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  1. St Cuthberts School

    Ah. I can't confirm that myself as I'm only passing on information from a respected member of the community. Sign or no sign though, there was no need for the gesture she got in lieu of a polite reply. Surely these workmen knew beforehand that the removal of this tree was a sensitive issue? Anyway, here's what the site looked like tonight ...
  2. St Cuthberts School

  3. St Cuthberts School

    BULLSHIT!!! I heard from a 100% reliable source that a lady walked over to the fence from Morrison's (staff?) and pointed out that there was a notice on the fence informing them of the petition. She was answered with a 2-fingered salute by one of the tossers cutting the trees down. Bloody disgraceful!
  4. Old days

    It says 4 Palace Road on the bank's website, which is the address of Big Mama's I believe, and the Chinese next door is 5-6 Palace Road. Not that it matters much in the grand scheme of things though!
  5. Old days

    I think you're right moe. That would make sense about it ending up as a takeaway.
  6. Old days

    I think there has been a bit of confusion on the Martins Bank website. If you look at the page for Bedlington STATION Martins Bank then that too says 'Takeaway' at the bottom. http://www.martinsbank.co.uk/11-50-00%20Bedlington%20Station.htm
  7. St Cuthberts School

    On a lighter note, and not to be disrespectful but simply to lighten the mood .....
  8. St Cuthberts School

    I might add that such a renaming would also be a small win, a mark of respect of all the people who campaigned for the saving of the willow tree.
  9. St Cuthberts School

    Ok then. This issue over the removal of a much-loved tree has obviously stirred some deep feelings in Bedlington folk. The fact that it is going to be removed regardless of any campaign to save it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, but how about this for a practical way to remember that tree for another 100years? ............. Why not rename Schalksmuhle Road (a poor choice in the first place, in my opinion) into something entirely fitting, like Willow Tree Drive, or Weeping Willow Way, or something along those lines, in remembrance of the beautiful tree that stood here for all of our lives, and not some remote German town that 90% of folk in Bedlington have no clue of (unless you happen to be called Binks, of course)?
  10. St Cuthberts School

    Here's a suggestion... Maybe they could bury the County Councillors in the hole before they lay the car park.
  11. live bedlington

    Streaming anything uses up huge chunks of data, it's just the way it is. Doesn't your mobile provider inform you when you are nearing your limit? i get a text from EE when I've reached 80%.
  12. loathe muslims

    Very true mercury. Having belief gets many people through life, but that belief shouldn't be forced upon you from an early age. Belief comes from within, and whether it's a belief in a fictitious god, superstrings, or a holographic universe, as long as the possibility exists that death is not the end then you will always find believers. Myown belief is that we are beings of energy and, since energy can be neither created nor destroyed, then what's to say we may not survive death and continue to exist in a different form, as pure energy even? Call me a nutter, but hey, it gets me through my day!
  13. Anzac day 2016

    That's true Malcolm, but the same mistakes are being made again,...... and again,..... and again! This idea of war after war to keep the population in constant fear, and therefore willing to support laws resulting in loss of freedoms, cannot be what our forefathers fought for. War in any shape or form should not be celebrated.
  14. Anzac day 2016

    Sadly, Brian, many people DO forget, and I'll own up to being one of them. I never knew it was Anzac day today, along with millions of others in the UK I'm sure. However, is forgetting such a bad thing? Personally, I think we need to look to the future and not dwell in the past. The past can't be changed. Those last two lines of the verse Malcolm quoted above just highlight the futility of it all. Nothing has changed.
  15. loathe muslims

    My question is: Where is this so-called God when needed? I'm approaching the twilight of my years now and in all those years I have never, ever, witnessed proof that this 'God' exists at all. Countless wars, gross infringements of human and animal rights, abuse and massacre of children, to name but a few. My view of 'God' (any god) is of the small, obsessed little man standing behind the curtain pulling the levers in Wizard of Oz. If there is a God, he's a snivelling coward.