Malcolm Robinson
West Bedlington Town Council have always been keen to listen to resident views and as part of that interaction decided to set up a Youth Council so the views, hopes and aspirations of our younger community members could also be given a voice.
Commissioning Leading Link to facilitate this new improvement in community interaction the Mayor and Deputy Mayor have been working closely with the younger members of this new group and both agree what a fantastic bunch of youngsters we have here! 
One of the first real tasks was to get them to produce lists of their wants and needs as far as developing the Town goes.  Not only did we get lists off them personally they also petitioned all of their schools too, so now we have a very in depth directory based on popularity of choice. 
WBTC is pleased to welcome this new addition to our representative process and we are looking forward to the presentation they will be giving us on February 9th, 4.30-6.00pm at Bedlington Community Centre. 
We welcome any adults keen to see what our children would like to show us!

West Bedlington Town Council, always keen to promote the interests of its residents have this time teamed up with the Department of Work and Pensions to put on a Jobs Fair in the town.

If you want to find out more just come along on the day.........
It's perhaps a good thing that Mary Weightman isn't around to witness the demise of her life's work, because that's exactly what's now happening!  The Bedlington-based PAWS (People's Animal Welfare Service) is finally shunting up shop due to lack of funding.  PAWS has faltered before: lastly in 1982, when it took two years of fund-raising and the support of notable local people before the valuable project could resume.  But, right now, there sounds to be an eerie finality descending on the sixty one year-old initiative.
Sheilah and Graham Johnstone have been involved in the charity since the mid 1990's and took over the reins when Mary died in 2005.  They've made brave and creditable attempts to meet the rising costs of medicines in recent months.  But, despite welcome support from Bedlintonians, these efforts have fallen well short of securing the circa £1400 a month very necessary to keep PAWS going.
There's always hope that someone will step in to save PAWS, but it will likely need to be someone who's more familiar with social media and modern fund-raising methods. would desperately like to help here and offers its free services in any way possible, together with some limited funding.  If you feel that you can help too then now is surely the time to speak up!
These three characters have all had a positive influence on this, their local community. Shown on the left, I remember Dr Brown with his pet Boxer dog. He was the perfect 'Gentle Man' who spoke to everyone,tipped his hat to all the ladies and spoke to their children. Unfortunately, in his later years, after losing his wife, he became a little confused. I was always amused to see his car parked at all angles along Bedlington Front Street. Everyone seemed to understand and did not mind. I once found him driving his little, light blue, Ford Fiesta, around the Plessey roundabout, the wrong way, hopelessly lost. I had to lead him back into Bedlington. I am pleased to have known him as he was of a generation when Doctors were only too glad to be available to their local community.
Adam Hogg
As part of Light up Bedlington, Leading Link are wanting to create Timeline highlighting Bedlington's history.
This Interactive timeline of Bedlington requires Photos (Old and New) and creative Writing.
Space is limited and therefore requires to be booked in advance, The Event will be held at 90a Front Street East/ The old Gas shop and former Synergy Radio Station between 9.30am - 12.30pm on Wedensday 26th November.
To book please fill in the booking form on the bottom of the Light up Bedlington page, link is below:
Police have charged fifty year-old Clare Humble, of the same address, with murder.
Thirty nine year-old Lee Nicholson of Lydford Court, Kenton Bank Foot, Newcastle, has been charged with "perverting the course of justice".
Both persons will appear before Bedlington Magistrates' Court tomorrow.
Andy (4G)
In 2007 Tesco unveiled plans to redevelop its Bedlington town centre store including the introduction of additional retail units and office space. In 2014 the residents of Bedlington are still waiting for work to begin despite a key town centre asset being handed over as part of the deal. The "Gap Site", a parcel of land in the heart of the market place remains unused and leaves the town's ongoing development in a state of limbo.
Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery has written to Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis requesting a meeting amid concerns that the proposed plans have now been "permanently shelved". He has started a campaign to request Tesco develop the site as promised or return the asset to someone that will.
Mr Lavery, speaking to Chronicle Live journalist Brian Daniel said, "The situation is a hugely disappointing one for everyone concerned particularly given that when originally passed by planners this scheme was heralded as the biggest single investment in the history of the town. The failure to progress this development leaves Bedlington in a state of limbo.
"Accessibility from the car park at the rear entrance to the store is a huge issue with the steep ramps proving problematic for shoppers with full trolleys let alone those with children in pushchairs, the disabled or the elderly," he said.
"Furthermore the failure to progress the development leaves the undeveloped gap in the centre of the town's Market Place as a continued eyesore in what is otherwise an extremely attractive tree-lined main thoroughfare through Bedlington.
"Many people were also so looking forward to the proposed development providing much-needed new office and retail space for small local businesses and that has not happened either.
"It is my belief that Tesco has an obligation to the people of Bedlington to review its plans for the store and the wider town centre, because failure to do so will have far reaching consequences for the town.
"I would welcome a meeting with Mr Lewis to discuss a potential way forward on this dilemma."
The campaign is currently requesting the signatures of local residents in support of his proposal and at the time of writing had 17 signatures.