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  2. Sporting Facilities

    The road from the old Ridge Farm to Red House Farm is terrible for this. Nearly had me off my bike a few times. Can't decide if its better to go over the hump or into the depths of the 'tween!
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  4. Sporting Facilities

    Er,......... 'Selective' potholes have been fixed. Anyway, it's not just the craters, it's those mountainous speed bumps too, with the sharp edges and deep valley's either side. Sometimes I have to put down my mobile phone and fasten my seatbelt, then hang onto the steering wheel for dear &gn=hvc*hjk... .. life! Sorry, another bloody bump. Grrr!
  5. Sporting Facilities

    What.de.ya.mean webtrekka............all our potholes are fixed..........well most of them!
  6. Sporting Facilities

    Bloody hell! You drive through Bedders VOLUNTARILY? Must have raker suspension! Brave man!
  7. Sporting Facilities

    Unfortunately nowhere in Bedlington Malcolm. Born in Beatty Road; moved to the airey houses at The Oval, Coquetdale Place - 1949. Various places after leaving Bedlington for London in 1969, including two spells back Back in Bedlington in the late 70s. Ended up in Cramlington in 1980. Wanted to retire into a bungalow, in Bedlington but over a period of two years (2006-8) looking couldn't find one to fit my needs in either Bedlington; Cramlington; New Hartley; Creswell; Seaton Sluice and so on and then stumbled across an estate in Seghill with loads of bungalows, and bought one. Twice a week, at least, I go to Stobhill via the Hartford Bridge route and twice a week, at least, I return to Seghill, the long route - Stobhill to Guidepost to Bedlington, just so I can drive down Front Street, Bedlington Bank to Seghill. Occasionally turning left at the Market Place and down to The Terrier (now Hatfield Close), turning to the Oval (passing where Keith L. used to live) and then out through Elenbel Avenue, onto Stead Land and then sometime down the Furnace Bank, up the Hairpin Bends and on to home. Oh and sometimes, having slowed down through Willow Bridge turn left along the Barrington Road, reminiscing of my junior school days at Barrington CP, and on to Bedlington Station weaving my way different routes to the A189 and home. The wife thinks I'm mad but I enjoy every journey - that sometimes includes other routes through Bedlington - Nedderton - The Hartlands etc. etc. Or the simple answer - No.
  8. The Queens Speech

    I wondered about that? the weather forecast this am said today would be muggy .....but muggy was at the start of the week and then we had tuggy then weggy ang thuggy making today er.....
  9. Skoda Yeti

    I'm afraid I don't have time with consumption and emissions research and the like before my trip to Brussels. I need to be in top trim next week so it will have to wait until I return. I've already given him a good grope where I would expect to find the spare tyre. There isn't a sign of one! Just a discrete little bottle of something with a longish rubber hose and a nozzle of some sort. He obviously isn't the type to let a girl do the heavy work or get her hands messy. I'm liking him more and more.
  10. Skoda Yeti

    X-rated! I don't know what you mean, mercuryg. All I did was ask for advice on buying a new car. A girl can't just go directly to things like the big E. I was thinking one of you guys might bring it up. I've now heard rumours that he's prone to overheating. Any truth i this?
  11. Women Of Steel

    Why not? Would you have me in any other colour?
  12. Skoda Yeti

    This thread should be x-rated, it really is disgraceful. I'm surprised there's been no mention of big ends.
  13. Women Of Steel

    Purple, of course?
  14. Skoda Yeti

    A word of advice CL ...... You really need to be looking at his consumption and his emissions (linked, no doubt!). Also, have a close look at his spare tyre and whether it's underslung or not. Whip out his dipstick and check for debris before giving it a wipe and plunging it back in.
  15. Sporting Facilities

    My apologies, I was looking for a post specifically about the centre, not the newsletter. I see now the information was there.
  16. Sporting Facilities

    It is you Christopher here................look at "Important Posts" on the left! Its in the newsletter and pinned to the article. http://www.aprilleehistory.com/westbedlington.org.uk/ Eggy do you live in the West Parish?
  17. Skoda Yeti

    Good heavens, I didn't know that! I don't speak a word of German but mixed marriages have been known to work.
  18. Skoda Yeti

    His man-servant tells me that he may well come with a feathrlite rear protection mat in situ though he may equally well come without. He assures me, however, that with or without protection his performance is always the same. I have to confess, though, that at my age accidental spillage is not a problem. Three or four inches, I agree, can make all the difference when entering from the rear but a false bottom can be purchased at very little cost. I don’t see it as a problem. Do you know if his clothing is easily removable?
  19. Skoda Yeti

    Above all, it's a Volkswagen! Will Germany still sell us the spares, or become all petulant and throw "Herr Teddy" out of pram. CL, myself I favour the Kia marque. Have a close look at the range, you may be pleasantly surprised.
  20. Skoda Yeti

    Did look at them, about 3 years ago, but I never got close to try a spoon position over the silky smoothness of his well polished body, or see how well the my hands glided over the front pertrusions. Just looked at the inside, rear view, and when I saw that when the rear seats folded down they were still 3 or 4 inches above the floor base; thus preventing a smooth entrance from the rear, I backed away from a deal. If one had to enter an object of such length it would rise above the seats and be unstable when maximum thrust was invoked. I am assuming one can purchase the extra featherlite rear mat, shown in the right hand image, to protect against accidents.
  21. Sporting Facilities

    Don't think I have seen any links to info on the WBTC site on sports facilities Chris but I know I have seen a couple from Alex Wallace - East Bedlington Parish Council - about public sports facilities at the new high school at Bedlington Station. Extract from the Northumberland County Council site is :- The £2m Bedlington plan includes improved facilities at the new Bedlingtonshire Community High School, currently under construction, which will be open to the public from September. Developments include a new studio for health and fitness classes, a multi-functional 4-court sports hall for activities including badminton, basketball, netball and 5-a-side football. The council and Active Northumberland will create a new ‘Sporting Club of Bedlington’ at the school which will become a sports centre for the town offering full facilities to the public at weekends and during school holidays. Funding for the developments has come from the council and sports organisations. Sport England has provided a grant of £135,000 for the new pavilion at Gallagher Park which will include new changing rooms and a kitchen. The council is contributing £300,000 to improve the facilities at the High School. Link to that article is http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/News/2016/Feb/Leisure-boost-for-Bedlington-as-park-work-starts.aspx ans then there is this story, from April 2015, in the Chronicle http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/work-underway-new-bedlingtonshire-community-8986935 Thought I had seen a posting, by Alex Wallace, on the Bygone Bedlington Facebook site but can't find anything in a quick search of the site.
  22. Women Of Steel

    Incandescent you say. I must get a new hat!
  23. Women Of Steel

    Seghill never gets above the light coloured orange = 22c on the temperature scale and it was actually raining, in Seghill, when I added that comment. Better 22c than the new colour added in 2013 :- The temperature forecast for next Monday by Australia's Bureau of Meteorology is so unprecedented - over 52C - that it has had to add a new colour to the top of its scale, a suitably incandescent purple.
  24. The Queens Speech

    Maj has been and gone here. So has Juni and now we are into Juli.
  25. The Queens Speech

    we are at the Royal garden party at Holyrood on Tuesday - I'll let you know how Maj arrives!
  26. Skoda Yeti

    Darn! I never thought to look at the cup holders. I was too busy admiring the gear stick. I'll just have to go back and have another look - how we women sacrifice ourselves!
  27. GOVE Speech Today!!!

    As long as May doesn't become the new PM. Horrible woman! Personally, I'd prefer Leadsom or Fox out of the bunch, but I'd rather not have any of them.
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