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  2. 'It’s always been done that way...’

    I thought it was intesting that WT mentioned this type of experiment as I'd only recently given Vic a clip (Lovely Word clip!), albeit totally undeserved, when I failed to see his subtle sarcasm. Masserman's observations are still used today in psychiatry as he was one of the first, and probably the most widely acknwledged, within the field of empathy research. Up until he started his research it was widely believed that empathy was the main distinguishing factor between animals and humans but his findings proved otherwise while at the same time giving a degree of support to the theory that humans have evolved from primates.
  3. Netherton Football team photo - 1937-38?

    The guy kneeling on the right is the only vaguely familiar face but I can't put a name to him. The photo's taken15-20 years Before my memory would contain anything at all, but even when I try to envisage the younger ones 20 years on it doesn't get me anywhere.  Bluebarby. do you recognise anybody?
  4. Netherton Football team photo - 1937-38?

    Great picture. I find myself scanning for familiar faces in our generation. Bedlington Families you have met along life's way.
  5. 'It’s always been done that way...’

    Canny Lass the dreaded Big Brother lot have been reading and trying out these experiments. Or so I have heard! Well ok I have watched them on the odd occasion!  
  6. 'It’s always been done that way...’

    The monkeys could try distraction. That is :- look or go over there then quickly get the bananas. Okay at first there is the cold water but 'if at first you don't suceed try try again '. Get all the monkeys working out on the ladder together.
  7. The Green Button and Star Rating

    The new 'like ' button and points do not seem to correspond to the weeks overall score totals. The people pressing like appear to not always show up then the totals change. It is not a problem either way. Just interesting dynamics of a competition I have not intentionally entered into !
  8. 'It’s always been done that way...’

    It was the same in the 50's in wor hoose. Experiment - Tried to get away with something and not get got clipped of me mam. Method - do something I was told not to, get clipped. Try a 2nd time - got another clip. Decision time - try again and get another clip or try something else? Simple -  ask me big brothers, they would know what to do. They beat me up so I didn't try and get away with that again. Conclusion - no matter what I tried I got caught out. Eventually I learnt me lesson, 1993.  
  9. The Puddlers return

    HPW - Don't know what the final outcome will be! Don't know if there is still to be blocks of flats called Puddlers Drive or is it just the strip of road, between the two Puddlers Drive sign posts that is named Puddlers Drive. I know the planning/building application says 'demolition of 7 & 8 Tosson Close to build .........." but Nos 7 & 8 (as well as 9-14) have been rebuilt and the piece of land that used to be Nos 1-6 Tosson Close is still just a strip, of grassed, land. The strip of land on the opposite side of the road to 1-6 Tosson Close, that used to be Nos 21 & 22 Coquetdale Place is where the photographed sign of Puddlers Drive above was taken. I will try and remember to drive there next year and see what progress there is, and if the estate is Puddling!.
  10. 'It’s always been done that way...’

    Jules Masserman did a similar experiment in the 60:s. Using chimps who had to pull a chain to recieve food, onlooking chimps got an Electric shock at the same time as the chain-pulling chimp got his food. The chimps starved themselves to near Death rather than let the other chimps get an Electric shock. A classic demonstration of empathi - putting themselves in other's shoes and making a compassionate decision.
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  12. West End First School Or The Top End School

    Thanks Orloff, the name doesn't ring a bell. I was at Westridge from Sept '59 to July '64.
  13. On the Facebook - Bygone Bedlington site Mary Mclean posted a photo with the comment :- "found this photo in my dads box can anyone shed a light on who they are?" She's had two replies - 1 from Brian Parr -  Netherton 1937 38 football team the best ever winning 3 trophies in that season sorry no names and 1 from  Meesta Sam -  2nd from the right, standing looks like my grandad Charlie Gray. Nothing positive to help her identify anyone that could be her realative. I know this photo is of generations before you two but Canny Lass & bluebary an you two help Mary to add some names to the photo?  
  14. The Puddlers return

    Should you hear an unusual noise when passing Bedlington churchyard. don't be unduly alarmed; it's only Michaee.l Longridge .turning in his grave.  Died October 1858.
  15. The Puddlers return

    There should be an award for research into local history. Well done eggy. Our town deserves National Recognition. A healthy place to live with history and heritage . I love the 'swathes of daffodils and floral displays' Bedlington in Bloom. Also good pictures of the here and now
  16. The Puddlers return

    Maggie - I have never found a load of info on The Puddler's connected to the Iron Works. There again I haven't really looked that far, just via Google!  Never found a photo of the type of puddling furnace that was used at the Bedlington Ironworks. From the info that is around 'the puddlers' were a breed of their own, and imported into many steel & railway production areas in England. As the old maps show the name Puddlers was used for roads, houses and a pub. Extracts from a couple of www sites and and a concocted photo to follow :-  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bedlington_Ironworks Bedlington Ironworks, in Blyth Dene, Northumberland, England, operated between 1736 and 1867. It is most remembered as the place where wrought iron rails were invented by John Birkinshaw in 1820, which triggered the railway age, with their first major use being in the Stockton and Darlington Railway opened in 1825, about 45 miles (72 km) to the south. Blyth Dene, near Bedlington, was an idyllic location next to the River Blyth which had all the right ingredients for an ironworks at the time: there were nodules of ironstone in the coal laden banks of the river, there was plenty of wood for the traditional approach of charcoal making, water for driving the hammers, and the port of Blyth was only two miles downriver for shipping of the products. At the time, a Shropshire man, Abraham Darby had started a revolution in ironmaking by using coke instead of charcoal. The Bedlington ironworks originally consisted of two elements – a mill in Bebside and a furnace at Bedlington Mill The ancient corn mill at Bedlington was taken over in 1759 by Malings & Co of Sunderland, who built a blast furnace for foundry work. However they did not do well. Later there was a forge driven by a huge water wheel and a puddling furnace which needed the coal that was all around. http://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Bedlington_Ironworks The dawn of the nineteenth century saw Hawks and Longridge still in command of the Bedlington Iron Works. The discoveries by Abraham Darby, the introduction of the puddling furnace and the rolling mills were all contemporary happenings of the early Bedlington iron workers. The "ironmen" of Bedlington undoubtedly established their trade well into the eighteenth century, by expanding business and spreading the name of the firm. 1855 The locomotive factory was closed down. The cost of transit was far too great, and competition was too much to contend with. The Bedlington Coal Co purchased the iron works in 1865 and traded as Bedlington Iron Co. The intention was to manufacture iron mouldings for their own use and for outside sales. But little was made of it and the iron works were finally abandoned in 1867. Bedlington Coal Company did sell one possession of the Ironworks in 1867 and that was the famous wagon way, which went from Blyth to the Tyne Railway Company. From Bedlington ‘time line’ http://www.sixtownships.org.uk/bedlington-time-line.html 1864 Dixon & Mounsey built twenty-one cottages named Puddlers Row Rootsweb site  http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/NORTHUMBRIA/2005-06/1119510958 has one researcher giving this info :- The terraced "cottages" that housed the "puddlers" from the Bedlington Iron Works were called Puddlers Lane, Row and Road. Today they are Stead Lane and Jubilee Terrace. Today's "Bank Top Hotel" was once the Puddlers Arms. To get "half" a view of the area, go to >communities.northumberland.gov.uk< choose "Bedlington", from left hand menu, click on "Ordnance Maps" The 1st Edition 1860 6" map showing the town/village of Bedlington only shows a wee bit of Bedlington Station, and the Ironworks. See it at extreme right hand of map. See Puddlers Row, running north from Furnace Bank to the Railway Station (Jubilee Terrace today.). The un-named road running west from Bank Top to Bedlington proper, was to become Stead Lane. Although the map does not make it clear, this lane was on the very edge of a gorge, running down to the River Blyth. At one time this was known as Puddlers Lane. Area is also to be seen on 2nd edition 6" map of 1897. Apity that map are focused on Bedlington, and not Bedlington Station. And an extract from a newsletter on the http://www.eastbedlingtonpc.org.uk/ site by Councillor Allan Stewart :- Councillor Allan Stewart, Chair of the Environment Working Group commented that “the Puddlers are now more accessible to parishioners with mobility problems allowing them to enjoy the swathes of daffodils in the spring and the floral displays in summer”. He added “for those unfamiliar with the local name for the Stead Lane, a ‘Puddler’ was involved in the process of puddling which turned pig into wrought iron and has an  obvious connection with the former Iron Works nearby”.   And finally my image concoction - extracts from two old maps and although they do not join perfectly most of the relevant info is still there + current google aerial view of the new houses - Coquetdale, Steadlands Square, Tosson Close & the location of the two PUDDLERS DRIVE street signs :- 
  17. West End First School Or The Top End School

    Ovalteeny, My sister's name was Margaret Hancox also known as "Blossom". A name she was given by a teacher. I was at Westridge from '62 till '67 and she was 3 years older than me.
  18. threegee I agree, amazing, almost 100% in the entirety of your remarks.. When I read your statement I thought it was my own, just couple of minor "pitfalls" along the way & nobody wants to go "In by" without using the Lift. a) It's is in fact far more worse than you've depicted... The effluvia arising from "Political" Cohesion in the EU Parliament, brings back dreaded memories when having to use the building that stood right, from the Red Lion. c) The "ME-P's" Think (Contemplate) more about their next "Curry Wurst" and how to claim back expenses endured (incurred) than doing honest work for their "Supporters.Oh my Gee Read their CV' s & how they gained access. d) Walking away is hardly a clever option or form of stating a Democratic Option. People who walk out find it very, very, difficult to gain readmission e) The reasons you've stated yourself would keep us "trussed" over the the barrel. f) Don't forget that Harold Wilson had two attempts with the Whip, flunked both & went off to the "Silly Isles". g) threegee, I firmly believe more in making a stand for our democratic values, than using the tactical retreat option. Regrouping... the risk is too great, I know it won't be easy, But do we really have alternatives? h) Politicians can not refuse dialog, it's a case we shouldn't disregard. The democratic will, must be enforced, we are an Island in the North Sea, England without Europe, merely a midget. Europe without England, only a Dwarf! I am not void of the EFTA agreement, having spent some time in Norway, I praised my Norwegian colleagues however for them saying "Nei" it was a close call! Their reasons for Independence to Europe was evident. They've got what we would like. What have we got? We have "National Pride"! Forget "The Kaiser Lied" Sing Elgar-Pomp & Circumstance's & England's Pastures are Green It is much, so much better. I don't want to ride on a futile venture with the six hundred either. Are we or are we not a land of hope & glory. On orders we did what we did when we had to do it. Not all of it was right, for the good or better. We can still do it, the character of the man lies in his heart, guided by his brain, we don't need bludgeons & clubs to make a point, democratic choice is a formidable, magnificent adversary. When the INDEX profits are failing, the FTSE DAX & Co hovering on the verge of Plummet, the continuous complaints about low Fuel Prices". Alarm bells are ringing in my ears, where is the EU, England, USA going to get the necessary cash to pay pensions. The Chinese already own Northumbrian Water & much much more in England, where I am they own a lot of the Forrests, the USA is up to the hilt in debt to the Chinese. Yes, Stay In & Sort It Out is the safer option, It's all about striking bargains & making compromise (Not divide & rule). Something we are, & were very, very good at. As a people we've been lied to continuously since the "Normans"  The Stoltenberg (N) lobbyist talking for NATO in Europe is as or just as bad as is was from Rasmussen (DK). As lap dogs, giving our so called "Special friends" more of the leash, letting them take it away, gift wrapped with TTIP - EFTA Is not a problem. Check out what Kennedy had to say & do in Europe. Long after Churchill implored for the creation of Europe 1946 in Hungary, Golda Mabovitch alias Golda Mejer is worth a visit, her debut on the scene & political convictions. Who were they where did they come from, making us wonder where are we going to,,, Thanks for the reply TGH PS I anticipate, positive & negative comments Who's that that bruiser trying to muscle in to the left of Junker, & where's Junkers "Side Kick" Herr Schulz"... the Librarian... Her Öttinger, the German fired from his own town, is sporting a sufficient grin (FR-2nd from Right) Where are the English, have they already left. Who's there flying the flag for us. I don't recognize any. All these "photo-shoots" Total waste of time & our money... ,
  19. Leave.eu about to hit landmark of 500,000 members

    Wow you've been on overtime there TGH! You say you believe in democracy and then you say "TGH-proposal: We stay IN and GET IT SORTED OUT…".  How do you think that is going to happen?  The EU is fundamentally undemocratic, and it is almost entirely top down.  Policy is made by the commissioners, not by our MEPs, so there's no point in berating our North East MEPs - they are only there to give the illusion of democracy. Those are our overlords led by Herr Juncker in the middle.  No one elected them, and no one can dismiss them in the way you advocate!  They are mostly failed politicos who've made a mess of  running their own countries, and have been slung out of office by their respective electorates. Voting to stay in plays right into their hands. This is likely the only opportunity we have to say no, and if you throw it away you've given them the approval they need for their post-democratic society.  Amongst other things these people have removed a democratically elected PM in Italy, and installed their own puppet, and will do the same elsewhere.  They pay no heed to referendum results, and keep putting the same question in different ways until they get the answer they want, because these elitist post-democrats know better than any electorate. Thanks for the TTIP link.  I'm not an Indy reader, but their view accords with mine, and they are - of course - dead right!  This is yet another reason any informed person can only vote leave! I'm sorry you don't know about EFTA.  We used to be EFTA members and it worked very well for us.  I remember sending stuff from Bedlington Post Office to Scandinavia with a very minimum of form filling, and no worries that they buyer would get stuck for any extra charges or have customs hassle.  It's actually what we were promised the EEC was, but we were lied to!  At the time I couldn't understand why we were turning our back on our EFTA partners, because I took what the politicos were saying at face value.  The possibility that Ted Heath was lying through his teeth never entered my silly young mind.  If you want to legitimise those lies go right ahead and vote IN, but you'd be making a huge mistake that our children and their children will have to face the consequences of.
  20. The Puddlers return

    Heh heh! It's amazing whaat HPW can dae eh!! Aav got a lot o' pull wi thi planning department ye knaa.........whaat AAA say...... gaans!!.....[ownly it shudda sed "Puddlaa's Raa" !!] Thanks for daeing thi research,and posting thi info!
  21.   Hi threegee As far as Kate Hoey is concerned “she is… “split like a banana” overloaded with chocolate, she’s gone, nonvisible, disqualified herself. Ronnie Campbell, I’m not quite sure, doesn’t  he understand the ramifications of his own doing, has he forgotten who he is & who he supposed to be standing up for? It’s more than naïve… The EU is, as it is a… “Constrained Political Construct” being managed by the wrong people, have a look at the three representing the North East!. If it had been built with bricks & mortar it probably wouldn’t be there any longer. “However, Whatever your core politics it's now time to GO!…” My core politics are & is DEMOCRACY… always will be! I also believe that, all good people, that’s the majority of us, are in favour of from the BOTTOM UP politics & not from the TOP DOWN politics version. This "adulterated democratic version," is what we are suffering from & it’s in use today. TGH-proposal: We stay IN and GET IT SORTED OUT… It’s not going anywhere overnight, where it will be, or what happens tomorrow …Que Sera, Sera AND I DO NOT KNOW EITHER… BUT, I DO KNOW…&… IT WON’T, COME EASY…!!! That means ENGLAND as well, not just the EU & further afield neighbors & surroundings. “There's a wonderful life awaiting outside of the EU” TGH asks:       Tell me where it is & you can forget what I’ve just said up to now & the rest that follows`? TGH-proposal: It’s time for all of the citizen’s, of all member countries to make use of their democratic choice, to un equivocally demand from those, OUR so called “LEADERS” start doing what they are paid for. Do all that is necessary, to get rid of all this nonsense, & in the process, get rid of all, & everything that is causing or providing it… TGH-proposal: If they don’t do what is required…“KICK THEM OUT” How to, It’s easy, & it’s free, doesn’t even cost a farthing! Use your democratic choice, De Select all of them, let them be assured that they will not ever again be eligible to be re-elected to conduct matters essential, or not, for the public at any time & any place again. “… dreamed up the international elites for their own enrichment” TGH-proposal: Wake up the international elites with a big, big, big bang. If possible, prosecute them… & throw away the… How to, It’s easy, & it’s free. doesn’t even cost a farthing! Use your democratic choice, Stop using & or, buying their products that they are “Peddling”, some of them not even fit for human consumption… Get rid of the Hedge Funds, & other hypothetical Invest-Utopia consortiums. Do you really believe you get something for nothing.? & your chips are free…??? TGH-proposal: I’m going to leave EFTA out of it for now, I’m standing “HER” up!!! I’m not too sure if she’s is a positive abbreviation, or could she be an ANAGRAM for something even more worse than the EU. What happens if you leave the "Grassroots of DEMOCRACY"… Open up your window & take a look... It probably looks just the same as it was before you took a look. The EU is FOUL… THAT IS AN UNDISPUTED CORRECT TRUTH!!! “Europa Regina” was not conceived in the middle ages to be what it is today. From the conception, the “seeds” that were sown, are not responsible for the present situation. It’s just like DEMOCRACY you only get what you vote for…From the people you voted for… When the “Farmers” are allowed to manipulate the crops for a none tolerable & sustainable corruptprofits… we all pay the price… On the “Democratic Path” in the History of England, right up until this very day, many, too many, far too many, have paid the ultimate price…for us, & they continue to do so today. Web Tyler & Emmeline Pankhurst, ordinary people, together with countless thousands of others like them,… do you want to rebrand them as being terrorist. Normally, as I use “Media” Print, spoken & visual from different sources & languages to gather an opinion. It can be, tedious, frustrating, challenging, is it a bona fide source of information that I’m hearing? reading? viewing? finding out what others do, say or think… They don’t see things the way we do, for whatever that is worth! I’d like to rephrase that little bit to reveal and read to be “FOR WHAT’S WORTH” my grey cells aren’t up to scratch, right now. Anyway read this if you feel for England & the EU http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/what-is-ttip-and-six-reasons-why-the-answer-should-scare-you-9779688.html Normally I wouldn’t propose the Independent as first choice, but this is good. It reminds me of how I’ve always been told that this, or that is good for me & I can’t go on with out it because… Agent Orange… Atomic… Atomic Bombs Biological… Chemical… I won’t go on with the alphabetical(s) I’ll just throw this in for good measure… If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding . . . I’m not stupid, neither am I delusional (MICEY)! At least I don't think not… I’m just another average “Geordie Hinny” or “Canny lad Jack” that was born & bred in “Pitmatic” Bedlington in Bedlingtonshire, Northumberland, England – OUTSIDE of the EU. I’ll close with two Quotes from a deportee, migrant, I’m not quiet sure who or what she was… „The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.“   “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.“ The „ROOF“ has a bloody big hole in it. Mr. “Austerity” Osborne & "Con-Sortium"  won’t repair it. It can really make one choke, when you think of what was…& where it is going now… the Swanee... ...a black hole? The Eastern World It Is xxxxxxxxx, & you don’t believe we’re on the eve of … according to Barry McGuire… TGH means nothing personal against you threegee, I just wanted, having felt the need to, air my thoughts, & pour wine into... or water into... anyway, I want the fire put out, so we don't get cremated... Ah wants to keep the fire gannin wheel ahad leik & so we's all feel cuddly and warm!   TGH
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  23. bedlington station first school

    No. 13 - Jim Routledge
  24. West End First School Or The Top End School

    Orloff, I was in the same class at Westridge as David Hetherington & John Shelley. What was your sisters name?  
  25. Club Singers

    Thanks Reedy, I thought your Dad would be able to assist.
  26. The Puddlers return

    Good to know that our History is being noted . Maybe a little note about why this name is being used would help. Thanks Eggy.
  27. Going places, meeting people

    The young people who spoke at the meeting at the Community did a great job Malcolm. Their presentation and ideas were sensible and they did not forget to praise Bedlington and celebrate what is already here . When faced with delays to a skateboard park that was promised they were positive and showed all the adults how things could be done. Maybe keeping them informed about developments would help. After all by the time the NCC develop the Market Place many of these young people will have left for further education. They were challenged on where they spend their money. They answered truthfully . One young person started by saying something is better than nothing. A truly simple statement that holds a universal truth for us all  
  28. I've been watching the sign ups for the Leave.eu campaign over the past few weeks and they are now noticeably accelerating.  It's a bit difficult to find any figures for the posher "rival" Vote Leave campaign though it seems to have gone a long way to sorting its internal problems, but seemingly not before Labour Leave has withdrawn its support in favour of the totally united Grassroots Out initiative. For me Vote Leave was always a bit too close to the elites, and I couldn't understand why Kate Hoey (and even Ronnie Campbell) wanted to cuddle up with them.  Its agenda is (or was) to leave with an intention of rejoining the EU on the UK's own terms.  I think this is verging on the naive, as if you accept that the EU is a political construct unwilling to reform and headed for disaster, then how is Brexit going to change that?  It's a bit like saying that this marriage clearly isn't working, so I'm going for divorce in order to give my partner a jolt so that we can ultimately remarry on my terms.  Actually our perfect partner still out there, and we foolishly jilted her for the over madeup gold digger with the fake boobs.  Her name is EFTA and she's still waiting for us to come to our senses, and take her in our arms! Whatever your core politics it's now time to GO!  There's a wonderful life awaiting outside of the EU, and all this nonsense, dreamed up the international elites for their own enrichment, simply has to end.
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