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  2. i attended the school in the late forties until 1951 when we migrated to Aust i lived in Millbank Tce
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  4. Hi Norman,that wud be a gud'n ti see! I didn't go inti thi Remove in the first year,but it wasn't lang after that when a did.[canna mind the exact time,but it was in the middle of a term,,cos a volunteered ti gaan in,and Mr Freeman,took me around all the other classes ,and Mr Hemming's office,ti see if the general opinion was that I was competent enough as a candidate!] Worst thing that I ever did....I was bogged doon wi homework every night,absoloutely terrified of logarithms.....coudn't see the point.....duz anybody on here knaa anybody who ever used Logs,and Antilogs,in their careers?![my Nephew started from school at the bank,and ended up as head of Personell for the whole of the area between Berwick,and Leeds.....thi only logs he used was on he's fire!!]..... Anywheh! Dae ya best Norman,try and get it posted for wi aal! Cheers,Marra!
  5. I should add that the Red Lion options are only 'guess work' by me and could be totally unfounded.
  6. Norman I can only see a few possibilities :- 1) ask a young relative to do it for you 2) leave it at the bedlington.co.uk office on Front Street East (is it still open?) and last resort 3) arrange a time to be in the Red Lion where some members gather to discuss the more serious issues of Bedlington life. 4) leave with the Red Lion bar staff whom will no doubt be able to pass it on to one of the dedicated members of bedlington.co.uk that hold extensive sessions and meetings, next to a window seat, sorting out their taste buds. Should you accept this challenge norman the Gallery will be grateful and will endeavour to help identify all those in the photo.
  7. I have a photo of the Upper Remove from the first year of Westridge.George Marley form master. Though not a computer person I have no idea how to upload it.
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  9. I remember the co-op near Rothesay Terrace, it was the Blyth Co-op and there was the dairy behind it, they were the first ones to have electric milk floats. There was a bus stop right outside the co-op, it cost a half penny from the market place to the Blyth Store stop Barnes the greengrocers was actually their whole sale depot, I remember when I got married in 1967 they supplied all the flowers. I also remember the other shop in that area Fletchers tobaconist and sweet shop. further down past Hardies shop were Metcalfs Stores the cut that ran opposite down to Waverley Ave and Coquetdale Place was also known as Metcalf's cut.
  10. Can anyone emember the date, or just the year, Humford Baths closed?
  11. yes MOE - it was Harry Dobson and he was a great teacher - took an interest - he was at king Edwards at Morpeth as a pupil and when I got a place there he took me for extra french and he used to organise trips out. You are right about the surgery being in the front room! and it was opposite the police house. Mr Dawes - a man with a liking to give out a dose of the 'strap' -- pmsl - the days of corporal punishment in schools - now long gone. I recall the chapel it was along from the shop owned by Christopher Million? father? I went to Sunday school there!
  12. I can remember going to that Dentist pilgrim, I think that street is North Parade it had a square white light above the front door just saying dentist and the surgery was in what would be the front room of the house. Now the teacher you mention lived a couple of doors down from the dentist but I think his name was Dobson possibly Harry Dobson he taught at Choppington junior school as did Mr Dawes who you mention, Mr Dobson was a lovely man who was also involved with the youth club at the Chapel that used to be on sheepwash bank down from the Shakespeare pub, I remember reading he passed away a few years ago Other teachers at Choppington at that time would be Mrs Brown , Mrs Hayes Mrs Celie
  13. seem to recall that the dentist at guidepost was called Norris? 2 doors down was a teacher at the Choppington County Primary Harry Dawes? I knew Dr's Hickey and Ivory and they were true gents of the old school - pity we don't have more of them these days - walked the dogs with Dr. ivory after he retired a few times and what a true gent - my mother was a friend of his and had nothing but praise for him - it wasn't easy for Drs. then without that wonderful thing of hindsight - but they did their best and what they could and will always have my respect. oh and the police house opposite Norris - PC was Tassel -he had two sons - one was called Geoff and I think the older one was Trevor - the father eventually was promoted to Inspector in Newcastle and used to say his name was 'Tassssel' - very French lol.
  14. oops - sorry for wandering off thread- my apologies but it seems to have raised some interest and I am much obliged for the information. (and we might all be related) I will endeavour to do some more research when I have the time. I have used some other sites researching a local lad who won a VC at Rourkes Drift - he was unknown up here !!! and managed to obtain his record of baptism and marriage ect.. and death certificate, but that was via a historian in London who had accrued them researching for a book on an entirely different topic. I may have a trip down to Woodhorn when I get time to have a look at the church records. where was Choppington new pit? any ideas? I think I recall that radiogram -- as you say the length of the Titanic and had lift up lids for the diff bits - nicotine coloured radio dials and stations like Hilversund .....oh and big brown Bakelite knobs.
  15. Canny Lass - we have nicked your topic - I take it you are now finished with 'The Arcade' pilgrim - have you ever used FreeBMD for basic genealogy searches? Unlike the multi functionsl sites - Ancestry - Find my Past etc. FreeBMD is free but it only does links to the registration quarters of a Birth, Marriage or Death. If you want info off the registered even you have to cough up the money (£9.50 that last time I used it) for the relevant certificate the you BELIEVE to be the person you are after. A simple Birth search for Redpath - Fenwick - Date Range Mar 1880 - Dec 1925 (registrations are divided into 4 quarters for each year (March - June - September & December) would return you :- Surname First name(s) District Vol Page _______Births Sep 1885 (>99%) Redpath Fenwick Morpeth 10b 343 ______Births Mar 1904 (>99%) REDPATH Fenwick Morpeth 10b 473 Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page ______Births Sep 1913 (>99%) Redpath Fenwick A Turner Morpeth 10b 853 _____Births Sep 1920 (>99%) Redpath Fenwick Dixon Morpeth 10b 890 Using the returned data you can request, for the fee, the actual certificate but you can't see it prior to ordering. You have to wait until it is delivered to see if you got the right one! I have never used the other sites so don't know what you can see before paying for certificates. Hollymount Square - Google street view 2009 :-
  16. HPW #53 according to the boss, but she cannot mind where Fen worked as he didn't work in the last few years.
  17. Eggy,Bob Redpath,[Brian's cousin] lived doon the bottom end of Hollymount Square,beside the "Cut" that led ti Cornwall Crescent,and the roads Beattie,and Haig. Vic,Bob was just three or four doors alang from Maureen,[Doreen's Friend].[probably aroond number 51-ish,as Eggy said..] Brian passed away a few years ago,and I never knew till recently,he was a big lad at five years aad![stands above everybody on the infants pic.] His Dad had the first Radiogram I ever saw,and it was when "All Shook Up" by Elvis,was in the charts,and Brian's Dad had just bought it. Brian took me in to hear it,and I was hooked on Elvis from that day![aroond 1956-7 ish?]...I was 12 or 13 years old. I can still picture the radiogram,like dark walnut veneered,and aboot twenty feet lang.....ti me,as a kid!![aboot 5feet in reality!] I think,[think....mind!!],he probably worked at the Doctor Pit,Vic,can Doreen not mind?,cos her Dad worked there as did most of our side of the square,and the other side of the square were mostly from Netherton pit village. Both Brian,and Bob's Dad's were nice quiet fellas.
  18. it could be canny lass - but I have no idea -- I think he was also called livingstone as middle name due to a family connection but I could be wrong ass
  19. much obliged - I found the link - but that side of the family is a mystery to me
  20. There's another Fenwick Redpath, born 1886. Father, Hugh Redpath, mother Margaret (born Chorley , Lancs). Living at Choppington New pit in 1901. Fenwick had, at that time, 5 brothers and sisters: John, William, Elizabeth, Hugh and Frederick. Could that be the Fenwick you are looking for?
  21. pilgrim - this could get complicate with loads of messages back and forth. You might even get Brian Cross, off this site, joining in - his cousin, Albert, that lived in the Bank Top pub married Fenwick's daughter Brenda (2nd marriage for both of them). I will send you a Message and see if I can get you a link (Facebook?) that MAY get you some answers, from the family.
  22. found it !!! I always thought Fenwick was a lot older?
  23. oh ffs - eggy send me the link - things are a bit fraught this end
  24. I was a vey young child and he was a tall thin grey haired fellow that was a real gent -- but that was to me -- others may have thought different -- any idea what his employment was?
  25. Fen and his wife Lilly also had a daughter Brenda, (she had twins) I believe Brian has since passed away. Jimmy had two children Robert and Elizabeth .
  26. thanks eggy had no knowledge of a brother - all that part of family is a bit vague did you know his middle name was Livingstone? after he of that African thing have you any idea what he did or anything about him?
  27. pilgrim - if you look in the Gallery - Historic Bedlington - Bedlington Village School - 1950 Class 2 - No 7 is Fenwick Redpath's son, Brian and I can confirm what Vic & Doreen have said, he lived at No 2 Hollymount Square. His brother, Jimmy (?) also lived in Hollymount Square, opposite end to Fen, just along from where HPW lived, probably No 51,2,3 or 4!
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