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  2. Coal Mining

    Potassium superoxide KO2, I used to check and service these for our underground mine rescue teams when I was with our Surface Mine Rescue team, after use during the turn around we would also check and service the Draeger SCBA so the underground teams could rest longer before going back underground, time can be vital in a situation. I think they use compressed oxygen now, probably a lot cooler! Google time....
  3. Coal Mining

    Thanks Sym! Each time I try that in word,it asks for my product key number,which I don't know how to find,then it tells me I have only 25 attempts at this....blaa blaa...! Webbtrekker,that is a mighty fine likeness of the real thing,even doon ti thi rivets aroond the top of thi Glennie,and the switch on thi side of his caplamp,wat switches atween ya spotleet,and ya taaky - leet!![a smaller powered bulb,more sociable when you were taaking ti ya Marra's at bait-times...you didn't blind them!] Note the "Bean-can" [as we called it!],on his belt. "Self-Rescuer" to be correct. It was a life-saver in the event of a fire or explosion underground. They were made by Draeger-Normalair,of which the local factory is on the Bebside industrial estate,as you go up the slip-road ti the Bebside roundabout,on the left. For those who are unfamiliar with this device,I will try and describe it and it's correct use....briefly,if I can!!!!! Upon becoming aware of a fire or explosion on the OUTBYE side of you,i.e. with contaminated air being brought into where you were working,with a risk of breathing CO..[Carbon Monoxide-"Afterdamp"],[which I just recently covered],you would quickly assess the risks with your nose!! You wouldn't wait for an Official,such as the Deputy or Overman,to TELL you to put your bean-can on,you would do it with no hesitation...seconds count when you are dealing with CO!! BUT,you would NOT,I repeat NOT,REMOVE THE RESCUER FROM YOUR FACE,UNTIL AN OFFICIAL INSTRUCTED YOU THAT IT WAS SAFE TO DO SO! When in use,the canister containing Carbon Granules,and other minerals,converts CO into "breatheable amounts" of CO2..[Carbon Dioxide],which is not poisonous like CO,[Carbon Monoxide,]and so renders the atmosphere to a safe level for life to survive,providing the wearer can reach a supply of fresh air very quickly,as the rescuer only operates for about one hour,and becomes unbearably hot while being worn. It is a natural reaction to want to remove the mask,due to the heat,and the difficulty in pulling bad smoky air through it,because you can hardly breathe when under a stressful situation,and trying to hurry when underground,travelling through deep water,slipping and sliding over rough stony wet ground,is very difficult....even in a good supply of cleanish air.[never mind in a situation like this!] So that's why the rule was brought in,[under mining "Rules and Regulations"],about waiting to be instructed when to remove your mask. The mask was removed from the canister by pulling up on a metal "safety " strap,which held the two halves of the canister together,with the mask safely packed inside. If,somehow,this strap got broken off or damaged in any way,you had to report it to the lamp-cabin man,to ensure you had a fresh one for your next shift. Think!!,if you carelessly forgot,and threw it back into it's docket,then put it back on next day...........then it is needed in an emergency.......you've had it mate!! Chemical reaction takes place the minute it is exposed to the atmosphere,so if the canister is damaged ,or the strap gets broken off,it takes about an hour,then it is useless! Mind,they were the most-cussed device ever used by any miners working in very low seams!![in safe environments!] They got caught on every single obstruction there was ,while crawling down a coal-face...timber props,hydraulic hoses [of which there were hundreds!],electric cables.......big stones...where there had been a roof fall and it was very narrow,or low,to travel through.....you would hear your marra's cursing!!...bliddy bean-cans!!! When worn on the face,they were similar to war-time gas masks,without the freaky eye-holes!!...a clip over your nose to prevent contaminated air reaching your lungs by that route,and a hard mouth-piece which you "bit" on with a rubber gasket enclosing your mouth and cheeks,to seal it also. Then any air you breathed in,entered through the canister of Carbon Granules,and if I am not mistaken,[maybe I am!],the canister also had Aluminium Oxide crystals..[or granules....whatever!] Hope I have painted a decent enough picture of how the "Bean-can"..."Self-Rescuer" saved lives in the event of the aftermath of a fire or explosion. Not only Miners had these devices,anybody who might be exposed to CO ,such as firemen etc,would have these along with the equipment they would normally use. Might I add that the bean-can was useless in any other gaseous atmosphere,such as H2S [Hydrogen Sulphide-"Stinkdamp"...deadly poisonous!],or CO2,[Carbon Dioxide......"Blackdamp"...not poisonous...but asphyxiating as I already explained earlier]. Well,time to pile a few zzzzzzzzz's up again! G'nite folks!
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  5. Bedlington Goes Live!

    Normal service resumed. Thank you.
  6. British Film Institute films of local areas

    Still no luck but thanks for trying, Moe.
  7. Try this Canny Lass it should work https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy
  8. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    Are you poaching on my patch? Just joking. Feel free! Now that we are officially 'cohorts' you are welcome. Maybe we should apply for joint custody of Mary's little, white, fluffy lamb?
  9. British Film Institute films of local areas

    For some reason the site will no longer allow me to view. It says the film is not authorised to be shown in my country:
  10. Manor Walks Sold, guess to whom.

    Trying to follow the breadcrumbs aint easy on this one........... 5 March 1999 Ashcroft Charterhouse will buy the Manor Walks retail centre in Cramlington, Northumberland, from O&H Properties for close to £37m. The Funds were launched in 1998 and 2000 respectively. Over the last five years HSBC Property Fund Management and its specialist property manager Ashcroft Estates have carefully assembled portfolios with added value potential and the funds now own 11 town centre shopping centres in England and Wales. These comprise: • Manor Walk Shopping Centre, Cramlington, near Newcastle • The Kingsland Shopping Centre, Dalston, London • The Quadrant Centre, Dunstable • The Orchards Centre, Haywards Heath • The Swan Centre, Kidderminster • The Aberfan Shopping Centre, Port Talbot • Rhiw Shopping Centre, Bridgend • North Point Shopping Centre, Hull • Union Square Shopping Centre, Torquay • Yate Shopping Centre, Yate • Quedam Shopping Centre, Yeovil Between them the shopping centres contain over 175,000 square metres (1.9 million square feet) of net lettable area, 95% of which is retail, and range in size from 8,825 square metres (95,000 square feet) to 27,870 square metres (300,000 square feet). There are over 700 tenants, 75% of whom are national covenants, paying rents totaling £24 million a year and service charges of £6 million a year. The main retailers are Boots, Marks & Spencer, WH Smith, Next, Dixons, Sainsburys and Tesco. Commenting on the purchase, Matt Horgan, a Director at CIT, said: "We are very excited about this opportunity. With broad diversification by geography and tenant, low starting rents and low vacancy levels, we believe the portfolio is defensive in nature, yet has the potential to deliver superior returns. The centres are dominant in their locations with little or no competition, and the low starting rents provide a strong base for further growth. Furthermore, we believe we can capitalise on and progress the significant development and asset management opportunities created by the former owners." Christopher Huxtable, a Director of HSBC Property Fund Management and the CSCF I & II Fund Manger commented: "The sale of the Funds has enabled us to crystalise returns for our investors significantly above the target range set when the Funds were launched. We are grateful for our investors' support and look forward to working with them in future ventures. We remain committed to the shopping centre sector and intend to launch a third fund later this year." Senior financing for the acquisition was provided by Deutsche Bank AG. DTZ acted on behalf of CIT on the transaction, and DTZ's shopping centre team has been retained as property managers for the entire portfolio. Hammerson bought the Manor Walks Shopping Centre and the neighbouring Westmorland Retail Park in 2006. Hammerson plc has exchanged contracts to acquire a portfolio of retail warehouses valued at £425 million through the purchase of LxB Holdings Limited, a property company specialising in out-of-town retail property. Each of the properties has an open A1 planning consent. Hammerson will purchase the shares in LxB Holdings Limited and repay shareholder loans to the company for a total of £199 million. Of this amount, £26 million will be satisfied by the issue of loan notes to one of the vendors and the balance from the group’s existing resources. The portfolio provides a combined floorspace of 1.25 million ft² (116,000 m²) and currently generates rents of £16.1 million per annum, an average of £13.90 per ft². The current ERV of the portfolio is £19.4 million equivalent to £16.50 per ft². This compares favourably with the average ERV of £23.70 per ft² for comparable UK retail park floorspace. In addition, there are excellent opportunities to extend and redevelop the schemes to increase the floorspace and enhance rental values. Hammerson anticipates that these developments could involve further expenditure totalling £200 million over the next five years. The portfolio comprises the following properties: Manor Walks, Cramlington, Newcastle; Abbey Retail Park, Newtownabbey, Belfast; The Orchard Centre, Didcot; Seacourt Retail Park, Oxford; a 50% interest in Parc Tawe Phase 1, Swansea. The vendors are Bank of Scotland Corporate, West Coast Capital (Retail Parks) Limited, BG Holding EHF and a group of management shareholders. John Richards, Chief Executive of Hammerson plc, said: “This acquisition substantially increases Hammerson’s critical mass in the retail parks sector and extends the group’s development pipeline for retail warehousing. The parks in this portfolio all benefit from open A1 consents and provide a platform for good rental growth. Retailer demand for well configured retail park space remains strong and we believe such schemes will continue to outperform.
  11. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    Keep talking down your own country down Merc; even after all the other false starts the sunny uplands of the internationalist New World Order are still within our grasp. Though, maybe you need to explain to us voters exactly how putting the UK under control of international capitalism, and hammering down their wages achieves this? The problem with any means to an end is that the means become the end.
  12. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    I don't have any problem with Jews - quite possibly because I'm not a member of the Labour Party. I don't have any problem with ex-Muslims either, or indeed most Muslims on a one-to-one level, where they are well away from the evil influence of the religion of peace. I provide a tiny bit of financial support now and then to Muslims taking up Mrs Merkel's over-generous invite to help them on their way. Interestingly, they aren't actually fleeing from anything other than a miserable life in yet another country trashed by the evils of Islam. I don't go around implying people who I don't agree with are extremists in order to demonstrate an "obvious" moral superiority. My "sort" see the world as it is, not as we FEEL it SHOULD be. My "sort" don't suppress information that doesn't fit our narrow narrative, and don't shout down others. My "sort" does not feel a need to dominate and obliterate other cultures and nations to promulgate a supposed New World Order. My "sort" progress by enlightened self-interest, and not by re-writing the dictionary. My "sort" are the rational people of this world.
  13. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    I told you it was written by one of your Remainian chums Merc, so undoubtedly I'd be gifting something that you could cherry pick. Uncertainty is part of life, and you can't wish it away. It's the fuel of progress (and the stock market). That propaganda about Remain having a monopoly on "progressivism" fell flat at the referendum, and it's wearing thinner by the day. As for a time when the world was "a very, very different place": I will simply quote from that stellar "progressive" Mikhail Gorbachev.
  14. Some new films have been added. I rather enjoyed this one, you may even see someone you know . http://player.bfi.org.uk/film/watch-the-coast-of-kings-1962/
  15. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    Had a good, thorough, read of the article by the way, 3G, and there's plenty of read between the lines stuff in there, which basically says 'nobody knows what the future holds'. I especially liked this line, in reference to one method: "It worked back in the 19th century with repeal of the corn laws, dramatically improving people’s lives, so why not now?" Probably because that was the 19th century, and this isn't. Are we really reduced to considering economic strategies that worked almost 200 years ago, when the world - and the UK - was a very, very different place? If so, don't you find that just a tad embarrassing?
  16. Saint Cuthbert And Bedlington Church

    Pauline, I'm not so sure these tunnels are anything other than urban myth, unfortunately; Adam Hogg posted a picture of the entrance to one of the alleged tunnels under Tesco recently, I believe on the Bedlington Matters Facebook page, but also stated it carried service cables or similar; if so, its destination must be known. Interesting story, none the less!
  17. Manor Walks Sold, guess to whom.

    "especially in the time of Brexit when property could become worth much less than what it was bought for" What? How dare you suggest Brexit may have a negative effect on ANYTHING! It won't; everything will be hunky dory, Britain will be Great again and become the world's leading economy, and the rest of Europe will come begging on it's knees to be our friend again! Ask 3G.
  18. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    "Finland showdown with Brussels after Finns rule 77% of Iraqi migrants could be sent home" Brilliant; will they slaughter all the Jews next? I know, let's all go back to the 1930's, and turn to far right wing ideology! It worked back then, of course... 3G, have you joined Britain First yet? They like your sort.
  19. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    Hey 3G, you didn't pick up on the 'read between the lines' bit in that quote, did you? Of course, having journalistic experience, I'm good at it! I'm referring to this bit: 'so far'; that means the writer is fully accepting that things may yet go tits up. so to speak! It's always worth reading things carefully to pick up on little titbits such as this, rather than taking everything at face value. There, a nice tip for the future. Poundwatch: 76 and bit pence this morning. Getting ever closer to the 65p pre-possible-brexit level (no, not really....)
  20. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    I understand that you are feeling a degree of irritation. Cycling has never really appealed to me for some reason but my old man loves it - 30-40 km, 5 times a week. I'm a running and swimming kind of girl myself - no need for gyms when I have the forests and the lakes, far away from the exhaust fumes od suberbia. An added advantage is no pool costs and no gym costs and it's right on my doorstep. Do you engage in any other sports or is it just cycling?
  21. Self balancing scooter

    My bike will need to be torn from my cold, dead fingers....
  22. Last week
  23. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    The pizza turned into a really nice meal out in a deeply suburban square with the locals of the next town - way off the tourist path. Unfortunately when I selected the restaurant's WiFi key the "religion of peace" ruined the whole thing by slaughtering another 8 or 9? innocent people. Well... the BBC Guardianista narrative - following the German self-delusion - is that these are possibly white extremists, but other media is being a little more transparent. As you asked my opinion on cycling: if I were a female in Sweden I certainly wouldn't be going out cycling alone; go to the Gym, preferably a busy one where you are surrounded by burly Swedes.
  24. Manor Walks Sold, guess to whom.

    Look for the small print on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Self balancing scooter

    And here was me thinking you might have swapped your bike for one!
  26. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    I feel the vibes of your happiness and am happy for you.
  27. Self balancing scooter

    I know someone who had one from Amazon before they were all recalled. He was lucky enough to have been in the room when the casing melted, and unplugged it in time.
  28. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    At very least 7.5Km every evening when it cools off. €100 bike is almost 10 years old, but has all the bolt-ons and is still rather good. On the roads here you really need that cantilever sprung rear wheel. Just come out the pool. Yes, desperate for a (small) pizza. Ciao!
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