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  2. WTTC Broadband in Nthlnd

    Not sure how they'll cope in poor weather but definitely a sensible way of enabling rural areas to have faster connections. It still bemuses me that we are building housing estates without FTTP as standard. Lad I work with had just bought a brand new house in Blyth, so new they're still building others around him and he got no more than 2MB LLU. It's definitely one of the things that people take into account now when deciding on residency and I have a reliance for work so living in the arse end of nowhere is alot more difficult she you need a connection for work.
  3. Got Windows 10 yet? Are you sure?

    If I were you I'd do a clean install on 10 as upgrading may have borked something.
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  5. Coal Mining

    Thanks BB! I'm sure I'll be using that often.
  6. Coal Mining

    http://trimdon.com/trimdon-history/trimdon-snippets/mining-work-page-13/local-mining-terms-pages-29-30-31/ There are some good web sites but I like its simplicity for simpletons like me! There is also a good book that is worth getting a hold of. Pitmatic - the talk of the north east coal field by Bill Griffiths. BB
  7. Brexit : Why TTIP matters

    Download the leaked TTIP documents released by Greenpeace here - https://ttip-leaks.org/ A good site providing a summary of what TTIP holds in store for us all based on the leaked information - https://www.opendemocracy.net/can-europe-make-it/thomas-fazi/ttip-we-were-right-all-along
  8. Coal Mining

    Thanks Vic!
  9. Coal Mining

    Canny lass, my recollection is an hourly or daily paid worker! many workers were on some form of piece work. I’m sure HPW can elaborate.
  10. Got Windows 10 yet? Are you sure?

    Nowt wrang wi' Vista! ................................... once you've disable UAC! Both my Vista machines have been running fine for years now. They run everything I need, including the hardwareI use in my 'day' job (making stuff for ebay), a wide format printer and a drag-knife cutter.
  11. Coal Mining

    Here's another question for our coal-mining experts. On his death certificate in 1963, the occupation of a deceased mining relative is stated as "Datal Worker (below) Coal Mining".Does anybody know what is meant by 'Datal Worker?
  12. Got Windows 10 yet? Are you sure?

    I do miss XP!! (although I recall the days of DOS - don't let them fool you - its all still DOS under there!) the old pc failed and so got a new one with that appalling vista thing on it so bit the bullet and loaded the 'new' 10 - the one with a proper start menu. all was fine until for some reason one of the user accounts decided that it would not display the tiles from the blue windows logo and completely lost edge ??? so now back to IE version whatever and have a user account that runs very slowly in accessing programmes from the start menu of windows but not from the sensible way of starting them - all other accounts are fine -since when did they become APPS???????????
  13. WTTC Broadband in Nthlnd

    Interesting article Brett. There's hope for the yokels yet then!
  14. Brexit : Why TTIP matters

    Well, no worries Canny Lass. The main point is that TTIP plays an absolutely crucial part in whether we decide to vote to Leave or Remain, and yet there are no discussions of it in the mainstream media. EVERYONE should know the ramifications of TTIP before making a meaningful vote. As stated in the video, just the fact that TTIP is top secret, even to governments, and that it is a criminal offence to distribute any of the text contained in the TTIP documents should prove, in no uncertain terms, that something is very, very, wrong here.
  15. Brexit : Why TTIP matters

    Sorry Webtrekker! it wasn't a comment on the content, more on the presentation of it. I did in fact watch the video (how else would I know that he was telling us about secrecy)? Until I watched that video I thought TTIP was something PG put into small packets for me to pour boiling water on.
  16. WTTC Broadband in Nthlnd

  17. Got Windows 10 yet? Are you sure?

    I'm running a combination of Windows 7, Windows 10, Debian at home and just about to move to Windows 10 enterprise at work and we seem to be upscaling the use of Windows OS as work phones replacing the ancient blackberries.
  18. Brexit : Why TTIP matters

    I don't think that's relevant Canny Lass. It's because of the state the world is in that people need to keep their identities secret. However, governments and the EU should be transparent, particularly when it directly involves the lives of so many people. If you take the trouble to actually watch the video you will understand why TTIP is such an issue.
  19. Brexit : Why TTIP matters

    How can he/she talk about things being done in secrecy while wearing a mask himself?
  20. loathe muslims

    I've just seen the funny side of that! Nice play on words!
  21. loathe muslims

    A good 'debate' maybe?
  22. loathe muslims

    No attack, merely facts; anyone with a few brain cells, on checking that source, will scan the headlines and come to the same conclusion as me.
  23. Cameron and Osborne are Toast!

    On Saturday the bookies drastically shortened their odds on Dodgy Dave not lasting the year out, but they're still way out. Their book should actually be on will he last June out, because there's zero chance that either of the dodgy duo will last 2016 out! In order to restore credibility whoever replaces him must take another look at his dodgy deals, and I'm not just talking about the pretend EU renegotiation. There's also his stitch up with the BBC bosses to let them off the hook for another 11 years if they play his game, and the other quid pro quos with the civil service, merchant banks, and international big business. An inquiry into how the civil service became so deeply involved in deceiving the public is in order. And, If five former chancellors all say the Treasury has been feeding the public total BS, that is something which can't be ignored.
  24. Yet Another Attempt to Swing the Referendum Result

    Your ignorance in that last post is utterly astonishing. My 'mates in the pub' are a bunch of intelligent, politically aware professionals from many different walks of life; your blanket dismissal is typical of your superior attitude, and serves little purpose in the discussion. For the record, and this is yet another display of ignorance on your part, you'll find few in Bedlingto in support of Mr Lavery; his core vote is from Ashington. I stand, firmly, by my point: people, in general, have lost interest.
  25. loathe muslims

    You can't beat a good argument .
  26. Happy birthday Bayardm

    Belated Happy Birthday Bayardm.
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