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  2. Ghosn is also notorious for taking the business where it's best for his Interests. He's a hell of a businessman. Too early yet to say, as we're still part of the the EU, but I would say he's a healthy barometer in terms of what others may do. He isn't without credentials.
  3. Surely you are not saying the BEEB is biased Threegee, I have just about given up on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation and on SKY. I have grown bored of watching programs with audiences top heavy with left-wing Luvvies who scream racist or sexist at anyone who dares to disagree with them
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  5. Margaret Speller adds No 11 = Jackie Mason.
  6. The Guradianistas at the BBC aren't being entirely honest in reporting what Carlos Ghosn the CEO of Nissan UK is saying by selectively reporting him. What Ghosn is looking for is the government to channel some of the revenues from counter-taxing German luxury cars back to Nissan to compensate them for any EU protectionism and Brussels hubris. Obviously no one wants any tariffs, and if sanity prevails there won't be any, but the Brussels bureaucrats are in a hole and their empire threatened, so rationalism may not prevail. Ghosn is being very careful about not issuing any threats, and is only talking about competitiveness, but this doesn't seem to be good enough for elements at the BBC. Nor is he pressing his views, and that he's not mentioning the windfall boost to Nissan's competitiveness from the lower exchange rate is understandable, although it's not understandable for the BBC to completely fail to question him about this aspect! In fact he's doing his duty and acting in the interests of Nissan, its shareholders and it's employees. It a pity that the BBC Guardianistas need to be frequently embarrassed into acting in the interests of their own "shareholders"..
  7. Colin Sim thinks No 10 is Bill (William) thingy-me-bob.
  8. Not many jobs can have been this dangerous.
  9. The latest history programme may help Daniel with a contact number, e mail and the names of local speakers this year. The Reverend Ian Hennebry has some brilliant stories about Canon Whitley (Senior Wrangler). Our History in Bedlington is unique. Lots to question in the early days and beyond. Lots to argue about in the recent past and present.
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  11. Hi Canny Lass! Depends which area the tragic fatality occurred.If they were using a "Simplex" ratchet jack for some reason,maybe against the roof in a very low seam,to move a coalcutter,and the roof broke up,it would naturally cause a roof fall which would "Cant"[knock] out the adjacent pit props which were holding the roof up. If you put a pit prop in against the roof,and it isn't vertical,[on a horizontal seam that is!],you would say the prop was "on the cant".[sloping!] If the coal seam was in a rising plane,you would refer to the seam being "on thi cant",therefore you would put your props in on the cant also,ensuring it was at right-angles to the floor.[whatever angle the seam was ]. In Yorkshire,and other areas,they use terms we haven't heard of! At Choppington High Pit,where roof conditions were atrocious,and accidents happened almost weekly,if not daily,the caunchmen used to put two long thick props in at a cant,with a long plank horizontally,between the props,to "stay" up the stone strata facing,where coal had been extracted from underneath,[the "Caunch"], and they referred to these props as "Brow-stays"..[pronounced.."Brew-stays"],as they supported the "Brow" of the Caunch. Now,supposing other pits did the same thing,they might refer to them as "Jacks"...[speculation!],I know they didn't use this method of support at the other pits where I worked,only Choppington. If I knew what report the quote came from,and could read the whole report,it might be easier explained! I hope at least you have a bit better understanding of some of pitwork methods,Canny Lass! If you visit my Bates Pit Pics,on Flickr,you will see what a "Caunch" is![or other pit pics on other sites on Flickr,it's a great site!] On a closing note,I would eat grass,if the judge didn't lay the blame on the miners,for negligence,and cleared the coal-owners[his cronies!],of any blame. Check out fatal accidents enquiries at the "Old Bailey" ,in the years circa 1890-ish,or anywhere around the beginning of the coal industry. It is full of.."the miner didn't have enough timber in......" ....."the boy was riding illegally on the limbers"....."the miner failed to observe the mine-owner's rules".....! He didn't have enough timber in,cos he wouldn't have ENOUGH to put in,cos the greedy Coal-owners wouldn't invest in safety. It was still hanging on like that at Choppington,for a long time,they used to have a man underground,with a "girder-straightener",in which he would be pumping away on a hydraulic operated device handle,for hours to straighten one girder or steel plank which had been bent under roof pressure![rather than send new ones !] They re-used old pitprops over and over till they were rotten with being waterlogged constantly,and which caused roof falls on the coal faces,but nobody said owt aboot it....it was the way it worked! Eeh!,time ti wesh me dishes,then it's waaky-time for LBJ! Ta Ta for noo!
  12. Another end of year class photo but no date or any names.
  13. From the album Bedlington Station Secondary Modern School

    Another from Keith's collection - this one from the Delaval Secondary school on Princess Louise Road, Blyth. Following the fire at the Bedlington Station Modern school, 1969, the 273 pupils were moved into this school until a replacement building, at the previous site in Bedlington, was opened in 1974.
  14. Orloff has given the name of No 13 - Margaret Hancox - photo updated.
  15. Although Keith had this photo labelled as 'Mr Dick's class - 1971 (maybe)' this photo would be before September 1969, when the school was burnt down.
  16. I'll save up for next month!
  17. Foxy, change from a fiver means you get a pint AND a half in the Lion!
  18. Couldn't agree more! I was making the point that a spellcheck may not have picked this up, and that no journalist should be relying on one anyway! What happened to proofreading? More to the point, what are they teaching kids these days? I am often asked by friends to help them update their cv's; these are often initially produced under the guidance of a 'tutor' on a compulsory course for Jobseekers over one day. The tutor signs the finished product off as usable. One lad brought me his to look at and see if I could improve it. I threw it away and started again. To be honest, I was furious as, having been involved in recruitment and the process of weeding out those to interview from a few hundred applicants, I assured him his cv would go straight in the bin within five seconds. His opening personal statement began: 'Ah am a hard worker....' - yes, 'ah', not 'I'; that's how he speaks, and it went on to get worse in a couple of lines. Who taught him English? More to the point, who is this idiot 'tutor' who signed this - and many others - off as usable? For the record, the lad hadn't had an interview for two years; with my revised cv, and a simple, clearly written cover letter, he had three out of three from his next applications.
  19. Merc...........standards young man standards! The levels of both spoken and written English these days are dismal.
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  21. 1968 - Class 3A

    From the album Bedlington Station Secondary Modern School

    Photo from Lesley Humble Cooper collection posted on Bygone Bedlington Facebook site.
  22. Eggs, meetings are now held in Bedlington Community Centre and the cost has risen to £2 per visit or £10 annual membership. Just have to have a half instead of a pint when we come out
  23. I forgot about the history society but now Malcolm mentions it I do remember some info posted on another topic :- There is a contact number & email address for the Secretary, Barry Mead, on the ANLHS web page :- Association of Northumberland Local History Societies (ANLHS) Member Societies/Groups & Organisations Bedlingtonshire LHS The society was founded in 1968. Meetings are held from September to November and from January to April on the last Monday of the month at 7.30pm in Bedlington Evangelical Church. There is no membership fee but £1 is charged for each meeting. For further information tel. : 01670 861180 Or contact Barry Mead, Secretary by emailing bas.mead@google.mail.com. -----------------------
  24. Love it. However, I should add that a spellchecker would not necessarily highlight chould; It's one of those combination words - 'could' and 'should' - that is deemed acceptable in many quarters, and has likely been used by the paper before. The sub-editor wants a good kicking for not noticing it, though. And I agree that the standard of writing is often appalling.
  25. Dan, you need Barry Mead or John Dawson for the historical stuff.........or even wor Maggie! The history society meet at the community centre now, I think Foxy knows the dates and times.
  26. ...trade deals. Or at least trade deals negotiated by politicians. Even if you formerly claimed "TTTIPEX" or whatever the best thing since pencils with rubbers on the top; even if it was in your party's manifesto; even if you part negotiated it yourself - right now you want to distance yourself from it, because the practical result for your country has turned out far worse than having no deal at all! (average tariffs under the current WTO regime are only about 3.5%) Now what are our politicos telling us we really really need? What are armies of British bureaucrats readying to spend years and years negotiating? Someone should tell them to make sure they stay right at the end of the queue.
  27. Help needed again from our resident mining experts! "The stone fell from a jack and canted the timber out". (1913) This is written in a mining report related to an accident in which a young boy was killed. I understand he died instantly under the stone. Can anybody explain what a 'jack' is and what a 'canted out timber' is? Trying to get an idea of how this accident happened.
  28. Has anyone any info, stories etc. on the school that is labelled on the 1896 map approximately where Hollymount Square is now? Just noticed it the last time I had the map loaded and when I checked on the next map, revised 1920, the abbreviation 'Sch.' on the 1896 map had been replaced with the abbreviation 'Misn. Rm.' The ordnance survey list of abbreviations shows 'Misn.' = Mission. Nothing for the 'RM.' that I would assume is Room. I could go to the Woodhorn museum but I'm not desperate, just curious.
  29. Any candidates up for this Malcolm?
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