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  2. As it appears the system was reloaded today I had another go at creating an album and using the 'choose files.......' option within stage 1 of the Create New Album sequence. Failed as before. Following that fail I did go on to create a new album and uploaded the file at stages 2 to 3 without problems.
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  4. 1963-64 football team

    From the album Bedlington Station 1st School

    Photo from John Dawson's collection - sixtownships, and names from No 6 in the photo, Robert Walker.
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  6. A realised after a logged off it was a book caaled "Pirate Sealer" wat a got for Xmas the same year,where Tubby Fenner was the character,and NOT Quest of the Bellamy Jewels![not that it matters ti any bugga like....just for correctness!!
  7. Heh heh! Snap! Aa started there in aroond 1951-2..ish,from the infants school. When a was aboot eleven years aad,a won a book prize,[the one and only one I ever won!],for what we caaled Scripture,[then Religious instruction,later changed to Religious Education..] The prize-giving day was at the old Locke Hall,doon Bedlington main street above the store drapery dept. Me book was called.."The Quest of the Bellamy Jewels",set in the London Docklands,and was a children's crime thriller. Coming from a mining stock,with not a very sparkling education,I couldn't understand half of what it was on aboot,except that the Engineer on board the "Tilbury Pride" ship,was a big Tynesider called Tubby Fenner!!,[he used ti taak Geordie ti the Cap'n....so a understood that,but wat thi hell was a Chronometer?........!!!] Aa still hae thi book,wi thi paper cover over the hard back and front,and have read it a few times over the years,a gud interesting book,but far too advanced for kids like aa was at thi time.!! Me cousin Michael,lived in London,and when he came up on holidays,ti stay wi us,he used ti try and educate us kids aboot different things...mind,HE knew nowt aboot gaan doon thi woods,playing wi catapults,conkers,sheath knives,and northern kids' games!,so he used ti love coming up ti stay. A think aal google the book noo we are on the subject!!
  8. Thi aad Whitley!! One day,me and Alan Wilkinson,Ronnie Leyland,[football team members],and Norman Taylor,aal ran through thi corridor and oot by the main entrance,to the left of thi building,instead of the way we should have cum oot,and aad Nicky the Headmaster,[Mr Nicholson],saw us and called us back inti his office... ....caned three times on both hands...in a very slow,controlled,terrorising fashion,hummin ti hesel',searchin amang aal thi canes he kept hidden from school inspectors,among rolls of maps etc,swishing them in front of our faces,..."too thick....I want one that's really going to hurt,to teach you all a lesson...hmm...too thin.....!!",until we were shaking by then,but none of us wud admit we were scared stiff,even though we had this all before! We never came oot that door ever again! Eh whey,larn thi hard way,we knew it was against the rules!! We were only aboot ten years old......
  9. Aye,aa lived in No 13,which was on the end of the first phase of the development,and wor wesh-hoose had the key-bricks sticking oot ready for the second half of the square to tie into..which happened after a year or so,a was only aboot four years aad then,in 1948- July 1949. The bricks were like a ladder for us kids ti climb onti the wesh-hoose roof....such adventurous excitement we had in them days......electric leets ye cud switch on and off at thi waal,[nae matches,or leeted bits of newspapers ti leet them!],Hot and caad running waata,at thi torn of a tap...nae pails or jugs ti carry from thi end of thi street!...oh!,and a strictly remember thi massive SIX-PINT,electric kettle [cooncil supplied],that tuk a haaf-oor ti boil if it was full,which,for a family of six,it had ti be!
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  11. This was a sad ending to a fine old building and part of Bedlington's history,also for the poor Canaries.
  12. Great to see aal me aad friends and one of the best teachers we ever had.... Mr Davidson! A sat in the same school desk next ti Alan Wilkinson aal me school life,ivry class reet up ti Westridge,at first,then a volunteered ti be selected for Upper remove, which ended the long partnership in the classroom,but still went doon thi woods etc after school,although,by that time,[12 yrs aad!]Aa was heavily inti electronics and experimenting with electricity in wor aad wesh-hoose at Hollymoont Square.....from aroond 1956- on. Alan was aalwis crazy aboot football,and used ti taak endlessley aboot wanting trials for East Northumberland team,which didn't mean a thing ti me!!! A hope he can access this site!! Waatcheor Alan ,if ya in there!! Thanks Eggy!
  13. 1961-2 Football team

    From the album Whitley Memorial School

    Photo from the Henderson family collection.
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  15. There was a Daniel Mclean born about 1864 who was a grocer who was initiated into St. Cuthbert Lodge Bedlington in 1904. He would have been in his eighties in the 40's
  16. Details of members of the St Cuthbert's Freemason Lodge Bedlington can be found on Ancestry up-to around 1921. The birth date and date of initiation of the brothers can now be found online which is great for anyone researching family history.
  17. William appears to have been from a large family originally from the Tweedmouth / Scremerston area. He may have had a large family himself and spent some time at Netherton and Scotland Gate. His wife Ann may have been in Doctor Terrace in 1901 if it is the same William Ferguson Locke. In an 1887 register he is shown as an attendance officer from Scotland Gate. There is an Alex Locke who may be a brother described as secretary and manager of the Bedlington Equitable Industrial Cooperative Society Ltd. Front Street.
  18. From the album Bedlingtonshire Community High School

    Headteacher and some of the facilities.
  19. From the album Bedlingtonshire Community High School

    Ex pupil Sir John Hall opening the new school.
  20. Maggie, question posted on Bygone Bedlington by a Michael Eastlake :- Hello I have seen many of the contributors to this group mention the LockeHall which was down front street East. Sadly disappeared before my time. Was wondering if it was in memorial of this gentleman William Ferguson Locke who's grave is in Bedlington (old) cemetery. From the size of the headstone and eloquence of the inscription, plus the fact it was paid by public prescription he was clearly well thought of. A schools attendance officer but anything else known about this gent. Do you know the answer?
  21. 2015 aerial view

    From the album Bedlingtonshire Community High School

    Google satellite image showing the buildings that made up the High school and the ground prepared ready for the construction of the new school building.
  22. Canna mind,Canny Lass,aal a knaa is,ye had ti write so fast that it was aal scribble,personal shorthand and abbreviations,and sumtimes ye cudn't read it yasel!!crazy or wat?! Canna bring ti mind the maps,were ye in his class from 1956-9?,cos they were my years,and mebbe they were done after aa left scyuul![regardless of the long-drawn dispute a bit back!]
  23. Bedlingtonshire High School 2012

    From the album Bedlingtonshire Community High School

    Photo from an issue of the Evening Chronicle showing the entrance to the building completed in 1974.
  24. Sincere apologies ti ye, Vic,to Doreen and Maureen AND Rita,for the confusion in my senile brain....I've had that pic for years,and always thought I had the lasses placed correctly! That's a luvly pic o' "wor" Doreen!!!! Eggy,AA was thinking last neet on the same lines as ye!..a just checked the gallery and ye dun a fine job!
  25. Westridge photo loaded into the 'Westridge School - End of term class photos' album. So any updates please use the Album.
  26. The response I got from one member on the Bedlington Remembered site when I posted the photo with 'UPPER REMOVE........' on was :- 'This was not upper remove as there are 4 different years on the photo! 1 Yvonne Brown, 2 Ann Oakley, 3 George Brewis 9 Christine Sutcliffe 11 George Mitcheson 12 ????Patterson (head girl 1959) 17 Linda Matthews' When I asked about the 'REMOVE' system the reply I got was :- 'Alan,I have already explained the system on other sites that you are involved with, I am not going to do it again.' So that was me told. When Allana came back with the year 1958 the reply from the member was :'and your mother was spot on, the penny has finally dropped. It was navy blue with the letters in gold. I still have that badge and hated it. Me and your mother were in the same class from infants at Nethertons, Nedderton junior, Guide Post (what a hell hole that was! I hated the place) then Westridge then we left school, never saw her again after that as I moved a foreign place called Newbiggin. Your mam lived up Clifton Row and I lived in Plessey Street. Sheesh, that is 55 years ago!' So from the above replies you will note that the informant is Allo Allo's Michelle Dubois!
  27. The Fourteen Club - 1958

    From the album Westridge School - End of term class photos

    Photo from Allana Smith, posted on the Bedlington Remembered Facebook site. The year and info from Christine Sutcliffe - No 9 in the photo. Comment from Christine, via Allana was :- Hi there the photo is of the school prefects known as the fourteen club and if you look at the blazers there is a small badge .It was took in 1958 my mother said.
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