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  2. Tim Stanley has a message for Merc

    "When we slipped out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1992, it felt like the sky had fallen in, but 15 years of astonishing growth followed." I love this; of course it did, as when you're at the bottom, the only way is up. "Brexit was a vote to reaffirm British self-governance." No, it wasn't; it was a vote carried on the basis of lies, lies that those in the know knew were lies, yet failed to correct before the vote. Remember the famous 350million on the side of the bus? How many people voted leave because of that, when it never meant what it appeared to say? Here's a quick tip: a number of people I know voted leave because they believed, on the basis of that slogan, that the money was going to the NHS! They were furious afterwards, when they found out it wasn't, and never would be! How many voted on the grounds of immigration, when in fact nothing will change? I know of people who actually believe that a leave vote would see all the Eastern Europeans, here legally, sent home! I know of others who, for some strange reason, believe it would see Muslims deported! How stupid is that, yet they voted leave on those grounds. I know of many who, and there are likely a great number, voted leave because the Want Britain To Be Great Again, they Want Our Country Back, and so on, despite admitting they had absolutely no idea what the EU is, what it does or in some cases what it stands for; they just don't like Germans. Reaffirm self-governance? No, it was vote by misguided, lied-to people, who should not have been given the reins in the first place. Again, why are we using examples from the past to justify this? This is not 1992, and it's certainly not 1931, and it is even less certainly the mid 1850's when we repealed the Corn Laws. Let's see this economic recovery; bring it on. I'll not hold my breath.
  3. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    "We'd be out on the streets to the last person showing our disgust and demonstrating solidarity with our hosts. " Seriously? Since when has this been a British trait? Are you actually from this country?
  4. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    "3G :"If you have an open mind" If? Of course i have an open mind! That's why I see no problem with Muslims (by the way, love the get out clause - 'I have a problem with Islam' - is this the new 'some of my friends are muslims/black/gay?) - or persons of any religion or race. Each to their own, and as Canny Lass rightly points out, there are elements of Christianity that are equally worrying. I still don't understand, however, your blatant, and rather concerning, refusal to accept that people running from war-torn Syria are anything other than refugees. Why did they wait, I wonder, until their homes has been bombed to bits, before leaving? Surely, if - as you believe - they are a secret Muslim army, waiting to take over, they would have left before, before - that is - they had seen family members and loved ones killed, maimed, whatever by persons of their own religious persuasion? I mean, that would make more sense, if you look at it with your open mind, wouldn't it? Also, you come back to the 'they are pretty much all young males' line far too often'; I don't know which newspaper you read to get your misinformation, but a quick Google search (you're keen to have me use it, so here's one for you) tells you that this is simply not the case. What about all the kids, for example? Or are you classing them as 'young males' (you have to in order for your claim to stack up). To find an adult, one with obvious intelligence, trotting out the 'there are no refugees' line, is not amusing, it's worrying. As for your assertions about 'rational people'; what, exactly do you mean by that? I have a rational approach to life - why wouldn't I? I have plenty of experience in working with and meeting people of all persuasions, and don't look at one person in a different way to others, no matter their religion or race. They are people, something you might want to consider (after all, you're the one who, when referring to Muslims, ten to use "they"; I wonder why?). Further, I couldn't care how many times you have to assure me the pound is fine where it is; you should have thought about that before telling us it had recovered after Brexit, when anybody with a rational, open or whatever mind could take ten seconds and tell you how wrong you are. Just as you're wrong about their being 'a handful' of refugees. Pound Watch: 76 and a bit. Still not recovered, 3G still massively wrong and, I might add, businesses in the UK still not sure what the hell is going on.
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  6. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    You have as much verbal eloquence as anybody else here - except perhaps HPW. Your education I don't know about but you are clearly intelligent so don't under estimate your contributions. I also have problems with Islamic ideology, but only with SOME aspects of it, but then again, I have problems with SOME aspects of Christianity as well. Ask yourself just what it is in Islamic ideology that you are against. Is it ALL of it (much of it is the same as Christian ideology)? Is it part of it? Is it perhaps just something that you've got hung up on like a near 2000 year old story of a man taking a child bride? Or perhaps the activity of a handful of extremist Muslims - I know, it may seem like more than a handful but of the entire Muslim population it is not more than so (Christianity has had it's fair share of slaughterers too). Ask yourself how much you really know about it. Have you studied it? Have you read their holy book? Have you read the bible to enable you to make comparisons? Have you taken a course of study on Islam? Ask yourself: How much do I really know about Islam? You don't have to answer publicly but be honest with yourself. Mind control, in varying degrees, appears in all religions I've had a look at. It hasn't been terribly successful: Some catholics practice birth control and when it doesn't work they have abortions - despite the Hell that awaits them for their sins - some Jews do not respect the sabbath, some muslims do not cover their hair. Religions do not appear to be for life if you don't want it to be. Mind control already started to lost its impact when torture chambers disappeared. Most people are no longer afraid of their religious leader as they were before. The same thing is happening within Islam. I don't know how many Muslim friends you have. It's none of my business either, so I'll not ask. I have five very close friends who are Muslim (and through them about 25 others, not so close but friends never the less). Some live in sweden, some live in England and one lives in Holland. They, and their parents, dress like me, style their hair like me, eat like me, go out and enjoy themselves like me and they visit their designated place of worship as often as I do (christenings, weddings, funerals). There is nothing in either their dress or their behaviour to make me think that they are more Muslim than I am Christian. You are probably rubbing shoulders on a daily basis with hundreds of 'Muslims' who no longer follow the rituals of Islam just as you are probably rubbing shoulders with hundreds of 'Christians' who no longer follow the rituals of the Church of England.
  7. Coal Mining

    Eggy, There's nothing like information straight from the horses mouth. Thank everybody on FB for me. That b&w photo answers all my questions, What a nightmare it must have been and thank heavens I didn't ask about toilet facilities underground!
  8. Coal Mining

    Anyway, all this talk of eating down the pit has reminded me of an old joke I first heard from my Dad. I doubt whether any of you haven't heard it before and I can't remember the exact words but the theme went something like this ... BILLY: Y'aal reet Geordie marra. Wud y like a bullet? Aa got them from the bottom shop t'other day. GEORDIE: Aye, aa wadn't mind Billy. Wot are they? BILLY: Sugared Almonds, Geordie. GEORDIE: Ah, sorry Billy mate, aa divn't care too much for the sugar. A couple of days later ... BILLY; Fancy a bullet Geordie? GEORDIE: Not if they're them sugary things ye had t'other day Billy. BILLY: Ner, tha's nee sugar on these Geordie. So Geordie takes a handful and munches on them ... GEORDIE: Almonds, and they're very tasty marra. Did ye get these at another shop then? BILLY: Ner. They're wot aa had t'other day but aa've sucked aal the sugar off them!
  9. Have I been dreaming again, or was the Chilcot report actually released a few weeks ago? Hardly a mention of the report or Teflon Tony in the media these last couple of weeks. Then again, he's innocent of all charges and of no more interest to the media.
  10. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    I have to admit that I too have a problem with Islam as an ideology, even though I count Muslims among some of my friends. I don't have the educational skills or the verbal eloquence of some posters in here, but I know mind control when I see it. Muslims are locked into a religion, for life, mostly. They leave upon pain of death. It's even been said that many suicide bombers are in fact genuinely suicidal and, seeing as taking your own life is forbidden in Islam, they take the 'martyr' route, which allows them to exterminate themselves with the full backing of Mohammed and their religious leaders, along with the bonus of 36, or 72, or whatever the current number of virgins is, thrown in for their efforts.
  11. Coal Mining

    I remember my Dad taking his bait to the Dr. Pit for him and Taffy, his pit pony. His marra always took something 'posh,' like Spam, which the lads called 'pink lint' I believe. I'm sure most of you know that Cornish pasties were taken down the tin mines for bait, and the ridge of crust provided a means of holding the pasty with dirty hands without affecting the filling. This was important because the ore often contained arsenic as well as tin.
  12. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    I have met loads of immigrants as they get their first foot on European soil; I have yet to meet a single one who any rational person would class as a refugee. There are eight points of the compass for refugees, and Arab countries like to be known for their hospitality. Please explain why the compass for your alleged refugees only points North West? Please explain why they are pretty much all young males? Bullets, bombs and missiles don't discriminate in the way you'd like to suggest! Once again - because the distinction seems to be very hard for you - my problem is with Islam, and it's a problem we all share if we are honest. Ask yourself what Brits would do if the atrocities that are now being perpetrated were being associated with them. We'd be out on the streets to the last person showing our disgust and demonstrating solidarity with our hosts. Where are the Islamic protest marches, or at least those that aren't organised by ex-muslims? I will refrain from characterising you, and I don't frequent UK bars. Here you are attempting left-wing labelling (a substitute for thought) once again! If you have an open mind then google on ex-muslim and read what ex-muslims have to say about Islam. You'll find plenty if things to support your wooly-minded ideas of fraternity, but at the end of the day any rational person will need to admit that Islam is an evil belief-set that no free country should tolerate. How many more times do I need to say that the pound is just fine where it is? It's the only visible affect of the Brexit vote for you to point to; all other indications have totally confounded economist group-think, and the honest ones have already admitted this. Even here predictions were for a 20% fall in Sterling, and the last time I looked it was a modest 8.3%.
  13. Coal Mining

    Apart from a short guided tour, early 60s, a short distance into the Dr. Pit, probably with a chocolate bar in me pocket, never ate underground but always found the stories and the reasoning behind sarnie fillings interesting and amusing. Extracts from some of the members comments on the sixtownships site :- Mick Riley :- Used eat mine on the kist next to a transformer - Geoff Glass :- Used to sometimes eat mine sitting on transformer Nancy Luke :- Dad always had his jam sandwiches ,cheese attracted the rats lol.x Bill Engles :- My Dad (Joe Engles, Ellington) always took something for his Gallower too. Margaret Vare :- they had bread n jam .......they say it was the only thing that had any taste down the pit .... Pam Farquhar :- My grandad Tyler used to take an extra jam sandwich doon the pit and bring it back for me mam when she was a little girl she said it tasted lovely x Doreen Armstrong :- My dad used to take sugar on bread when he worked down the pit (for a short time in his life) because he said everything tasted the same down there!. Lawrence Whitfield :- I've had my bait in worse places than that so have most miners.The paper wrapping the sandwiches would be used to hold the bread as you ate it,you never knew where those hands had been!, It was a flask of tea I'm my day but that had its hazards,uncovered the top would get covered in coal dust or even worse,shit fleas.I didn't mind swallowing the dust but I drew the line at the fleas. John Dawson :- Lawrence if i had no paper held me sarnie on the corner and threw the corner bit away on the belt. Seen some throw food on the ground and you know they generated the deadly and termed "Shit Fly" Had to sit with my lamp out as if it was on it attracted them to you. Mind you must have swallowed many accidentally too. Lawrence Whitfield :- As long as we didn't know it was ok,it was awful if one of the little buggers got up your nose though a good pinch of Singletons snuff helped get it down again.Once the snuff got dried up in your locker it would blow a safe door off. Lawrence Whitfield :- One bloke down Lynemouth never carried bait or water,he would sneak a drink out of someone else's bottle as it hung on a dog in a prop.In the end the blokes got fed up & laced the water with Epsom Salts,they reckon the result was spectacular.. Rob Hardy :- Had to sit in tub sometimes to have bate cos it was too wet to sit Malcolm Common :- I remember at Burradon as you got out of the cage at the Bensham Seam Inset somebody had chalked on one of the Girders " Your'e late Your'e Late your much too late Geordie Johnson's snatched your bait " also when walking into a flat you would see the little bait parcels wrapped up and hung up from the centre of the arch girders with cap wire in an attempt to to prevent mice getting into jacket pockets and eating your bait while you were on the face. ------------------------------------------------------------------ and I'm sure HPW will explain any pit terminology, like Kist - A chest or the Deputies' office underground often used as an assembly point for men to find out where they will be working ?
  14. Coal Mining

    HPW, I use Firefox browser and have added an extension called 'Textarea Cache' which is very simple in operation. It places a small icon in the bottom status bar of the browser and tracks everything you type. If your post disappears you can simply click on the icon which fetches up a dialogue box where you can copy the text you just entered, like this ...
  15. Coal Mining

    Some wonderful information in here. Thanks all for a very good read.
  16. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    Surely the pound will have recovered by then? I mean, according to some, it had two weeks ago. But it really hadn't. Yes, dollars are fun at the moment.
  17. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    I'm in Brussels again next week. I think I'll ask to be paid in dollars this time.
  18. Coal Mining

    Thanks Vic and HPW. We are so lucky here to have access to all your mining knowledge! As for the bean-can, I am delighted to have now found out what it is. I've only ever seen it on pictures but in my naivety I've always thought it was some kind of bait-box! Which brings me to another question: Where do miners keep, and eat, their 'bait' when underground? Surely, you can't have a 'canteen' underground. Another thing that was interesting to read was how the bean-can worked - by converting carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. Many people think that carbon dioxide is dangerous, but back in the 70's when barbiturate drugs were dished out like Dolly Mixtures (remember them?), for insomnia, respiratory difficulties caused by overdosing were treated with carbon dioxide. - not oxygen as - carbon dioxide is what stimulates the repiratory centre in the brain.
  19. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    3G; at least be honest, you have a massive problem with Muslims. You have a massive problem with immigrants. You believe that the refugees fleeing a war torn country where they would likely be killed are all ISIS sleepers. You'd fit in well at Britain First. Furthermore, you DO shout down others; you DO pick and choose information that suits your agenda. Perhaps you are so wrapped up in your own self belief that you don't see it? I don't believe I've met you, but sadly I have an image of you as the self righteous pompous oaf at the bar whom everyone avoids. I wonder why? Oh, and the pound still over 76p on the dollar. I'm sure you told us it had recovered.
  20. Terrible things that will NOT now happen..

    3G; at least be honest, you have a massive problem with Muslims. You have a massive problem with immigrants. You believe that the refugees fleeing a war torn country where they would likely be killed are all ISIS sleepers. You'd fit in well at Britain First. Furthermore, you DO shout down others; you DO pick and choose information that suits your agenda. Perhaps you are so wrapped up in your own self belief that you don't see it? I don't believe I've met you, but sadly I have an image of you as the self righteous pompous oaf at the bar whom everyone avoids. I wonder why?
  21. Coal Mining

    Potassium superoxide KO2, I used to check and service these for our underground mine rescue teams when I was with our Surface Mine Rescue team, after use during the turn around we would also check and service the Draeger SCBA so the underground teams could rest longer before going back underground, time can be vital in a situation. I think they use compressed oxygen now, probably a lot cooler! Google time....
  22. Coal Mining

    Thanks Sym! Each time I try that in word,it asks for my product key number,which I don't know how to find,then it tells me I have only 25 attempts at this....blaa blaa...! Webbtrekker,that is a mighty fine likeness of the real thing,even doon ti thi rivets aroond the top of thi Glennie,and the switch on thi side of his caplamp,wat switches atween ya spotleet,and ya taaky - leet!![a smaller powered bulb,more sociable when you were taaking ti ya Marra's at bait-times...you didn't blind them!] Note the "Bean-can" [as we called it!],on his belt. "Self-Rescuer" to be correct. It was a life-saver in the event of a fire or explosion underground. They were made by Draeger-Normalair,of which the local factory is on the Bebside industrial estate,as you go up the slip-road ti the Bebside roundabout,on the left. For those who are unfamiliar with this device,I will try and describe it and it's correct use....briefly,if I can!!!!! Upon becoming aware of a fire or explosion on the OUTBYE side of you,i.e. with contaminated air being brought into where you were working,with a risk of breathing CO..[Carbon Monoxide-"Afterdamp"],[which I just recently covered],you would quickly assess the risks with your nose!! You wouldn't wait for an Official,such as the Deputy or Overman,to TELL you to put your bean-can on,you would do it with no hesitation...seconds count when you are dealing with CO!! BUT,you would NOT,I repeat NOT,REMOVE THE RESCUER FROM YOUR FACE,UNTIL AN OFFICIAL INSTRUCTED YOU THAT IT WAS SAFE TO DO SO! When in use,the canister containing Carbon Granules,and other minerals,converts CO into "breatheable amounts" of CO2..[Carbon Dioxide],which is not poisonous like CO,[Carbon Monoxide,]and so renders the atmosphere to a safe level for life to survive,providing the wearer can reach a supply of fresh air very quickly,as the rescuer only operates for about one hour,and becomes unbearably hot while being worn. It is a natural reaction to want to remove the mask,due to the heat,and the difficulty in pulling bad smoky air through it,because you can hardly breathe when under a stressful situation,and trying to hurry when underground,travelling through deep water,slipping and sliding over rough stony wet ground,is very difficult....even in a good supply of cleanish air.[never mind in a situation like this!] So that's why the rule was brought in,[under mining "Rules and Regulations"],about waiting to be instructed when to remove your mask. The mask was removed from the canister by pulling up on a metal "safety " strap,which held the two halves of the canister together,with the mask safely packed inside. If,somehow,this strap got broken off or damaged in any way,you had to report it to the lamp-cabin man,to ensure you had a fresh one for your next shift. Think!!,if you carelessly forgot,and threw it back into it's docket,then put it back on next day...........then it is needed in an emergency.......you've had it mate!! Chemical reaction takes place the minute it is exposed to the atmosphere,so if the canister is damaged ,or the strap gets broken off,it takes about an hour,then it is useless! Mind,they were the most-cussed device ever used by any miners working in very low seams!![in safe environments!] They got caught on every single obstruction there was ,while crawling down a coal-face...timber props,hydraulic hoses [of which there were hundreds!],electric cables.......big stones...where there had been a roof fall and it was very narrow,or low,to travel through.....you would hear your marra's cursing!!...bliddy bean-cans!!! When worn on the face,they were similar to war-time gas masks,without the freaky eye-holes!!...a clip over your nose to prevent contaminated air reaching your lungs by that route,and a hard mouth-piece which you "bit" on with a rubber gasket enclosing your mouth and cheeks,to seal it also. Then any air you breathed in,entered through the canister of Carbon Granules,and if I am not mistaken,[maybe I am!],the canister also had Aluminium Oxide crystals..[or granules....whatever!] Hope I have painted a decent enough picture of how the "Bean-can"..."Self-Rescuer" saved lives in the event of the aftermath of a fire or explosion. Not only Miners had these devices,anybody who might be exposed to CO ,such as firemen etc,would have these along with the equipment they would normally use. Might I add that the bean-can was useless in any other gaseous atmosphere,such as H2S [Hydrogen Sulphide-"Stinkdamp"...deadly poisonous!],or CO2,[Carbon Dioxide......"Blackdamp"...not poisonous...but asphyxiating as I already explained earlier]. Well,time to pile a few zzzzzzzzz's up again! G'nite folks!
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    Normal service resumed. Thank you.
  25. British Film Institute films of local areas

    Still no luck but thanks for trying, Moe.
  26. Try this Canny Lass it should work https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy
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