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  1. The Queens Speech

    You can imagine the carnage that could be caused by some nutter sitting on a motorway bridge with an eBay GPS spoofer!
  2. Yet Another Attempt to Swing the Referendum Result

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing these buggers exposed for the frauds and monsters they are. I only hope she gets the full 10 years.
  3. Westridge - End of term class photos

    Yes, it's always 'I before E except after C' .............. as every SCIENTIST knows!
  4. Yet Another Attempt to Swing the Referendum Result

    And still no discussion of the bloody great elephant in the room ... TTIP!
  5. Old days

    I've got a Bluetooth OBD II connector (eBay = cheap!) that communicates with the Torque Pro app on my mobile phone. Very nice setup. Apart from giving me all the usual fault codes and allowing me to reset them, it also displays a multitude of gauges and pages of data while driving.
  6. Old days

    Yes Malcolm, many folk I knew in my younger days used to swear by RedEx, and they'd probably know first-hand whether it worked or not as in those days we were always taking apart and re-assembling our cars, whereas these days most folk wouldn't recognise a piston if it hit them in the face.
  7. The Queens Speech

    We've been talking about driverless cars in the main here, but for the system to work properly ALL road vehicles will have to be autonomous and that raises the question of losses of tens of thousands of jobs in the transport industry. The reason why I state ALL vehicles will need to be autonomous is the fact that, for this system to be 100% reliable, vehicles will need to be in constant communication with each other to avoid collisions and congestion. Any vehicle without this type of communication will be the weakest link in the chain and will not be allowed to travel the same roads as the autonomous vehicles. Another point relates to so-called autonomous vehicles which still have driver controls so that a driver may be able to take control in an emergency. Well, the way I see it, there will no longer be any truly experienced drivers to do that if over 90% of their road-time is spent sitting in an autonomous vehicle doing anything but actual driving. This is borne out by the lack of skilled pilots these days due to heavy reliance on autopilot.
  8. The Queens Speech

    CAUTION!: LINK ALERT! It's things like this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36339340 that is driving the driverless revolution. I doubt whether Uber's paramount concern is safety.
  9. The Queens Speech

    Well, you're all getting your knicks in a knot over nothing. Google, as always, have it sorted - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2016/05/19/google-patents-sticky-cars-to-save-pedestrians-hit-by-driverless/ Sorry about the link merc, but I think you'll enjoy Google's slution!
  10. The Queens Speech

    It'll be an 'Act of God' most probably. 'God' being Google, of course, as we all know! (*** Bows down to the Big G***).
  11. Google Street View in Bedders

    Yeah, it's a real laugh calling it 'Market Day!'
  12. The Queens Speech

    Also, the car obviously uses collision avoidance algorithms, but what happens in the following scenario? ... Some kids run out in front of the car. The algorithm instantly decides it's too late to avoid a collision by braking alone and needs to swerve to avoid the children. Trouble is, swerving to the right would pile the car into a central reservation, putting its passengers in real danger of injury or death, while swerving to the left will hit a woman walking with a pushchair and 3 kids. What would the algorithm decide? On the other hand, what would you decide if you were the driver? I reckon I'd go right.
  13. ... 'Well take the bike off him then!'
  14. Shop to Rent - Front Street West

    Hmm... Not saying anyone is wrong, as my memory ain't what it used to be, but I always thought that NVR was in the old Rediffusion shop.
  15. Scraping the Bottom of the Porridge Bowl!

    No wonder they are gunning for the SME's. It's definitely in the best interests of almost any SME to support Brexit. The sheer weight of ridiculous EU regulations are not only killing existing SME's, but are discouraging many from even starting up in the first place. Large corporations, on the other hand, are laughing all the way to the bank, knowing that their smaller competitors are being annihilated in this way.