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  1. Defibrillators

    Excellent use of resources. They are one of those things you hope you'll never need but are nevertheless pleased to know they are always available.
  2. The Truth About the EU Army Revealed

    Looks like a scene from Teletubbies!
  3. Those Undeserved Honours

    Guess you can count me in too.
  4. Going places, meeting people

    Yes, light work indeed, but don't forget that those Cooper's buses were developed years ago under a cloak of secrecy as a Black Ops project in Area 51, known locally as 'Annitsford.'
  5. Clippie Shop At Choppington Station

    You paint a wonderful picture HPW, as good as any of the Pitmen Painters.
  6. The Bleeding Heart Left

    Democracy is an Illusion. From the cradle to the grave we serve our elitist masters, and [Deity] help us if we step out of line.
  7. PAWS again . . .

    What a sad end to to an unquestionably worthwhile cause. I'm with merc: pay nothing and let them take you to court. The adverse publicity for the council will far outweigh the extortionate sum they are asking, and it will be adverse publicity, as I'm sure you'll get the full backing of the local rag and many of the Town's residents. Despicable.
  8. New Bus Stops

    Should have said, 'Bedlington - Near the Dead Willow Tree.'
  9. Editing Quotes ...

    Thanks. So it seems like it may be a Firefox issue then. It may be one of my Firefox extensions causing the problem though, and not a fault with the browser itself.
  10. Editing Quotes ...

    Yes, and it's just worked for me too ............................... in Google Chrome, on both my machines, but it doesn't work on either of them in Firefox. Do either of you (CL and Eggy) use Firefox, or were your posts made from a different browser?
  11. Editing Quotes ...

    Can anyone tell me how to highlight sections of text in quoted posts? I've tried to select the portion of text in order to make it bold, italic, underlined etc but the WHOLE text is selected each time. This works in virtually every other forum I visit but not in here.
  12. Going places, meeting people

    I hope your missus doesn't get too uptight when you bring up the subject of 'Extra Virgin!'
  13. Bedlington Fair

    Yes, and also used to great effect by showmen at fairgrounds and market traders.
  14. Bedlington Fair

    That last post was a mistake but there wasn't an option to delete it. Very strange the way this forum works.
  15. Bedlington Fair

    Hey, look! I'm an upside down poster!