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  2. Those Undeserved Honours

    Cameron gave special advisers pay rises of 24% when most of public sector got just 1% ...and on it goes. The more you look into Cameron, his background, and what he got up to, the more you realise what a self-serving lying turd we elected as a PM. It's almost as if we learned nothing from the Blair years. Perhaps this is part of why May is so keen that we should believe that she means what she says, and will actually get on with what she has promised. A long overdue overhaul of the honours system, and a total clean out the House of Lords can't be too big an ask - can it?
  3. Mansel Dinnis (ex Head Boy) Project

    From the album Bedlington Grammar School

    For more info and loads of school photos from over many years visit http://www.sempersursum.co.uk/
  4. people with loads of cats / cats in general

    cats - herself is a cat person .. as far as I see it they only reason we have dead birds - voles - mice etc in the house is 'cos the cat brings them in ... we also have a bernese mountain dog - ok it is dim but it just ambles through life and doesn't bring dead things into the house!
  5. Badge Moto.jpg

    did Bedlington Grammar ever have a previous site? I recall passing the 11 plus as it was and being offered a choice of Ashington, \Bedlington \Morpeth, and \\\Blyth as well as another which I cant recall poss kings or RGS. Was juts wondering if Bedlington Grammar was older than the building?? and where it was located
  6. Badge - Motto - Anthem

    From the album Bedlington Grammar School

    The school Latin motto - Semper Sursum - translated in Google will return 'Always Up'. As far as I remember we were told, by the school, it translated to 'Ever Upwards'. The school wall plaque has the date 1925 but the school, info says it opened in 1926. The school anthem was written by one of the teachers, Miss Edna Humphrey, in 1946.
  7. Public Toilets

    How much can it cost to keep a lavy open, they don't have piped music or white jacketed attendants to hold your jacket or spray you with cologne and offer you a fresh towel in fact your lucky if they have any toilet paper. A lick over with a mop and a dollop of jeyes fluid the cost is a drop in the ocean when you see what is been blown on other fanciful plans costing millions.
  8. Name

    ref Brian Yarrow - I have posted on other threads re the Yarrow family originating at Choppington Staion, with a shop there. The Morpeth soft drinks company was originally based in the Chantry and was Waters and Robson, company sold now I think but I believe they still supply water to the House of Commons. Was at school with Mandy Robson and they used to live at Fairmoor, Morpeth. ?? \Gordon?? Muter I seem to recall was a special constable.
  9. ooo ad hominem -- not heard that for a while - it brought back memories of oxford and camels in tents (no that wasn't an initiation thing!) canny lass you need to read Private Eye' excellent cartoon in todays edition of the thought police tackling a woman for wearing a burkini until she explains she is a Carmelite nun! .... ahem - attitudes and press agitation come to mind - after all the nuns have been garbed like that since the days of Cadfael and no-one objected. <-- haven't got a nobbly prize either but a few mates are FRS lol which I think is one below. (he did ok with that dynamite invention!!!) I used to have long hair and long beard and I was asked by a quite concerned Muslim if it was for religious reasons as he was worried I was some sort of radical. knowing some of the Muslim community for many years they have been worried for a long time about the disenfranchisement of their children. I recall going to a party in a shebeen in Deptford with a Rasta friend, many years ago, and I was a bit concerned as I would be the only 'white face' there. he said "It's ok, they hate everybody" time we accepted the fact we all share the same basic DNA strands and get on with life, after all whats a bit of melanin atween friends?? there are much more nasty and dangerous human traits than colour or background! I was told in Belfast in the 80's that hate -is not a basic human instinct and it has to be taught. maybe a lesson for us all. (er sorry that was a rambling rant - ill take the medication now)
  10. Public Toilets

    do they have letterboxes??
  11. Freemasonry In Bedlington.

    have a look at this link (its ok they wont come and get you and you don't have to get involved with anything hircine - its all lies about capra bovidae!!) http://www.ugle.org.uk/ I think you can still visit and get a guided tour. The interview panel is a board of installed masters and that raises a few eyebrows with candidates at times. The 'blackballing' is a tradition also used elsewhere and it means that all members have to vote, but one black ball means the candidate is rejected (white balls signify acceptance) What I found interesting is that, there were some very staunch members from all backgrounds, there were many miners in various lodges and some lodges seems to attract a lot of the same trades. Do not get confused with the 33rd degree stuff and the Scottish rite also the American orders. With the waning of popularity in the movement, some lodges meet, but only put through I set of candidates a year if at all, others seemed to feel pressured to recruit and 'streamed' through many.
  12. That tower off the coast

    It's a data collection tower for use by NAREC the offshore wind agency. As well as anemometry it collects other data.
  13. I live in the Stakeford area now and I'm sick and tired of the propane gas gun (supposedly to scare off pigeons) going off in a nearby field. It's scaring the sh*t out of my poor dog and other animals in the area. I realise there is no regulation for these things but it's time this idiot was stopped.
  14. Freemasonry In Bedlington.

    I was invited by a family member. It matters not whether you have anything to offer the members other than your own good character. Upon joining, a ballot is held and if it is deemed you are not worthy of admission then you will be 'black-balled.' (BTW, that has nothing to do with boot polish around your private parts, so don't worry!). I found everyone to be approachable and had some fun nights there, but my main reason for joining was to find out what these 'secrets' were, and in that respect I was disappointed and discontinued my membership after a year or two.
  15. Public Toilets

    Well, I can post a list of the names and addresses of all the Bedlington Councillors and NNC Councillors living in Bedlington if you wish. Being the public-spirited people they are, I'm sure they won't mind you knocking on their doors to request use of their 'facilities' in the event of an emergency in the nether regions.
  16. Public Toilets

    This may have been discussed before but please excuse me as I'm a Newby. How can the council justify having no usable public toilets in Bedlington. Before the huge amount of new houses which have popped up over the years which generate more council tax there were toilets at Red Lion, Market place and in the car parks of Tesco and also behind Blue Bell. Ashington however has toilets and is also getting yet another whole front street relaid plus sports centre and bus station whilst Bedlington folk can't even take a P**S.
  17. That tower off the coast

    Apparently it's some sort of antenna. That's what I was told. At first I had hoped it was going to be something to do with the huge amount of gas found off the Northumberland coast a few years ago and create some decent local jobs.
  18. Freemasonry In Bedlington.

    At last an open and honest reply. So, I'm taking that you have to be invited and let's be honest here, it would be favourable if you have something to offer within this private members group that could benefit fellow brothers.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Freemasonry In Bedlington.

    Apart from enacting the Ritual at every meeting, Freemasonry is simply a selective drinking club. Believe me. Been there, done that! Supreme being? I only ever believed in Santa Claus but that was apparently enough! It was most enlightening to enter the Lodge for the first time and see who your fellow Masons were. Nod, nod. Wink, wink!
  21. Freemasonry In Bedlington.

    Very interesting posts. However it would be a shame for such a long established group to potentially disappear from Bedlington due to declining numbers. But on the the other hand, when it's so hard to find out real information this will always be the case. You just have to look at the number of churchgoers in Bedlington now. Society has changed and in my own opinion, not for the better. We are seeing a massive change as people are losing their social skills due to the new " Technology Era" where using your thumbs on a keypad is the new way of communication and socialising. I may indeed ask more questions to the relevant persons and may get involved with Freemasonry in Bedlington at some point in the future. Bedlington is in my blood and I love the town and all of its history and dream of seeing the mines re-open and the communities working and socialising together. A dream which unfortunately will never happen.
  22. That tower off the coast

    Apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone know what that tower is off the coast Thanks in advance
  23. Freemasonry In Bedlington.

    Very interesting, Pilgrim.
  24. Freemasonry In Bedlington.

    don't believe all you read on the internet!! John Hammill wrote a very balanced and open and OFFICIAL history of masonry (he was a Wallsend lad) There is a lodge at Beamish museum which you can walk around, which was donated by the Masons. I used to describe it as - not a secret society, but a society with secrets, and those only refer to the ritual. It was also perhaps the last bastion of the 'Christian ethic' on charity and help. they tend not to publicise the charitable works. Scarborough Court at Cramlington is a masonic establishment and they used to have others and their own hospital and fund research into gerontology. The requirement to believe in a god - a supreme being, is not specific to the Christian god, that is only required for the Knights Templar (clue in the name there) Up until the 60's and 70's Armistice Day and several other public events were attended by masons in full regalia but this died off due to adverse publicity and the movement tended to be more inward than secretive. hope that helps
  25. Barrington CP c1958

    From the album Barrington County Primary School

    Posted on - Barrington, Barnt' n memories and stuff!! Facebook group by Alan Dickson, but only 50% - both ends missing.
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