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  1. Is this really a joke?

    The Falklands. Be honest - how many of you had even heard of them before the Iron Bag sank the RETREATING Belgrano? I couldn't understand what it was all about myself until I came across a map on the net of OIL RESERVES around the Falklands.
  2. Is this really a joke?

    Speaking honestly, if I could go back in time, I too might consider the possibility of assassinating Thatcher. Like yourselves, I come from a proud mining community and Thatcher was the Devil incarnate to all my friends and family during the miner's strike. Her part in the Falklands war was also despicable.
  3. Coal Mining

    Anyway, all this talk of eating down the pit has reminded me of an old joke I first heard from my Dad. I doubt whether any of you haven't heard it before and I can't remember the exact words but the theme went something like this ... BILLY: Y'aal reet Geordie marra. Wud y like a bullet? Aa got them from the bottom shop t'other day. GEORDIE: Aye, aa wadn't mind Billy. Wot are they? BILLY: Sugared Almonds, Geordie. GEORDIE: Ah, sorry Billy mate, aa divn't care too much for the sugar. A couple of days later ... BILLY; Fancy a bullet Geordie? GEORDIE: Not if they're them sugary things ye had t'other day Billy. BILLY: Ner, tha's nee sugar on these Geordie. So Geordie takes a handful and munches on them ... GEORDIE: Almonds, and they're very tasty marra. Did ye get these at another shop then? BILLY: Ner. They're wot aa had t'other day but aa've sucked aal the sugar off them!
  4. Have I been dreaming again, or was the Chilcot report actually released a few weeks ago? Hardly a mention of the report or Teflon Tony in the media these last couple of weeks. Then again, he's innocent of all charges and of no more interest to the media.
  5. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    I have to admit that I too have a problem with Islam as an ideology, even though I count Muslims among some of my friends. I don't have the educational skills or the verbal eloquence of some posters in here, but I know mind control when I see it. Muslims are locked into a religion, for life, mostly. They leave upon pain of death. It's even been said that many suicide bombers are in fact genuinely suicidal and, seeing as taking your own life is forbidden in Islam, they take the 'martyr' route, which allows them to exterminate themselves with the full backing of Mohammed and their religious leaders, along with the bonus of 36, or 72, or whatever the current number of virgins is, thrown in for their efforts.
  6. Coal Mining

    I remember my Dad taking his bait to the Dr. Pit for him and Taffy, his pit pony. His marra always took something 'posh,' like Spam, which the lads called 'pink lint' I believe. I'm sure most of you know that Cornish pasties were taken down the tin mines for bait, and the ridge of crust provided a means of holding the pasty with dirty hands without affecting the filling. This was important because the ore often contained arsenic as well as tin.
  7. Coal Mining

    HPW, I use Firefox browser and have added an extension called 'Textarea Cache' which is very simple in operation. It places a small icon in the bottom status bar of the browser and tracks everything you type. If your post disappears you can simply click on the icon which fetches up a dialogue box where you can copy the text you just entered, like this ...
  8. Coal Mining

    Some wonderful information in here. Thanks all for a very good read.
  9. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    If I were you 3g, I'd stick to the previously mentioned Kipling and his exceedingly good cakes!
  10. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    It must be a huge pressure on the Swedish economy then to provide more local authority igloos.
  11. Manor Walks Sold, guess to whom.

    So, that'll be the end of free parking at Manor Walks then.
  12. The Telephone!

    One thing I love about my Android phone is the call recording app I put on it. It runs in the background and you never know it's there, but it records every call I make or receive, great for someone like me with a memory like a ... em, one of those er, things, er, you know, with the holes in them ..... About once a week I clear out the calls I no longer wish to keep so they're not using up memory. It will even record stuff when I access my voicemail so that I can clear the voicemail but still have a copy should I need it at a later date.
  13. BLAIR - The net closes in ...

    I see the UK families of the Iraq war dead have set up a crowd-funding site to raise money to prosecute the b@st@rd. They reached their goal of £50,000 in the FIRST 9 HOURS! They now have an extended goal of £150,000 which I hope they will also soon reach. https://www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/chilcot/ Personally, I think it's all wrong that Blair will be defended with our tax money while the families have to raise their own.
  14. Bedlington Picnic

    Isn't that a bit high for the Police chopper merc?