just 30 minutes to encourage new walkers and those with long term health conditions to feel more confident in getting started. “ It’s really easy to get involved. Just turn up a few minutes before the start of a walk. You'll have great company, trained walk leaders and safe walking routes to get you on your way to healthier lifestyle.” The new programme of walks runs from January - June 2018 and covers routes in the north, west and south eastern corners of the county throughout winter, spring and early summer. Bill Godfrey from Blyth is 78 years old and regularly walks with both the Blyth and Ashington Health Walk groups. Bill suffered a heart attack last September and as a result had two stents fitted to improve his blood flow. He was back walking with both groups within weeks of his operation. Bill said: “'The walks are a great way to make sure you get out and about, get some exercise and meet new people as well as old friends. I believe that because I have walked regularly, it has helped me recover quickly and return to the quality of life I had before my illness.” Northumberland County Councillor Cath Homer, cabinet member with responsibility for leisure said: “ In many ways walking is the perfect prescription. It’s good for our health, it’s a great mood-booster and a great way for people to get more exercise into their busy lives. Our group walks also offer people a great opportunity to explore their local area, meet new people and make more friends. I would encourage anyone who may be interested to give Health Walks a try!” If you fancy giving it a go - all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes with good grip and support for your feet. If it's a hot day make sure you take a bottle of water and a waterproof or umbrella will come in very handy if rain is forecast. To view a timetable of walks in your area log on to ww.activenorthumberland.org.uk/Activities.aspx and search health walks under the A-Z activity section. Many libraries, GP surgeries and council contact centres hold a supply of printed programmes. If you would like more information about health walks in Northumberland please contact David on DGregory@activenorthumberland.org.uk or 07860504763
  16. Westridge c958 with names

    @HIGH PIT WILMA - have you seen this one?
  17. Another posting by John Krzyzanowski has this newspaper article on Hay & Hindmarsh Supermarket - 1949?? I have no recollection of where Hay & Hindmarsh had there shop(s) - will Foxy have a photo with this shop in?
  18. Beadnell's - this is a comment posted by John Krzyzanowski, on Facebook Bygone Bedlington site :- This photo is of the row of 4 shops that were compulsory purchased in 1970 and demolished to make way for the roundabout in front of the Red Lion. The shops were Beadnell's a grocer shop that had been there since 1880. Although they got compensation the owner also lost her house. The next shop was Watsons a Newsagent, they also had a shop on Glebe Bank which they lived above, it was also demolished. They had been in business there since 1836. The other two shops were Robinson's a printers and Brentons a fruit shop. Great progress that wasn't it. 1970's "let's pull it down". Let's hope we aren't revisiting those times nearly 50 years later. I'm sure the Roundabout could have been slightly smaller and did we really need a dual carriageway ? A couple of ladies I know, who worked there in the late 60's, say it was a forerunner to the Supermarket = a 'Self-service' store. A compilation of Beadnells :-
  19. 1959

    It keeps us oot a mischief HPW - wat wud wi de withoot thw www - just keep pressing and guessing and we will get there in the end - I din't recognise myself on the one and only senior school photo that was sent to me!
  20. 1959

    Ray Barret was in my class aal the way from the infants school as weel! He aalwis sat next ti Ian Darling,who were considered ti be the two brainiest[!] lads in the class. He WAS in the class with me and most of these,from the Whitley,[not THIS class!],but would have went straight into the Upper Remove the minute it was formed in the early days of opening.No 5 was Norman Taylor,who,like Alan Wilkie,and others,NEVER changed as they grew older....always instantly recognisable.
  21. 1959

    Sad to hear that Joan Hartill passed away.She was a real quiet lass in the class,and always very likeable.R.I.P. Joan. A bit late but it just struck me after reading back through the thread.
  22. 1959

    Hi Eggy! Thanks for the update! No 6 did have a bit of mixed feeling,cos a wasn't so sure after studying the pic over several sessions,and even thought Joe Hale [Deceased R.I.P. Joe.],might have been him,so many memories of classmates,easy ti get mixed up,but No 12,a was so sure of Tommy Tyler,not forgetting there were two lads with that name,a stockier lad,[in later life!] who lived in the Doctor Pit Rows,and who aa worked with at Bates Pit. That Tommy Tyler used to have a moonlight job,in between shifts at the pit,.......grave-digging with a spade,[no machines in them days, like the council have now!],along at Horton Church,past Bebside,on the way ti Deaton Delaval! No probs if aam totally wrong,aal we want is the proper names ti gaan ti the faces in thi pics!! Noo!!What's bugged me since this pic was posted,is the lassie sitting next ti Mr Bebbington,on his left,as we look at it,[No 26].In my mind,a can see a lass caaled Marie Wakenshaw,who was a lovely smiley natured real pleasant lass,and who was Bob Wakenshaws Sister..[or I always remember thinking that when a was at school.] Remember,Westridge brought pupils from aal thi schools and had a weird way of forming classes,cos when aa started,at least 15 of these pupils were in my class,along with Vic's other Half,[Doreen]and a lot of others who aren't on this pic. I never took Biology,and never had Mr Bebbington as a teacher there,[but I did have him for Maths at the Whitley School...along with his Ear-wiggling lessons!]. I sat in the same desk with Alan Wilkinson ,[No 1 ] as my deskmate aal the way through school life reet back from the first days at the infant school. Sometime,when the new school got onto it's wobbly feet,they started shifting pupils aroond,for what reason,still beats me,[age-groups?...education-potential?....],except I do know why upper-remove was created cos I went into that class and it was the biggest mistake of my school life! So this class has been formed in a shifty-roond,after aa went inti the Remove class. Mr Bebbington wasn't even up at the school when it opened the first day,and a canna ever mind seeing him,when the teachers aal sat on the stage in a row behind Mr Hemming the Headmaster. Obviously that's my grey matter torning even grey-er!,cos he was....a see noo! Aal thi way through school,up ti leaving the Whitley , the teachers used ti come ti us in wor class,then at Westridge,yi had 500 pupils teeming through the corridors,running up and doon the stairs,gaan from end ti end,in the lang corridors,ti change classes and gaan ti thi teachers!!!....Maths wi Mr Freeman at the far end of the school,then after break-time,it was doon ti the classroom nearest the the main entrance,[near the main road...so ti speak...],for History wi Mr Abrahart,or Music with Mrs Nicholson!....thinking back,if H&S existed then,risk assessments wud have had ti be put in place,cos the stairs used ti be like the London Undagrund!!,at shifty-class periods!
  23. Last week
  24. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Same here but the prettiness of him was questionable.
  25. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    If the cap fits ....
  26. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Which spurious argument would that be? Please enlighten me.
  27. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Please explain further. You lost me at "two self-contradictory views".
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