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  2. The Queens Speech

    I can - but I'd rather not!
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  4. The Queens Speech

    You can imagine the carnage that could be caused by some nutter sitting on a motorway bridge with an eBay GPS spoofer!
  5. Westridge - End of term class photos

    The first rule, I was taught by Miss Gair at Nedderton Village Junior School when aged about 10 years so it's not rocket science but it's amazing how many people I've talked too who were never taught the all important second line! The second rule is one they use here when teaching English as a second language to roughly the same age group. I think it's better. We are none of us ever too old to learn!
  6. Westridge - End of term class photos

    Spot on,Webtrekker! We learned the "I" before "E" bit also,Canny Lass,but not the last bit ...."Neighbour and Weigh"....mind,wor English lessons didn't gaan inti sum of these levels that you and others are quoting!....never heard of a "Paradigm" ....for example......or a pnuemanic...or whatever it was..A wuz gud at the level of English we were taught.[ mind....ye wadn't think se'...!]
  7. The Queens Speech

    The insurance problem has been solved by Volvo. Just a few months ago Volvo said that it accepts full liability for accidents in which their driverless cars are involved. They are so confident that they are 100% safe. I wish I had their optimism! I've also heard that 'pedestrian avoidance detectors' can be fitted as an optional extra!
  8. Old days

    Heh heh! I thought my last post was topical...didn't realise it was on page one! Nivvor mind,on this subject I always had old cars,[not bangers..just old!],and did all my own repairs and maintenance,from1969 till just a few years ago when ill-health stopped all that! A few times, sometimes in the Scottish highlands away from civilisation, I had to crack an egg into the radiator,in the days when they were mounted at the front,with a direct access filler cap. Rev the engine very gently,and in ten seconds......hard- poached egg blocking the hole....as well as the rest of that section of matrix!! That's what Radweld did also,blocked your system! Thowt nowt of hoying the cylinder heed off and de-coking the top-end....new valve-springs and seals,polish the ports,grind the valves in with a wood dowel and a rubber sucker.......set the twin S.U.'s with a length of rubber hose ti ya ear,and the other end in the carb venturi......ssssssssssssssssssssssss!! Aye,a canna see me battery noo,nivvor mind me engine! Redex was a penny a "Shot",so you got a couple of gallons,and a couple of shots....cud nivvor afford a full tank of juice in them days![Ford Anglia 105E 1961.....but aa got it in 1968..needed new wings and door pillars welding!] The Vauxhall Signum that was written off last year in the hit and run-stolen car-cloned number plates,was 13 years old and still pretty immaculate,all the exposed inner sections were like new![they were ripped away like paper,due to the force of the impact..] Different tale to the Vauxhalls of the 60's!!
  9. Old days

    Curling tongs used to be heated on the fireplace !! Maggie,the Hurricane Annual pic takes me back! Just the pic,not the book!,as a kid,I was obsessed with drawing helicopters exactly as seen here.... I have old archive material from my childhood days,remnants of sketch pads,with exactly this type of image,drawn by me....circa 1954-0n! It was either a chopper or a speedboat that I sketched...always! My first house was an old colliery house,with wall sockets wired from the lighting circuit,with white twin 12 volt shotfiring cable from the pit! I found out by innocently plugging a dimplex oil-filled radiator into our bedroom wall socket....guess what happened!....[around 1970-ish].
  10. Old days

    That's it! I hadn't heard about the egg white trick but I once knew a lorry driver (ex father in law) who said a peeled boiled egg would block a leaking petrol tank. never tried it though.
  11. Old days

    Could be Radweld that your thinking about. Some people used to say they would pour an egg white, albumen, onto a hole in a radiator, so the hot water would boil the white and seal the hole.
  12. Westridge - End of term class photos

    I looked at 23 and thought: that's the double of Eric Burns - must be a relation! I didn't spot Brian though!
  13. Westridge - End of term class photos

    Canny lass, have you not noticed the deliberate mistake with numbers 23 and 24 ? I've just noticed it
  14. Old days

    Speaking of "red", what was that fluid you could put in a leaking car radiator to seal the holes? It ran out and stained everything red.
  15. Westridge - End of term class photos

    You've missed the second line of the mnemonic: I before E except after C but only when it sounds like EE. OR a better way to get it right, according to me,is: I before E, except after C or when sounded as A as in neighbour and weigh. The spelling is related to the sound system
  16. Bedlington History Society

    Sorry Maggie! Just home from Greece and couldn't make it in time. If it had been an hour later I might have been able to squeeze it in.
  17. "the Store" Netherton

    Well done!
  18. Coal Mining

    Had the same problem last year for several months. Capital letters will start popping up in unexpected places next followed by not being able to quote anybody! Just take it in your stride!
  19. planning to build 2 houses at humford

    Where did these stones come from? If we accept the secret is in these stones then they could tell our own story. I wonder if anyone has a picture before 'the enclosure'. What happened to the Scoup Camp? Such a beautiful place to grow up. Cycling , swimming, freedom , now maybe lost to the profit motive. Once gone never to return. Innocence lost As Joni might have sung 'They paved paradise put up some ugly new build '
  20. Westridge - End of term class photos

    Middle Remove - No 14 = Pauline Pearcey.
  21. planning to build 2 houses at humford

    Our very own Country Park under threat
  22. planning to build 2 houses at humford

    Now here we go with badly biuilt walls. com
  23. planning to build 2 houses at humford

    This is the wall that annoyed an old lady
  24. Yet Another Attempt to Swing the Referendum Result

    Are you talking about the one on the left or the one on the right? Yeah, OK, I know: it's the one on the left. The one on the right should go straight to The Tower for High Treason.
  25. Yet Another Attempt to Swing the Referendum Result

    Why not take the EU quiz - well, you paid plenty for it! The strap line is: Do you know the facts about the EU? No facts there folks, just more unremitting pro-EU propaganda, so please don't waste your time. I want to add a question though, and it concerns our lords and master's graphic above. Q) Which of the yellow stars is the UK? A) 0.4285714285714286 of any of the stars (you choose which one) - getting less by the year - and will undoubtedly be replaced by part of a crescent before too long. It's called having political "influence"! How they have the barefaced effrontery to associate it with the Union Flag - when they are doing everything possible to consign it to history - might be the next question in the "quiz"!
  26. Yet Another Attempt to Swing the Referendum Result

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing these buggers exposed for the frauds and monsters they are. I only hope she gets the full 10 years.
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